Because of You (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Sierra has been a dancer since she was able to walk. All day everyday, rehearsals were manditory for performances at her studio. When there senior competition team is called to audition as background dancers for One Directions upcoming tour, will nerves hold her back? Will romances spark? Will her team make it in and, and what other things stand in her way to fame


2. Run Away

Sierras POV

"Hey babe im home" i said very timidly as i approached him laying drunk on the couch. "What fatass" he spat. "Sorry i was just saying hey" "well dont talk. Since you chose to live another day, you know what has to be done." I knew. I hadn't killed myself today, so he had to beat me. I made my way over to the couch and knelled down in front of him. With that he slapped me straight across my face. I fell back in pain, but i knew i deserved it. I was worthless, fat and ugly. He punched me to the ground and started kicking me in the stomach. I began to cough up blood as a layed there in tears and blood as he spat and trudged away. "You know I do this because if i dont beat you the world will kill you first" "I know, I love you" i said with a soft voice. "Get out slut" he spat and slapped my ass hard as i began to make my way upstairs. "WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THE BEER!!" He screamed in anger. "you drank it all" i said quietly shaking with fear. "WELL WHY DIDNT YOU BUY MORE YOU WHORE!" he screamed with rage. He threw his last empty bottle right at me and it shattered on my head. I screamed in pain as i tumbled down the stairs. It hurt so bad. He had never done anything like that before. I was scared. I ran up to my room as fast as I could and began to pack a bag of all my dance things, money and anything else i would want to keep forever. I climbed down a tree out the window into the streets. I had to get out of there. I would take care of the punishing myself. I have been cutting for a while now, and it was the only thing that releived me from the pain of the world. I ran towards my studio, hoping to find a place to sleep and get some possible extra hours of my solo rehersal. I was running as fast as i could to get out of there. I had blood dripping from my head from the bottle and i felt very dizzy. But i didnt stop. I could not risk him finding me. Afterall, he was protecting me, he could very well decide any day that I had to die. My vision was going blurry and my head felt as if it was on fire. I was just running across the road when i felt my self fell to my knees, then my body fell into a comfortable darkness.


Niall's POV

"stop the shit Louis" i laughed as Louid started dancing wildly to call me maybe in the back of our tour bus. I was laughing so hard I couldnt contain it. It hurt my sides and he had to stop. I couldnt take it anymore. We laughed an ate as we made our way to our final tour location for this tour. However, we had a tour coming up next year so we had our break soon. We were just  having the best time ever on the bus until we heard our bus driver yell. "WOAH!", he screamed, as we made a very sudden stop. "Boys get out here" he said nervously. I thought we were in trouble but we stopped short. Laying in the road in front of us was a beautiful girl laying in a pool of blood. I ran out the side of the bus and kneeled down next to her.  She was beautiful. I felt her wrist and she still had a pulse. "Shes alive guys!" I yelled. I ran into the bus and cleared a space on the bus for her to lay until we brought her to the hospital. By the time I had got back out Harry had her in his arms bridal style carrying her back to the bys. I coudnt help but feel a pang of jelousy rage though me. She was layed out on the couch as we rushed to the hospital. She bad blood gushing from her head. Was she hit by a car? Who would just leave her there though. I had to know her better. I had to fix her. 




sup weenies!! love you all!! updates comming! PS i always read the stories you leave in my comments thanks! LEave comment!! :) 

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