Because of You (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Sierra has been a dancer since she was able to walk. All day everyday, rehearsals were manditory for performances at her studio. When there senior competition team is called to audition as background dancers for One Directions upcoming tour, will nerves hold her back? Will romances spark? Will her team make it in and, and what other things stand in her way to fame


1. Prologue

Sierras POV

Hey Im Sierra Pavome and I have been dancing for Maci Horan Studios for as long as I can remember. I started as a very young girl in her Ballet Class and now I do all different styles but my absolute favorite is lyrical. I feel I am rather good at it as well. New York is a busy city so it is often likely that we will get a gig rather quickly performing somewhere. We compete in many competitions around the world! Each week I compete with my solo and only once did it not mak the first place rank. We are an unstoppable team! 

    My solo was to the song My Immortal by Evanesence. It was a very sad song but I was very good at the kind of dances with a sad message. It definatly brought tears to those who watched it. It was somewhat ironic that I was given this song to do a solo to, because little did anyone know, I have a boyfriend, named Matt, who beat me. But, me being the dancer I am, I was strong enough to not let him kill me, but at the same time, I was too teriffied to tell anyone about it, because he had so many threats in line. He beat me everyday, but I was used to it. HE convinved me that I was worthless and the world didn't want me. He was right too. But, I was never going to let that get in the way of my dance because dance is my life. I knew he loved me and only told me I was fat and shouldn't eat because he wanted me to look better. I knew he only beat me because I needed to be punished for living. Matt always said that If I wasn't goiong to kill myself then he was to  beat me in punishment for being alive. And he was right all the way. 

  My terrible life at home never affected my dancing. OF course bruises and scrapes where more obviouse but i was able to say they were from rehersal the day before. And everyone beleived it too. 

      I Walked into a major rehersal on a Thursday morning with a very heavy load on my back. Not litterally though. We had a huge audition for going on a world tour with this band. We were not only going to be backround dancers but we would also be performing some of our award winning numbers, if we made the audition. My solo would also be performed every show as well, wo this was a huge deal. It required us moving to the UK for major rehersal witht the band before going on a world tour with them. I was so pumped to get the slot so we all have been working our asses off for the last few months. The auditions were tomarow so this was the final day.

Matt didn't know about this whole thing yet. I felt bad because I loved him for making me a better person and punishing me when I deserved it, so that night I was going to get up to courage to tell him. 


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