The Image Of Love

This is the story of Sam, Or kitty as the 1D boys, and the job she gets that makes it so she goes everywhere with them. She may only be fifth teen but, she falls for Harry, or H as she calls him.


2. 20 questions

Harry's POV


"ok Sam, we need to give you a nickname so…What's your favorite animal?" I asked. "I like little kittens!" She smiled at me. "Then we'll call you Kitty!" Niall said. The rest of us murmured in agreement. "Now it's my turn…" she started. She looked at me. "What's the best and worst part of being famous?" She asked. I thought for a second. "The best part is, the support from fans. The worst part is the paparazzi!" I answered. We spent the next two hours asking and answering! Then Jesse came back in! Grr! She said that Sam is staying with Simon. "Wait! She could stay at the 1D house with us!" I suggested. "Yeah that'd be really cool!" The guys said. "Ok? I don't understand why you'd want her to but ok! Ill tell Simon!" She walked out then came back in.  "Ok you can go! Her stuff will be sent to the house. The guys and I cheered while Sam sat there quietly. Zayn shhed us! "Perries gonna stay with us so Kitty has a girl to talk to!" Then Perrie ran in and gave Zayn a big kiss! Then she pulled back and ran to Sam. She examined her. "Hmm? We're going shopping and in paying. See ya guys!" She grabbed Sams hand and they ran out laughing!

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