From Enemy To My Everything

Michelle never had enemies matter of fact she loves everyone...except Alex. Alex is the tough guy of the school that everyone is scared of. When Michelle and Alex come into contact will they still be enemies or be each other's everything.. STAY TUNED MY LITTLE DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6. Kayla Knows

Michelle's P.O.V

I walked to my locker and felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Kayla.


" Miss Michelle Carter I heard about what happened last night" said Kayla with a smirk on her face


"What? How? He told you?"


"Calm your tits girl, he didn't say anything to me. I know because I was on the phone with you the WHOLE time and I heard every single word that was said between you two. Michelle as a best friend its my job to tell you I can not let you be around him. I just don't trust him and if he is a trust worthy guy which I don't think he is but if he is you better be careful Michelle."


"Why are you worrying Kayla do you think I cant tell who loves me and who doesn't.  got  this"


"Michelle, I'm not trying to scare you but he has dated like 20 of my friends but I was smart enough to know that he was a player but if you feel you have it under control THEN FINE LET IT BE JUST DO IT YOURSELF AND IF HE DOES RUN YOU OVER WITH HIS PLAYER TRUCK DONT COME RUNNING BACK"


Then Kayla  walked briskly away I didn't even have the opportunity to grab her hand so I yelled down the hall but she flipped "the" finger at me and that was when I knew that our friendship was dead.

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