Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


3. Six Flags

*4 days before the concert* 
Aria: you guys I want to do something! Let's go to six flags!! 
Claire: yes!! 
Katy: oh my gosh yes!! 
Aria: yay!! Okay one problem who is driving us? 
Claire: hmm..?
Katy: my mom can't! 
Aria: I can ask mine.. 
Claire: yea go ask! 
I walked out of my room and went to ask my parents if they could take us. 
Mom: yes but be careful and make sure your phones charged and-
Aria: I know mom. What time do you want to leave? 
Dad: in 30 minutes
Aria: okay
I walked into my room with a huge smile. 
Claire: what? 
Aria: get ready we leave in 30 
Claire: minutes? 
Aria: no seconds! Yes minutes! Get off your bum!! 
Katy: glad I got my season pass with me! 
Claire: same here. 
Aria: seriously you guys? I told y'all to bring it! 
Claire: oh yeah! 
Aria: you guys are blondes now c'mon! 
We all got ready and headed out. We sang in the car and my dad sang with us. He is pretty chill and laid back. I love him because he lets me listen to anything I want on the radio, unlike my mom. We always have to listen to her black music. Not that there's anything wrong with that but those stations play the same songs over and over and I don't like that so it's different with my dad. We got there and my dad told me to call when I was ready and to be careful. I said I would and gave him a kiss on the cheek so he could calm down. 
Aria: love you! Bye! 
I shut the door and he rolled down the window and said I love you too. I smiled and we walked in. 
Katy: so which ride first. 
Claire: your so new! 
Aria: haha! You would be lost without us! 
Katy: what? Just tell me which ride. 
We laughed and linked arms and walked towards the ride. 
Katy: oh now I know! 
Claire: wow
Aria: shall we explain the rules of coming to six flags? 
Claire: yes! 
Aria: you first. 
Claire: always get on the big rides first because then you won't have to complain about not getting on them later. 
Aria: then after you eat get in a really long line for a ride so that by the time you get on the ride your food has already digested. 
Claire: hmm.. What else?
Aria: if you spot cuties tell us because we could probably talk to them if we're not to out of their league. 
Katy: you mean like that cutie with his sunglasses on totally checking aria out? 
Aria: wait what?
Claire: he kinda looks familiar. Hmm.. He's really cute . You should talk to him! 
Aria: you guys where?? I don't-
Claire: right there!! 
I turned to wear she was looking and I seen him. He was checking me out! He had black hair that swept in his face a little and he took off his sunglasses revealing his hazel-ish brown eyes. Claire was right he was really cute and he did look familiar, I smiled at him and he walked towards me. I stood there and the girls started giggling. 
Guy: hey ladies, I'm justin.
Katy: I'm Katy 
Claire: I'm Claire 
Aria: I'm Aria
Justin: that's a really pretty name. 
Aria: thank you 
Justin: so me and my two friends were wondering if you guys wanted to hang out right now? You know get on some rides together?
Claire: yea sure. 
He called two guys over and they were kinda cute too. One had kinda light hair and brown eyes who introduced himself as jake, the other had dark brown hair that kinda swept like Justin's  and had brown eyes as well his name was Jerry. 
Katy: well were getting on the Titan so? 
Jake: we were just about to get on that one to! 
Claire: well let's go! 
The girls walked ahead of me and Justin with the other two boys. 
Aria: so are you from Dallas? 
Justin: actually no I'm here on vacation? 
Aria: oh cool how long are you staying? 
Justin: till Saturday. 
Aria: oh, where are you from? 
Justin: I live in LA.. 
Aria: I've always wanted to go there! After I graduate I plan on moving out there..
Justin: yeah you should! It would be really cool to see you out there! 
Aria: I love the weather out there. I have family that stay there and they say its amazingly beautiful! 
Justin: it is but I don't get a lot of time out there right now..
Aria: why? 
Justin: well I'm uhm.. I'm traveling. 
Aria: oh cool! Where to? 
Justin: I think I'm going to San Antonio next
Aria: oh! Nice! Well I leave to Florida Saturday with Claire. 
Justin: nice! Where Florida? 
A: uhh? Somewhere at the tip. Haha! 
J: oh. Haha! Florida is beautiful too 
A: I heard. 
J: so what do you like to do? 
A: uhm.. It depends on what you mean. 
J: well what do you do when you get bored? 
A: well.. Don't tell anyone but I like to sing even though I can't very well, I also draw and dance and find something to do. Idk I do alot! Haha! 
J: haha! I can tell! Well can I hear you sing?
A: yes hold on.... No 
J: oh shy too huh? 
A: yea that and I'm not really confident in my voice so... Yea. 
J: oh, so you think you can dance? 
A: haha! I know I can! 
J: prove it! 
A: give me your phone, You have YouTube right? 
J: yes. 
He pulled out his phone put it on the YouTube app and handed it to me. 
Claire: what are you guys doing? 
I looked up and said "he doesn't believe I can dance"
Claire: she's good! 
Katy: she looks sexy doing it to! 
Everyone burst into laughter. 
Katy: what? 
Aria: that's Katy for you guys! Haha! 
I put on my sweet 16 surprise dance video and handed it to him. He pulled out headphones and gave me one. He watched it and laughed at the bf is a douchebag part. It finished and he put his phone away and took the headphones and stuffed them back in his pocket. 
J: your ok. Ammature moves. 
A: whatever you say! Like you can do any better!
J: I can! 
A: prove it! 
Jake: you shouldn't have said that 
Jerry: great.. Everyone move out the way. 
Justin: pick a song. 
He handed me his phone and I was looking through the music and he had everything, including justin bieber so I picked "as long as you love me" I told him. 
Jerry: everybody back up!!! 
Everyone moved and justin played the song he was an amazing dancer! I was smiling at him and then he finished and grabbed his phone. Everyone clapped then went back to doing what they were doing. 
Justin: so? 
Aria: you were ok, ammature moves. 
Justin: but I was better than you! 
Aria: yeah, whatever. 
Justin: haha! See! I win! 
I pushed him playfully and said yeah whatever. He grabbed my arm as I pushed him and pulled me close. We were looking into each others eyes. We started going in for a kiss and our lips- 
Claire: you guys move up! 
Jerry: your ruined there moment! 
Katy: haha! They have all day! 
Claire: exactly! 
Justin: after this you wanna ditch them? 
Aria: yes. 
Claire: we can hear you! And what about your dad? 
Aria: I have a phone! 
Katy: well me and Jerry are ditching to.. 
Claire: that leaves me and the other semi blonde? This should be fun! 
Jake: I'm the cute blonde though! 
We all laughed and me and justin started talking without the others. 
Justin: your really beautiful..
Aria: ehh.. Your really cute..
Justin: you are beautiful, you have flaws don't get me wrong but you are just so beautiful..
Aria: thanks *blushes*
Justin kissed my cheek and I blushed even harder. I like this guy to bad he's leaving on Saturday and so am I. This sucks. 
Aria: oh there's something you should know...
Justin: yes? 
Aria: I'm terrified of heights but I LOVE roller coasters. 
Claire: yea she's weird like that. 
Aria: I'm okay with being weird 
Justin: she can be my kind of weird 
Aria: exactly! Wait what?
Everyone laughed at me and then We got on the Titan and we all sat with a guy. Me with Justin, Claire with Jake, and Katy with Jerry. When it was over we went and looked at our pictures. Claire ad jake made funny faces, Katy and Jerry were smiling with their hands in the air and me and justin were kissing. Justin bought the picture for me and him. He gave me one but I couldn't accept it. He said so we could always remember so I kept it. When we ditched the others I had to pee so I went to the restroom. I came out and he was on the phone. 
Justin: no I won't come right now! 
Because I'm on a date! 
With a girl! 
No you don't know her she's from here! 
Whatever I see you when I get back to the hotel! 
Yes! Bye scooter! 
Aria: uhm?? Justin? Who were you talking to?
Justin: uhm.. My bestfriend.. Yea he was mad because he was asleep and we went to the six flags park without him. 
Aria: mm.. Okay! So where are we going next? 
Justin: I wanna win you a bear..
Aria: haha! That's fine. Lets get on some roller coasters! 
Justin: c'mon one bear?
Aria: my dad is going to suspect something though... 
Justin: so? 
Aria: ahh.. Fine! Ill say Claire won it and I bet her something and I won and I wanted the bear. 
Justin: see! Your good! 
Aria: ha! Funny kid. 
Justin went to a basketball game and I wanted to play too. I love basketball so he let me play. I won a bear and I got to pick. Justin won but he won a giant bear. There was a panda, a dog, an elephant and a big ball. I wanted the panda! So we got the panda and I gave him what I won and said for him to keep it so he can remember. He laughed and kept it. The end of the day came and I had so much fun. He asked if we could do something tomorrow and I said I didn't know. I told him I would see but I wasn't sure. I called my dad and he was on his way. We met up with the rest of the guys and we all talked while us girls waited for our ride. 
Jake: I'm serious! The guy was mad because we ate the last taco!!
We all laughed. 
Claire: well why did you eat the last taco? 
Jake: it looked good and I can't just sit and stare at food! 
Claire: true! It's like aria, she can never say no to food!
Aria: hey! It's good okay? Geez! 
Justin: faty! 
Jake: don't be mean your the same way! 
Justin: shut up! 
Aria: it's okay because I'm pretty sure I could whoop you guys at a food eating contest! 
Jake: no way! 
Justin: not possible for a tiny girl like you! 
Claire: don't be deceived by her looks, bitch can eat! 
Aria: thank you :) 
Katy: I don't think you want her and Claire to whoop you guys, she can eat too! 
Claire: haha! 
Aria: it's on guys! Tomorrow? If we all hang out? 
Justin: deal! 
Claire: guys pay since you think your going to win. 
Jake: no fair!! 
Aria: so fair!! 
Justin: alright, alright. We pay. 
Aria: hey guys my dads calling...
Yea were here waiting. 
You where? 
Oh okay we're walking that way.
Yea ok, bye.
Well you guys my dad is here so we have to- 
Justin kissed me...
Justin: see you girls tomorrow. 
Aria: mmhuh 
I said still smiling because of the kiss. All the girls hugged their guys goodbye and we headed to my dad. I seen him immediately and we got in the car. He asked about the bear and I told him I won it playing basketball. He was so proud. We all just laughed and when we got home we all went to my room. I jumped on my bed. 
Aria: best day ever! 
Katy: yes! 
Claire: amazing by far! 
Aria: wait you guys what about your boyfriend Katy? 
Katy: hmm? What boy- oh my gosh!! I cheated! I'm the worst! He texted me and I blew it off! What kind of girl- 
Claire: calm down! Do you want to be with him? 
Katy: I- I do.. No I dont..
Claire: well then tell him you wanna see other people. 
Katy: I can't! 
Aria: give me your phone..

To: my king 
Listen, I love you, I really do but I don't want us anymore. Can we see other people? I don't want to be in this knowing we both might meet other people this summer. 

I sent it and showed it to the girls. We waited for his reply..

*new text message*
From: my king 
I met this girl today.. I was going to tell you.. We kissed and I don't know where that leaves us.. I love you too but your right we should see other people. 

Katy got a little upset but we told her she did the same thing. So she calmed down and we all jumped on my bed and laid there laughing about Katy and her "king". 
Claire: so aria you and Justin?
Aria: so Katy you and Jerry?
Katy: so Claire you and Jake? 
Claire: that's weird their names all start with a J 
Aria: yea it kinda is
Katy: kinda
Claire: I mean Jakes cool but I don't see us together in the long term. 
Katy: well Jerry is awesome but maybe just friends. With maybe benefits? 
We all laughed then my little sister Julie came in 
Julie: hey aria do you know where my-
Aria: no! Get out! 
Julie: well you don't have to be rude!
Aria: well you don't have to come in my room 24/7 asking if I know where YOUR stuff is! It's not mine so how am I suppose to know!
Julie: your ugly anyways so bye! 
Aria: bye! 
She slammed my door and walked out. Ten seconds later my little brother came in. 
Rene: hey aria do you know where I left my beats?
Aria: uhmm? Did you check the car? I think dad had them last. 
Rene: oh yeah! Thanks! 
Aria: mmhuh 
He walked out. 
Katy: how is it your so cool with your brother and not your sister?
Aria: well I grew up with my cousins who were guys so I know how to tolerate them and my sister has an attitude all the time so I can't put up with her.
Claire: you put up with us? 
Aria: you guys are different though. I can tell you a secret and you won't run off to tell my parents. 
Katy: she does that?!?
Aria: yes! All the time! Now can we change the subject?
Katy: ok
Claire: we talked about the guys we were with so what's up with you and Justin? 
Aria: I don't know.. 
Katy: yea you do! You guys were all over each other and he asked to see you tomorrow! So?
Aria: guys he's from LA! He leaves when me and Claire leave for Florida.  How am I going to make a long distance relationship work?
Claire: you have a point. 
Katy: well aren't you two moving out to California? 
Aria: in two years! How do you make things work for two years? 
Claire: uhm.. I don't know. 
Katy: well I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. 
Aria: thanks.

*new text message* 
From: unknown
Had a really great time tonight, can't wait to see you tomorrow. 

To: Justin
I had an amazing time. Be prepared to get whooped tomorrow ;) 

From: Justin
Not possible. You will. Lets make this interesting..

To: Justin
How will we do that?

From: Justin
If I win you have to go on a date with me?

To: Justin
And if I win you have to tell me the biggest secret you have? 

From: Justin
Deal! But get ready to loose! 

To: Justin
Haha! Cute and funny! :) 

From: Justin
You know it ;) 

To: Justin
Haha! Goodnight! :) 

From: Justin
Goodnight beautiful :* 

All is girls fell asleep for tomorrow

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