The Image Of Love

This is the story of Sam, Or kitty as the 1D boys, and the job she gets that makes it so she goes everywhere with them. She may only be fifth teen but, she falls for Harry, or H as she calls him.


1. Meeting

Harry's POV 


we were in the middle of a photo shoot when out of the corner of my eyes I saw a girl about to fall. I ran over and caught her. I fell but I broke her fall. "You ok love?" She turned to me and her eyes widened. "Uh..y-y-yeah I'm ffine…" she stuttered. I got up and held out my hand. She grabbed it and I helped her up. "Harry get back over here you flirt!" I hear Lou screamed. The girl giggled. "What was your name?" I asked. "I'm Sam!" She said. "I'm…" "Harry Styles of One Direction? I know!" Someone angrily called her name and she groaned. "Gotta go! Thanks for catching me sorta!" She giggled making me chuckle and blush. She hugged me quickly and then ran off. Sam… I ran back over and we finished our photo shoot. We went into our dressing room and Sam was there behind Jesse from tiger beat. I smiled at her. She smiled back. Jesse interrupted, "Hey boys! This is Sam! She's going to be going everywhere with you guys for three years." Sam got up and shyly waved. "Sam this is Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, And Harry!" "Yeah I've met Harry. He broke my fall." She smiled at me. I blushed a little. "We'll you're a huge clutz so it makes sense!" Jesse said. It made me mad. I like Sam. She's pretty. Niall caught me staring at her and nudged me. I looked at him and he winked. I rolled my eyes. "Well I have to go! Be warned she's super boring!" Jesse said and walked out. What a bitch. I went over to the couch and sat by Sam. She was awkwardly sitting there looking at the ground. "Ooo I have an idea! Lets play 20 Questions! We can learn more about you Sam." Lou suggested. Sam smiled at him and nodded.

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