From Enemy To My Everything

Michelle never had enemies matter of fact she loves everyone...except Alex. Alex is the tough guy of the school that everyone is scared of. When Michelle and Alex come into contact will they still be enemies or be each other's everything.. STAY TUNED MY LITTLE DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. A Horrible Empression

Alex's P.O.V

Well its the first day of the new year and I am already ready to harass my next girl. Well I happily (and full of swag) walk down to my first class, which is English. As I walk to my claimed sat, I am surprised to see a girl in my seat, so as usual I turn up the charm but not enough to harm!!!! So I begin to talk, "Hey cutie, you must have mistaken my seat for an empty and unclaimed one", I say with a smile and reach for her hand. And to my surprise she replies me with a shocking comment, " I am NOT your cutie,  I am not mistaken and NEVER lay a finger on me because I am not one of those girls to swoon over you so give it up, and maybe for this year you can forget about your claimed seat." I was shocked, I thought she was going to flip out that I even talked to her, so I decide to teach her a lesson, after lunch all the high schoolers get 20 minutes to study and whatever, that is when I will drag her into the janitors closet and tell her off. So I said, "Whoa you used the wrong choice of words but I will teach you your lesson so don't call your mommy yet." She got up and walked to another seat and I sat and smiled. The day kind of dragged off and I ended up not talking to her but someone was standing next to my locker writing Michelle's address I so happened to write it down, I don't know why but I just did. I might visit tonight... 

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