Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


30. The Beggining of The End

Aria pov

The crew walked over to us and I just smiled. 
Aria: hey mon, Jeremy, mingo, t-wood, randy, and Mac 
Crew: hey. 
Aria: I'm surprised y'all actually came.
They just all nodded. 
Mon: who's this? 
I looked over to my side and realized Justin was still holding me by my waist. I smiled a bit but it faded as soon as I realized the crew was here. What will they do? Their like my other brothers. But I also knew they always liked to mess with me so revenge. I smirked and looked at them.
Aria: this is my last one night stand Justin. Justin this is "the crew" 
I did the air quotes and everyone's face fell including Justin's. Becky smirked and me and her laughed and I swear I couldn't contain the tears that fell along. The crew just looked shocked and then they looked mad but I continued to laugh. 
Aria: y-you sh-should h-have s-seen y-y-your f-f-faces. 
I was laughing so hard that it was hard to breathe. 
Mingo: haha. Very funny. 
Aria: it was it really was. 
I continued to laugh and tried to stop but I continued to giggle. 
Aria: this is Justin, my boyfriend...
Everyone introduced themselves and Justin waved. 
Mon: man aria I didn't know you had that much game to land Justin Bieber! 
I giggled but went along.
Aria: well you know I am irresistible.
We all laughed at my "cockiness" 
Then the crew got serious, not just with Justin but also Chaz. 
Mac: alright though, this is for real..
Jeremy: these are our little sisters..
T-Wood: now if you hurt them..
Becky: they will chop of your balls and feed you to the sharks. 
Aria: and no one will ever know.
Me and Becky giggled.
Mingo: what the fuck? No! 
This only cause me and Becky to laugh more because we couldn't be cereal. Haha. Get it? Cereal? Hahaha! I'm so lame!
Mon: but we will hurt y'all. We love these girls even though we're not the best influences
Becky: no your not! 
Aria: far from it! 
We giggled some more and the guys looked annoyed.
Becky: hey were your little sisters! 
Aria: we're suppose to annoy you guys! 
We giggled and they gave us death stares.
Aria: ok! Ok! Ill calm down...
I sighed and let them continue.
Randy: have y'all ever done drugs? 
Justin and Chaz looked at each other and their face fell.
Mingo: oh wait didn't you get caught smoking pot? 
Justin's eyes widened and I tried my best to act shocked but I couldn't. That's when all of us including the crew laughed. Chaz and Justin looked confused and well nervous.
Aria: you guys it's ok! 
Becky: your talking to pot heads! 
Aria: for all we know they could be high right now! 
Becky: nahh cause then Jeremy and Mac would be chill and they would all have the major munchies and t-wood would be singing.
I laughed and nodded.
Aria: true! 
The guys looked at us and nodded in agreement. We laughed and I grabbed Justin's hand and kissed his cheek. He smiled but was still nervous. 
Aria: walk with me? 
He nodded and we walked along the shore of the lake. 
Aria: are you ok? 
Justin: yea.. 
Aria: are you sure? 
Justin: I mean yea I guess.. 
Aria: that's not a yes..
Justin: it's just I have once and well I never did it again because my fans found out and the media, then I was a bad influence, girls cut and I was the worse idol ever! 
He sighed in frustration and I have to admit he was EXTREMELY hot when he was frustrated! No aria, he's opening up, shut up. 
Aria: Justin you experienced it and I'm going to be honest the guys will make fun of you ESPECIALLY for the peeing in the mop bucket..
I giggled and immediately stopped when I seen how serious he truly was. 
Aria: Justin don't let that get to you, all that matters is right here, right now. 
He smiled and kissed my cheek. I smiled back.
Justin: your right, it's the past.
Aria: exactly! 
Justin leaned in and sweetly kissed me and I smiled because every part of me was going off with excitement. He's what I need and who I love. 
We walked back over to the rest of the people and they were on the volleyball court. 
Aria: volleyball?!? Who's idea was that? 
I looked at Claire and Katy and they shrugged. I giggled and picked up the ball. 
Aria: I have an idea! Girls against guys and whoever loses HAS to do whatever the other team tells them to do!
Cody: deal! 
Katy: be warned Katy kicks ass at this game! She plays this for a team! 
They all shrugged and we began to play.
Mingo: we dare you guys to...
Mon: pee in a bucket!!! 
We all laughed and Justin turned red. He's so adorable when he's embarrassed. 
Dreake: nahh.. 
Andre: their just kidding. 
Aria: obviously 
I rolled my eyes and impatiently waited for them to tell us our dare. Because if it wasn't obvious, we lost. I don't think we tried to be honest but oh well. 
T-Wood: we dare you guys to sing. 
I looked at him and laughed.
Mingo: no shut up! 
I laughed and waited for the dare. All the girls were getting impatient because its not that hard to come up with a dare, right? 
Chaz: I dare you guys to jump in the lake! 
Katy: but we don't have our bathing suits! 
Ryan: so wear you bra and underwear or all clothed or skinny dip!
I looked at the other boys and they nodded, agreeing on the dare.
Aria: ugh fine! 
I took off my shirt and shorts and walked into the lake. It was freezing but I NEVER back down from a dare. One time my cousin dared me to run around my neighborhood with my shirt off and I did. No one noticed but it was funny.
I was in waiting for the girls and they all looked at me shocked.  That's when they all shrugged and joined. I laughed and just swam around. I went to the far end and swam some more then one of my cousins called out to me. He asked if I wanted to ride on the jet ski and I did. I hoped on and we rode. My uncle joe micheal was on with me. 
Aria: Tio please don't make us fall off
Tio: what's the fun in that? 
I grabbed on to him tighter and the next thing I knew I was flying in the air. When the water hit me I felt my adrenaline running. I heard screaming and when I got up to the surface me and my uncle looked at each other and busted out laughing. When we got back to everyone my grandma was waiting for us.
Grandma Anna: pinche joe micheal! You scared me half to death! 
I giggled as she hit him and she looked at me mad. 
Aria: hey it's not my fault! I told him not to make us fall off. 
Her face softened and we walked back to everyone. Justin looked worried but when he saw me he ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me.
Aria: Jay it's ok, I'm fine. 
I giggle as he let me go and everyone came over to me. 
The rest of the day was amazing and I was so happy I had my family with me. It was the perfect day, literally
Today's the day I'm moving to LA. I sent my stuff off on Friday and left only have the stuff I needed to last me till today. Everyone was at the airport and they all hugged me for what felt like the last time. 
Jess: bye girl. 
Marissa: girl what am I going to do without you? I tell you my life! 
Aria: girl you tell everyone your life and its not going to stop you from texting me about your life! 
Marissa: you right, but I'm going to miss you. 
Aria: ill miss you too but you and Jess are coming out here soon ok? 
Jess and mari: ok
Katy: oh love I'm going to miss you! I hope everything goes good out there! 
I started to tear up. I know Katy doesn't have enough money to visit me any time soon and I knew it could be the last time I see her. I felt warm water fall down my cheeks. Katy hugged me and we cried together.
Aria: I promise ill text you as much as I can and will face time and when I get enough money I'm flying you out there with me! 
Katy: ok love.
Claire: what about me? 
Aria: shut up you know ill do the same with you! 
She smiled and we had, what felt like, our last hug as the three musketeers, the three bestfriends, the ones where we fought at petty things but ALWAYS had each others backs and were there for each other. I'm going to miss my girls so much!! More tears escaped my eyes and the girls too. Then I felt arms wrap around my waist. 
Justin: c'mon babe we have to get going.
I nodded and pulled away. I hugged Oscar and everyone else goodbye. Me and Justin walked around and went into the tunnel following my mom. This was so hard for me. When we were about to be in I heard a yell 
"ARIA WAIT!!" I turned around and noticed my little brother, sister and my dad had just got there.  I pulled out of Justin's grip and ran to the kids who tortured me but I never stopped loving. 
Aria: hey.. Don't cry faithy, youll see me soon, I promise.
Faith: b-but what if that soon isn't till a year from now. I'm going to miss you! 
I hugged her and took off my Paris necklace. 
Aria: here. Wherever you go ill be right there and whenever you want to talk to me you can FaceTime me. 
I handed her an iPod that I had bought her yesterday. Her birthday was yesterday and I had forgot to give it to her. She smiled and nodded. I kissed her cheek and went to my brother. 
Rene: what about me? What do I get? 
Aria: well I don't think your birthdays till mine?? 
Rene: I know.
He sighed and I giggled. Justin came from behind me and handed me the yeezes . I giggled and put them in front of my brother. He smiled so big and thanked me. 
Aria: be careful with those! Those are limited edition and you won't get more if you do.
Rene: I promise I won't thanks ari! 
He hugged me and I went to my dad. He wrapped his arms around me and I couldn't breathe. 
Dad: I love you baby girl. Be careful out there and ill see you soon. 
My mom walked over to us and kissed my dad. We walked on the plane and left everyone. I couldn't help but cry because this felt like my last time ever seeing my family again. All of them meant the world to me and have helped me through so much. Knowing its the end of our journey and the beginning of my new journey for my career.

A/n be prepared for the next chapter because I have LOTS planned and well you guys won't like it but it will be a great chapter, in my opinion. But to get it I need AT LEAST 2 comments! So comment! Go! Now! 

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