I'm totally into you ..♥


1. introduced

He was my best friend. He still is my best friend. It has been like that for like forever. Or as long as i can remember. 

I've always been in love with his personality, his look and well .. just him. 
But not in love, in love. Just in love in a friendship kinda way. If you understand? If not; i get it. It's a little .. ehh .. wierd and i'm bad at explaining. Especial things like this.


Everything about him was beautiful. His short, but not too short, brown hair, who always was perfect, even though he just woke up. His brown eyes. His BIG brown eyes. Such beautiful eyes that would get lost, if you starred into them for too long. I can promise you that. And yes that has happened to me before. And his smile would melt you.

He was so perfect that even though you were ugly as fuck, you would look like a star together with him.



And the thing loved the most;

He didn't judge you, your other friends, no one. Not even people who hated on him. 
Of course he was able to talk trash about them once in a while, like everyone does sometimes, but still .. He wouldn't judge them in any way. He would accept them as they are. 
To say it in another way, he didn't judge people by their past, but saw them as they were now.


All in all - he's a fantastic guy.
(How anyone had ever been able to hurt this guy - i didn't understand. I never had and I never will)

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