Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


41. Suprise Visits

Aria pov  

I ran out to see everyone ready. (

Aria: okay I'm taking the range rover and only five people fit. Alexis you can drive the smart car with Alyssa? 

Everyone nodded and we all piled into the cars.

Once we got in I drove to chipotle, and everyone got out.

Reporter: aria! Aria how long have you and Robert been back together? 

R2: are you and Justin secretly dating?

R3: aria! Who are these girls? 

Aria: all of these girls are my close family and best friends. If you guys don't mind me and the girls have to eat and then go to my recording studio. Big things are happening boys. Now please, until next time? 

They all nodded and backed away to let me inside.

Once I got inside Alyssa was the last one ordering. 

Alyssa: it's pretty crazy huh? Being an up and coming super star.

Aria: haha, yea. It's more of being 'Justin biebers secret girlfriend'

I say quoting a headline they had made a week ago. 

Alyssa: it must be hard dating the prince of pop. 

Aria: huh? Oh no. Robert is my cover up. But everyone seems to ask about Justin. It's quite annoying but they back off when I'm with Robert. 

Alyssa: Roberts okay with that? He doesn't mind you kissing in public and cuddling with Justin in private?

Aria: that's what he says. I love Robert but who knows what goes on in his head. 

Alyssa laughed and we joined the girls. 

Becky: so why are Alex and Sierra doing a song with you?

Anna: yea I mean it's ALEX. AND. SIERRA!  

Aria: hey! What's that sup-

Abby: that your not as cool as them, sorry. 

Aria: would a not so cool person have met Dylan o'brien? 

Everyone choked on their food making me laugh. 

Claire: you met Dylan!!!

Katy: where was our invite?!? 

Becky: for real!

Aria: well I was at the studio recording and I ran a little over time. Okay maybe alot, like 30 minutes. I was lost in the song and when I noticed I seen Alex, Sierra and Dylan  smiling at me, I fangirled and ran to out the studio. We talked and yea.

I shrugged acting like it was no big deal but Dylan was so hot, sweet, funny, and we would bicker. That was the day I listened to them record scarecrow and went back to their place. It was amazing.


Aria: what? 

I asked annoyed. 

Katy: well we asked if he was as hot as he looked? 

Abby: until you blacked out.

Aria: I think he's way hoter. He has this personality that just makes you fall in love with him..

I started to zone out picturing Dylan's eyes..

Dylan: talking about me I see? 

I snapped my head up and I think I felt my eyes pop out of my head. 

Aria: d-dyl... What are you doing here? 

Dylan: well I wanted chipotle and this was the closest one to the studio. 

Aria: ohh.. Everyone already there? 

Dylan: yea.. He rubbed the back of his neck making him look hotter.

Aria: well you can sit with us? 

He grabbed a chair and sat close to me, making my heart go a million times a minute. 

Aria: well these are my cousins, Abby, Becky and Anna. And these are my friends, Alyssa, Claire and Katy. 

Dylan: alot of A's.. But it's nice to meet all of you guys. 

They all nodded, I think he hypnotized them..

Dylan: are they okay? 

Aria: I think you put them in shock... Your face is just that horrible..

Dylan: says you! Have you looked in the mirror lately? 

Aria: yea I have but I didn't put 6 girls in shock. 

Dylan: touché

I giggled causing Dylan to smile, that perfect hypnotizing smile. 

Dylan: so why are all of you in la? I know why aria is, that beautiful voice of hers couldn't have made it anymore clear.

I blushed and the girls just nodded. 

Aria: he's talking to you guys! 

Becky: oh right! I just moved out here because of aria.

Dylan: I would chase her too 

He smiled causing me to blush again. 

Abby: I'm out here because I surprised her for Christmas

Dylan: that's so nice

Anna: I live with her

Anna shrugged like it was no big deal.

Alyssa: same as Abby

Claire: she surprised me and Katy with first class tickets for Christmas 

Katy just nodded.

Dylan: who knew aria could be so nice

I punched him in his arm causing him to groan.

Aria: hey I'm nice! 

He rubbed his arm 

Dylan: you just punched me in the arm, that's not nice.

Aria: you deserved it! 

Dylan: did not

Aria: did too

Dylan: nope

Aria: yep

Dylan: so are all you excited? 

I mutter "changing the subject" causing him to glare at me. I giggle making him smile.

Anna: yes it's not everyday you get to meet Alex and Sierra! And you..

Anna began blushing, I knew what she really wanted to say. "Someone as hot as you, I mean your Dylan o' 'hottie' bryan!"

Dylan: oh your not-

I kicked him under the table glaring at him. I think he caught on because he quickly recovered.

Dylan: I mean it won't be the last time you meet us, promise. 

I let a breath I didn't know I was holding in, out. Dylan grabbed my hand from underneath the table, rubbing it in reassurance. I smiled gratefully at him and pulled away. 

Becky: so how is working with them? Are they as cute a couple as they look??

Dylan: extremely cute! I honestly had no idea they could be that cute.

Abby: so how is teen wolf? I mean like do you get along with Tyler? I mean what about Allison's death? I mean what about the other Tyler? And the twins? What about Lydia? What about-

Aria: Abby!!!  

Dylan chuckled causing Abby to blush, gosh I love this girl but I need her to tone it down.

Dylan: teen wolf is great. So are everyone I work with, Lydia is like a sister yet I'm suppose to be madly in love with her, it's weird kinda. Allison's death... It was kinda hard for all of us to say bye to her, we all loved her.

Katy: what about malia? How's that? Are you two together? How does Lydia feel? 

Aria: guys! Leave the poor loser alone! This is all confidential, sorry dyl, you have to excuse my Wolfie friends. 

Claire: oh hush your just as a  Wolfie as we are!! 

Aria: true but I'm not the one asking questions, I think he should be treated like one of us not a hot star on the rise!

Dylan: you think I'm hot?

Becky: but that's not the point! We just wanted to know because it's a god damn good show!

Aria: yea but I don't think he feels comfortable talking about that! 

Dylan: actually I don't mi-

Anna: I think Dylan should decide for himself what he wants to talk about! 

Dylan: I agr-

Aria: I think you should get to know the amazing person he is.

Dylan: you think I'm amaz-

Abby: okay okay. Ya!

Alyssa: you guys can really go at it.

Dylan: yea they can! 

We all laughed, that's when our fun little lunch got ruined.  

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