My worst fear | One Direction

Six months ago I cut all contact to this wonderful boy, that I’ve been friends with for the most of my life. We were best friends, but I had to stop seeing and talking to him. He was driving me crazy, and turning into a person I didn’t recognise anymore. The fame was getting to his head, and turning him into a careless person, but I still loved him.. maybe even a little too much.
You probably know him.. Harry Styles. It was hard ignorering his calls, messages, and one time he even showed up at my door, and ‘till this day, I still haven’t told him why I stopped answering him.
I thought I could avoid him forever, but of course I couldn't. My parents and his mum and stepfather are good friends, so without even knowing it, I showed up to a family dinner, where they were all invited - including Harry.
The big problem is neither of us is the same anymore. We've both changed - probably to worse. He got famous and me.. well, I'm just me, and it's hard picturing us being friends again.


1. ☯

I live in London, but today I was going back to my hometown Holmes Chapel, to spend some of my summer vacation with my mum and dad. I was excited to get away from the big city, and back to the small town, and just get to relax a bit.

Vacation also meant a break from work, so now I had three whole weeks, where I could do whatever I wanted.

It was a long drive, so I was pretty happy to see our house up ahead. I was so happy, that just the thought of seeing my parents again, made me smile.

I drove a little faster, and pulled up in their driveway, where I noticed another car, that I didn’t recognize. Probably my aunt or something, who got a new car.

No one came out to greet me when I parked my car, as usual, so I just took my luggage out of the car, and struggled with getting it up to the front door.

I don’t know why, but I felt the need to ring the doorbell, so that’s what I did, before entering, while yelling: “Hello!” as loud as possible.

It was quiet for two seconds, before I heard some noise from the dinning room. “In here sweetie!”

Confused by the fact, that they didn’t come out to greet me, I sat my luggage down, and continued into the room, where my mums voice came from.

And then I knew why they didn’t come out to say hello, ‘cause around the table, there was three other people, I definitely didn’t expect to see today. Anne, Robin and their son and my former best friend Harry Styles. A person I didn't want to see. 

I was in shock, and I just stood there with my mouth wide open, while I couldn’t stop looking at Harry, who didn’t even looked surprised to see me. What was he doing here? My mum knew I didn’t talk to him anymore.. In fact we hadn’t talked for six months.

“Hey honey – you remember Anne, Robin and Harry, right?"

Of course I remembered them.

I was staring at Harry, while I ignored my mums comment. He looked so disappointed.. And angry. Like he wanted to stand up and smack me in the face with a chair. I probably deserved it too.


Six months ago

“Where the hell are you going, Hayley?”

Harry was yelling at me, while I started to move away from him in the club, that was filled with desperate and sweaty people. I just wanted to get out.

“Hayley! WAIT,” he shouted, as I finally got to the door, and came out into the fresh air. I wish he would just go away and leave me alone.

I walked fast down the street, and had no clue where to go; just a place where I couldn’t be found.

My phone started to vibrate in my pocket, but I ignored it. I knew it was him, and the only reason why he hadn’t followed me yet, was probably because of all of the fans inside the club, who wanted to get their hands on him.

My feet where cold, and I started to think that wearing a skirt today was a stupid idea. I decided to sit down on the nearest bench, while I still could hear the loud music from the club up the street. What now? I didn’t have money for a taxi, and didn’t know anybody sober enough to come and get me.

I looked at my phone, and I had two missed calls from Harry and one from Louis.

As I looked up, I could see him coming from the club. His shadow was easy to recognize, and while I wondered why he even bothered following me, he came up to me and looked pretty upset.

“What the hell, Hayley? What’s the problem?” I think he was only angry, because I’d ruined the rest of his night. “You always end up doing this! Getting mad and disappearing for no reason at all. What’s the matter?”

He sounded real pissed, so I stood up so that I could look him in the eye. “Leave me alone, Harry,” I snapped at him, which was a bad idea, but he was mad anyway.

“Seriously? What the fuck’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?!” I yelled, making him take a step back, as if my reaction scared him. “You invite me along to go to the club with you and the others, and then you just let me stand in a corner the whole night! You  do this every time, so it's no wonder, that I get mad every time!” my eyes where burning, and I felt like crying, just because I was THAT mad. “So can you tell me, what the fuck is wrong with YOU?”

“Screw this,” he said and took another step back, clearly almost to drunk to stand. “I’ll leave you alone.”

“Screw you, Harry.”

He just looked at me, as he turned around and quickly disappeared, and probably went back to the club with the others.

So there I was. Cold, angry, upset and felt like crying like a little kid. What had just happened?


The next day I got a thousand messages from Harry, saying that he was sorry. It wasn’t the first time something like this happened. Since he joined One Direction, it always went like this. He ignored me the whole night, and expected me to deal with it, but I had had enough. I couldn’t take it anymore. I love him, but I had to let him go.


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