Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend...

Samantha moves from Florida to Holmes Chapel, England after her mom gets an a job offer. And meets a certain curly haired boy that is her neighbour. Chloe moves from Dubai to Holmes Chapel and happens to be Liam Payne's neighbour. Rebecca moves from Madrid, Spain to Holmes Chapel, England and bumps into Zayn Malik one of the towns popular boys. Audrey moves from Germany to England to pursue her dream of being a designer and bumps into Louis Tomlinson. And last but not least Cassidy moves into an apartment building with a bunch of her friends and happen to be Niall Horan a young Irish lads neighbour. What do you think might happen to them? Will they fall for each other or be a little mistake that they might regret in the future? Do you think diamond and money could buy love? Follow their road In Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend..


1. Samantha:- New beginnings

Samantha POV:-   

9th of October, 2012


I took hold of 'My Diary', which had my name in scripted on it. Opening up the first page and writing my first entry.   

"Dear Diary and whoever finds it,  

The 9th of October the worst day ever! It reminds me of the worst memories bringing them back in a flash. I despise this day. My mom just told me that she has a surprise for me, but I should wait till tomorrow morning to know what it is. To be completely honest. I dislike surprises! Nothing weird since most of the people I know hate them too. And Jeremy Fucking Hart  the schools dick head spilled his orange juice all over my favourite blue Chelsea FC T-shirt. You see I'm not the usual girl that cares about the she looks and paints her face with make up. I like to show my natural self to people and show them my actual personality. I hate dressing up unless its for important occasions like whenever my parents invite their friends over or weddings and engagements. Goodnight my diary and wish me luck tomorrow!!"  

I sigh looking down at my life in words. Well! This dairy is helping vent out all my problems.   

I get out of my small office that has a door that attaches it to my room. And walk towards my closet changing into my nightwear. I walk into the bathroom brushing my teeth. Walking towards my bed to sleep I shut the lights.  


My mom walks in kissing my forehead and she whispers to me "have sweet dreams and a peaceful slumber." And tip toes towards the door shutting it lightly.  

I shut my eyes enveloping myself in darkness and quiet peace.  


"Started From The Bottom" by Drake started playing from my alarm system. I woke up groggily and tried wiping the sleep from my eyes which did no good.  

I accidentally poked my eye in the process which made it water from the force of the hit.  

An amazing smell swept through the air which made me get ready in a lighting speed. Brush my teeth wear my usual make up which only consisted of mascara. Changed into my jean shorts and Real Madrid CF T-shirt with the Nike mercurial vapor ix Cr7. That made my outfit complete and I tied my hair into a high ponytail with a black elastic band.  

I walked downstairs to be enveloped with the strong amazing smell of my favourite breakfast chocolate chip pancakes with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. As soon as I smelled the delicious scrumptious pancakes my stomach started to growl and make weird animalistic noises. And as it came to view my mouth started to water from the amazing scent that swept through my nostrils.   

I ate the delicious pancakes savouring the taste of it and drank the freshly made orange juice that was placed in front of me.   

My mom cleared her throat. To let me know she entered and get me out of my trance.   

"Good morning honey! Did you have a great nights sleep??" Said my mom trying to start a conversation with me.   

"I had a great nights sleep mom and thanks for the amazing and delicious breakfast!" I said with my mouth full.  

"Young lady, I taught you better than this. Make sure you eat with your mouth shut. Okay?" My mom said scolding me.  


"Yeah yeah sure" I said without caring.   

"Mom yesterday you said you had a surprise what is it exactly?" I ask my mom bringing up the topic.   

"We are moving to England!" She said with excitement evident in her voice.  

"When are we moving and why?" I ask her again. Trying to get answers and reasons for our movement to another country that is   Oceans away from my country Florida, United States Of America.  


She looked at me a long time before explaining the whole moving to another country situation.   "I got a job in Holmes Chapel, England and they would pay for your school fees and all. I thought it was a good idea to start over after what happened to your father." She said.  

You see my dad left mom and I a year ago after mom caught him cheating on her with her personal doctor. And I guess you all know what that leads to. I hate my father how could he do this to me and not to forget my mother. He never visited or called its like he isn't my biological father and suddenly we are strangers after 16 years of knowing each other. He is getting married to his girl friend and the women that ruined my life she is called Angelica and my dad is the football player he is called Pepe Perez. I'm not an American, but I'm Spanish my dad moved to America to strengthen his relationship with mom. Mom is a or should I say was a internationally known supermodel. She is called Miranda Perez.   

Mom started dancing around which stopped my mind from jolting into another world again.   "Mom what are you doing?" I said getting embarrassed by her actions. She could be a bit immature.  

"Just trying to snap you out of your trance sweetheart. Our flight is tomorrow at 13:00 pm so we should be at the airport at approximately 9:00 am to be their at a safe timing and to be their on time. We don't exactly wanna miss our chance of freedom do we?" Said mom with a smile across her face.  

"No we don't mom lets get ready. Gotta go pack right now see you later mom" I said with enthusiasm. Those words made my mom smile wider which made smile as well.   I haven't seen my mom this happy in years. She didn't deserve what my dad to her. She is a beautiful, intelligent, open minded, amazing woman.   

I walked to my bed room twirling around a few times to copy it and paste it in my mind. I don't exactly wanna forget my childhood because it made me who I am right now and I'm proud of myself.   


After packing for 4 hours straight  


I go down stairs for dinner. Memories flowing through my mind with every step I take. Some where good and some where bad. At the end they were still memories worth keeping and treasuring.  

I look at the marble tiled floor kitchen as I walked to the dining table that was once filled with people and now empty and deserted other than left overs from the packing.  

I'm gonna miss this place, but at some point I should move on. And this is gonna be the new beginning.  

I walk towards the stainless steel fridge opening it carefully; to make sure I don't crack the eggs or break them by accident. I take the leftover food from my moms cooking and reheated I placed on the plate that had blue flowers engraved in it by the corners and white in the Center. 

I  took hold of a glass from the glass cabinet and poured water in it.  

I drank quietly and thought about my change of environment and life as I move to England. Should I change myself and create a new me by changing my personality this is my chance to be known and popular at school instead of the tomboy I am.   

I looked at the clock on top of the fridge and read the illuminating read lights 8:00 pm. I think I should change and get ready from the day awaiting me.  

'Lets hope all goes well' I thought to myself.  


9:00 pm 10th October, 2012  

2nd Diary Entry  


"Dear Diary,   

Moving to England tomorrow. To be honest I'm kinda excited to start new. I think it will do me some good and maybe just maybe my mom would finally meet a guy that's good for her and makes her happy. I'm kinda excited because this is the first time I see mom smile an actual genuine wide smile instead of her usual small side smiles. This would do the both of us some good I'm pretty sure. I could finally visit football clubs while I'm their and maybe we might go to Spain in one of the vacations we get. Cheers to new beginnings!! Goodnight Diary wish me luck in England"   

I shut the diary and shut the lights. My eyes start to droop and eventually I was In dreamland.  


Today is the day. Finally on our way to England!  

"Emirates A380 final call" "please proceed to gate number 13 Mrs. Perez" a booming voice started calling our names so we started running towards the gate making sure we haven't forgotten anything.   

We handed our boarding tickets to the flight attendants.   

"First class to the left at the upper deck of the plane" said the flight attendant while smiling a definite fake smile and giving us the boarding tickets.  

We walked to our seats that were located next to the windows and it was the first seats in the flight. Cool so mom did actually get first class tickets awesome.  


After the long flight and collecting our bags; we finally reached England!  

We hailed a cab before going in and placing our bags in the back. I looked out the window and damn this place was amazing kettle were everywhere and hills, grass shrubs and trees that were next to the road. This place is picturesque!  


1 hour later  


We finally reach our home and it was WOW! I can't even explain it in words I'm speechless it is amazing.   


I walk in side the house after ours of staring at it. The inside of the house was a billion times better then my beach house in Florida.  

My mom places the bags down and had a huge grin in her face. She looked at me and told me to go ahead and choose which room I wanted.   

I walked around exploring the house and then I found the perfect room, but the downfall is that across from me I could see my neighbours son I think so and he had his friends around him. Curly haired, tall seems like he is 5.10, but I can't see his face. Maybe I should introduce myself. Nah not a good idea.  


I got ready for bed after unpacking my bags and all. I should redecorate my room too. I thought to myself before my brain went to another thing that has bugged me all day curly hair.   

I looked out the window to see a boy about my age singing and dancing around his room and I noticed it curly boy. And he was shirtless. Damn that boy got some toned chest. Before turning around and blushing to myself. I just checked a boy out that is a first time for me.  

I got ready for bed forgetting about my diary and only one thing was on my mind curly boy.   


Harry POV:-  

I heard I have new neighbours. Maybe she's got a hot daughter that I could shag then leave. Or maybe her daughter is an absolute dork that would bring me to my downfall. Maybe she won't fall for my charm, but everybody does. So lets wait tomorrow and see.  

I should tell my mom to invite them to dinner tomorrow night.     

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