Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


24. The Plan

Justin's pov

I woke up with my baby girl wrapped in my arms. It was 6 in the morning and she didn't need to be at school for another 3 hours. I got up and went to her house to get some clothes for her again 
( )
My baby has swag because of me. I got back to the hotel with her favorite Starbucks frappe, vanilla bean. When I got there she was still asleep. I set her clothes and frappe down on the night stand and headed over to her. I pushed her hair back and rubbed my hand down her cheek. I felt her smile a little. I kissed her collar bone, then her neck, next her chin and her cheek. Her eyes opened an my whole body froze. She was so beautiful to me. We stare into each others eyes and she smiled. 
Aria: well goodmorning to you too! 
Justin: goodmorning beautiful 
I kissed her cheek and she giggled. God I love that giggle.
Aria: I need to go get some clothes! Oh my gosh! 
Justin: I got you some and...
I walked over to get her frappe and clothes. I held out her clothes and she thanked me. But kept looking behind my back. I handed her, her drink. Then I went to the restroom. I hid something in there so no one would see. I mean who really looks in the restroom? I grabbed it and walked back over to her. 
Justin: happy one month beautiful 
I handed her the box and she opened it. Her eyes sparkling.
Aria: you remembered?
Justin: of course how could I forget? 
She kissed me then walked over to her bag. She got the little bag out and handed it to me. I opened it and smiled. It was a new watch. Engraved on the back:
forever and always
      Love Aria

Justin: I love it. Thanks beautiful.
Aria: anything for you babe. 
She smiled and I kissed her. She grabbed the bag and box of earrings (that's what I got her, diamond earrings) and changed. She came out breath taking. I mean I picked out the perfect outfit but she definitely fit it perfectly.
Aria: Justin you dress me like I'm a swag fag girl!
Justin: well your the cutest swag fag girl! 
Aria: oh hush! 
I felt a phone vibrate in my pocket and I grabbed it, it was arias. Why did I have her phone? Oh yeah last night I put it in my pocket because I was to lazy to walk to put it on the dresser. 
Justin: hey babe you have a text message. 
I put out my hand to hand her, her phone but she just said "what's it say?"
*new text message*
From: Oscar 
To: Aria
See you later beautiful
P.s. I miss you :*

I read it out loud. She stood there shocked. 
Aria: what did it say?!? 
She rushed over to me and looked at the message. 
Aria: what the f-udge!!! Are you serious?!? Does this guy ever get the hint?!? 
She was pissed now. No beyond pissed! I was too but I got over it. knowing she was the one mad because she doesn't like him made me feel better. 
Aria: ok I'm so done with this kid. We need a plan. So he can leave me alone. 
Justin: ok, I think I have one. 
I smirked and we talked about our plan. It was set. 
Aria: I can't believe your actually jealous!! 
Justin: well what do you want me to do?!? Get over it?!?
Aria: yes!!! That's exactly what I want you to do! 
Justin: I can't do that!!! 
Aria: I'm not going to keep putting up with your jealousy!! I have had enough of it!! Either you accept it or were over Justin!! Over!!
Justin: fine! 
Aria: fine!!! 
She stormed off into school and I just sighed knowing something else was bound to go wrong. But I didn't worry it was all part of the plan.

Aria pov

Justin had come up with the perfect plan and it was easy for me to be "mad" because I honestly was. Just not at Justin, at Oscar. He is trying to ruin my relationship and I don't need that! I turned my phone off and sighed. I wouldn't see Claire all day, she had intern the first half. I only seen Katy and she was always helpful. I texted Katy.
Katy: in the library
Aria: coming.
I got there, signed in and headed to my bestfriend. The only one that understood relationship problems. She was having some because her ex, "her king", was still trying to get back with her.
Katy: hey love, what's up? 
Aria: I'm so tired of him! 
Katy: of who? Justin? 
Aria: no Oscar! It's like he's purposely ruining my relationship! Knowing I'm moving to LA next month! 
Katy: well maybe he has really strong feelings for you? 
Aria: Oscar? The Oscar that hurt me? The one who choose that post it over me? The one who lead me on and broke my heart into a million pieces? Wanna know who's repaying for that? Justin! I don't tell justin anything because of Oscar! It's like I shut everyone out! And when I move its going to get worse and it's ahh!! 
Katy: ok love, listen. Oscar is jealous, he finally realizes what he lost. He lost the BEST thing he had and that was you. Just calm down. 
Aria: ahh. Ok but I'm hanging out with him later.. 
Katy: aria!! 
Aria: I agreed last night. Well I honestly was like "yea sure just leave me alone!" Because I was sleeping. So justin texted him for me. Haha!
Katy: haha! Wow. 
Aria: i know... I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG day..

A/n I know alot hasn't happened. But the next chapter ALOT of shit is going to go down! So be prepared! 
Love you all! :*

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