Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


11. What Did I Do?

Justin's pov 
I woke up to the most beautiful girl wrapped around me. I smiled at her, I kissed her forehead and she moved a little. I looked at the time, 5:30... Why am I up so early? I grabbed ari and pulled her closer to me. She nuzzled her head back into my neck and I fell back to sleep. 
I woke up and ari was gone. I checked the time, 10:30. I fell asleep for 5 hours? I guess I was really worn out. I got up and walked to the front of the bus. No one was there, not even the driver. That's weird. I looked around for a note or something, still nothing. I laid down and called ari. 
"Hey you reached aria sorry I can't get to the phone right now but leave a message after the beep". When did she change her voicemail? Hmm.. Weird. I called everyone but they all went to voicemail. 
"No you flirted with her and she totally blew you off!" "Not true! She was into me!" "Don't lie fredo! She even told you to fuck off" "she was playing hard to get!" "Bullshit." 
I walked out of the bus and fredo had his arm wrapped around aria's shoulder and everyone one else was holding hands. 
Aria: goodmorning babe 
She ran over and kissed me. She was wearing a new outfit and she looked so cute, everyone was dressed 
( ). 
I went to go get dressed. 
( )
Justin: so... Where are we going? 
Claire: cage bating 
Aria: what?!? 
Katy: she's just kidding.. 
Ryan: no she's not.. 
Aria: again.. What? 
Becky: actually we were all going to go to main event Or speed zone
Chaz: speed zone! 
Aria: how about celebration station? They have everything including laser tag! 
Justin: perfect. 
Becky: ok but it's girls vs. guys and e prepared to get your asses kicked! 
Chaz: unlikely. 
Becky: how are you so sure? 
Chaz: I just am. 
Aria: I say we make a deal...
Ryan: what of? 
Katy: uhh... 
Aria: if we loose you can choose whatever you guys want. But if we win....
Justin: babe? 
Claire: you guys have to... 
Cody: have to? 
Becky: go on live television....
Chaz: and??
Katy: tell the world your gay....
Chaz: what the hell!! No!! 
Becky: what's the matter? Scared your going to loose? 
Ryan: we're not but that's like... 
Cody: not cool mates. 
All the girls bursted into laughter. Did they seriously want us to do that? Really? 
Justin: FINE! But you guys... 
Cody: have to... 
Ryan: uhh... 
Chaz: runaway for 4th of July and come to Cali with us! 
Katy: wait what? 
Becky: I'm down! 
Claire: we can't just "runaway" 
Chaz: fine! But you still have to come to Cali with us for Fourth of July.. 
Katy: that's tomorrow! 
Ryan: c'mon babe.. 
Aria: what if our parents say no...
Justin: then you sneak off.. 
Claire: right cause that's easy! 
Chaz: what's the matter, are y'all scared? 
Cody: I don't know mates, I don't want them in trouble... 
Justin: your right, never mind. They wouldn't do it anyways. 
Aria: don't try to reverse psychology m-
Becky: are you calling us chickens?
Aria: beck- 
Becky: we will take the deal! 
Aria: BECKY!!! 
Becky: what? 
Claire: they were trying to trick us.. 
Becky: uh-oh 
Katy: she was just kidding.. 
Ryan: she already said it babe.. 
Aria: fu-dge.. Fudge, a chocolate fudge sundae sounds good. C'mon girls.. 
Aria grabbed the girls and ran off. We didn't know where to go so we stood there, looking like lost idiots. 
Aria: look everyone! It's Justin Bieber and his friends! Ryan, Chaz and Cody Simpson!!!
Justin: run guys!!! 
We ran but they eventually caught up to us. We had to take pictures and do autographs. This means revenge. 
*new text message* 
From: beautiful :*
Hey babe, sorry the girls dared me. You know I can't back down from a dare ;) anyways. Meet us at celebration station. Love you :*

Justin: ok guys we have to go..
Cody: you try telling them that.. 
Chaz: yea dude were not going anywhere with them following us. 
*phone conversation* 
Justin: Kenny! Please tell me your still in Dallas! 
Kenny: yea I am, I'm required to be with you at all times jb. 
Justin: so your right here? 
Kenny: yes I am. 
Justin: well can you help us get away from them, please... 
Kenny: already on it jb. 
after 30 minutes we finally got away. I texted the girls we were on our way but I got no answer. 
When we got there the girls were talking to some guys. We all looked at each other and got closer. They were talking to Austin mahone, jake miller, alex, Robert and Dave. 
I walked up to aria and grabbed her waist she tensed up and looked at me. She loosened back up and smiled at me. 
Aria: you guys finally got here. We were talking with the guys and we did a couple things and when I got your text we just waited here for you. 
Justin: oh.. When did y'all get here?
Austin: around 9 am, I figured I go to my hometown but I wanted to see becky and the girls so we came here..
Chaz: and how do you know Becky?
Ryan: and the girls? 
Austin: honestly I only know Becky and aria.. 
Chaz: so how do you know them? 
Austin: well me and Becky-
Becky: met each other before he got big and we were bestfriends until he got big.
Austin: and we kinda da-
Becky: we kinda dated each others friends...
Austin: and- 
Becky: and he knows aria because her and Alex had a little thing for each other
I looked at aria and she was giving Becky the death glare. 
Aria: nothing happened between us. But you see Becky and Austin didn't date each others "friends" they dated each other 
Becky: so let's ride some rides!! 
We walked towards the go cart. Aria grabbed my hand but I kinda jerked away. I felt uncomfortable because she had a thing for Alex. Does she still have a thing for him? Am I over reacting? Why am I so jealous? It was a long time ago.. Right? 
Aria: hey guys me and Justin will catch up with you guys.. 
Becky: ok. Chaz I'm going to the restroom... 
Chaz: ok. 
Aria walked away and motioned for me to follow her. We walked to the parking lot and she sat on the hood of my car looking very sad, her eyes were full of sadness.
Justin: what? 
I said it a little more harsh then I meant to. She looked up at me, this time she looked pissed. 
Aria: what?! Your asking me what? You just got pissed at me for having a thing for Alex!!
Justin: so you still do?!? 
Aria: what?!? Your seriously asking me that?!? 
Justin: yes I am!! If you have a thing for him I don't want an us! 
Aria: wow! Your seriously going to get pissed at me for trying to hold your hand in front of him? And admitting I did? Past tense. Did. That was 2 years ago! He has a girlfriend! Who he is happy with! But you know what fuck you! I'm not even going to fight. Because this "us" is no more! 
She unhooked her necklace, took of the earrings and the ring and put them in my hand. I watched her walk off while I stood in complete shock. What did I do? 



A/n uh-oh another big fight with Justin!! What will happen this time? Can he win her back? Will she go with Alex? Hmm... You'll just have to wait and find out.. 

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