Brenda left her drug dealing farther and her abusive mother and moved to the UK . And found Niall will they be a thing ? or will Brenda's parents find her and abuse her even more than she was?


1. my story

I lived in the worst kind of family you could ever imagine. My life sucked my friends don't even know my life that's how bad it was. When I was little I never knew what was going on my dad drug dealing in the mafia, always  drunk, rapist. Not like my mom was any better she was abusive and rude and a drunk and actually bought drugs from guys half of the day she wasn't even home neither was my dad I stayed at my house for the longest time ever. alone. I was like Cinderella in my house except I didn't have sisters. Till they got a maid. Her name was Susan. Susan was way much better she was fifty years old and would always defend me from my abusive mother. The time Susan dies from a heart attack I was devastated. By the time she died I was already 13 so I stole some money and backed up my luggage while my mom and dad were gone. One ticket to the UK I was excited to leave this mansion that my dad bought. The one thing I didn't know is that with the phone my dad bought he put a chip in it. "BRENDA WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING!!!" My dad found me by the time he yelled my name I knew it was him all I did is look back to find him running for me like I was his personal rag doll. I ran as soon they were about to close the doors to England I was glad he didn't go through security. By the time the airplane landed I broke my phone in half and threw it away, I still needed to find an apartment the only thing is that I had 20 thousand dollars left enough money so I bought an apartment and stayed it was big enough to live three people next thing I bought a new phone and the best part is that it had a couch TV and a bed I bought some pans and utensils and bought some food. I was just happy to be away from my family it was cold out so I just stayed inside with a blanket watching TV.  

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