From Enemy To My Everything

Michelle never had enemies matter of fact she loves everyone...except Alex. Alex is the tough guy of the school that everyone is scared of. When Michelle and Alex come into contact will they still be enemies or be each other's everything.. STAY TUNED MY LITTLE DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8. I Got To Get Her Back

Alex's P.O.V

I have to make this right (once again) with me and Michelle. So I walk up to her grab her hand and drag her into the janitors closet and lean on the door so she can't get out and this is how our conversation goes down


M: Why am I in the janitors closet with you 

A: Because we need to be cool with each other 

M: I don't wanna be cool with you Alex

A: Well we aren't getting out of here until we are so get comfortable

M: Alex let me get out, I have to get to class 

A: That is not an excuse I got my guy Marcus backing us up according to Marcus, I'm at a dentist appointment and you are at a graduation party

M: Ughhhhhhh what is wrong with you 

A: Please let's be cool 

M: Why

A: I wouldn't normally tell a girl this but I feel it's right for me to tell you, I have a major crush on you and I want you to be my girlfriend I love you Michelle Brianna Carter will you be my girlfriend?

M: Awwwww I didn't know I love you too and yes I will be 

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