Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


34. Roller Coaster

Justin's pov

I froze at her words "bad day", do you think she knows about the song I wrong about her? She doesn't, does she? I looked in her eyes and she was so hurt. I grabbed her and squeezed her. 
Justin: it's okay beautiful we don't need to talk about it. Everything will be alright. Oh and...
Aria: and? 
Justin: the boys are coming  
Aria: ok, what time is fredo coming? 
Justin: no babe, not those boys, one direction...
Aria: w-what? But I haven't even met them? 
Justin: I know but this is the perfect chance. 
I smiled at her and she slightly smiled back. She walked upstairs and went to shower while I got the other rooms ready. 
I heard someone knocking and I knew it was the guys. I opened the door only to find Anna.
Anna: sorry I left my key thanks for opening the door. 
Justin: your welcome. 
She walked past me before I could tell her the boys were coming.
Someone knocked again and this time I was hoping it was them. 
Niall: hey mate! 
Justin: hey! How was the tour guys? 
Harry: amazing! Their were so many girls and I got one every night.
Justin: haha. What about you guys, did y'all get girls? 
Liam: no
Louis: no
Zayn: never in a million years..
She looked at the boys and stopped dead in her tracks.
Anna: gain..
She breathed the rest out. 
Aria: hey Anna? Your drooling, close your mouth.
Aria giggled and she wrapped her arms around me. 
Anna: shut up Aria. 
I laughed and introduced the boys to them. They all seemed to love the girls but Harry.. You could tell he wanted Anna. He's not really the relationship guy so in the other way.. 
Justin: hey babe can you and Anna go get in pajamas and get some movies from our room? 
Aria: yep! C'mon Anna! 
They walked out and I looked at all the boys. 
Justin: ok.. Aria is my girlfriend, we've been dating for around 3 1/2 months and she's off limits obviously. Anna is like a sister to me and none of you can get in her pants or I will kill you! She is a good girl so.. Harry you use her, I won't be the one you have to deal with. They have some family members that will personally hunt you down and murder you so... Watch it.
Harry: ok! Ok! 
The girls walked in with movies and popcorn. 
Justin: which first? 
Aria: horror! I want to watch the conjuring.. 
I smirked knowing aria was going to be all over me. I nodded and put the movie in. The movie played and aria tensed but relaxed she loves scary movies but super terrified. I pulled her on my lap but she went right back to my side. I smirked at her and then she screamed and sat back on my lap. 
Justin: thought so.. 
I whispered she looked up at me and rolled her eyes.
Harry: mate I'm tired. I think I'm going to just sleep. 
Justin: alright.
Zayn: same here..
Liam: yea me too. 
Justin: you remember your rooms right? 
Yes, they all said in sync. 
Aria looked up at me and frowned. She probably thinks they don't like her my poor baby.
Justin: their just jet lagged its okay beautiful. 
She just sighed and buried her head in my chest. A couple minutes later a heard her breathing steady. 
Niall: mate I think she's asleep. 
I nodded and looked at Louis. He was also asleep. 
Niall: Louis, mate. Lets get you up stairs.
Louis stumbled to the stairs and went to his room. I looked for Anna but she wasn't around, I guess she went up earlier. I carried my beautiful girlfriend to our room and came back down to pick up. 
Niall: mate I'm hungry. 
I chuckled at Niall, he's always hungry. 
Justin: me too! Lets cook something. 
He nodded and I grabbed the rest of the stuff on the floor and threw it away. Me and Niall went to go make noodles. That's what my night was until I went to bed with aria cuddled into me. 

Aria pov

I woke up in the middle of the night and Justin wasn't by my side. I got up to use the restroom. The lights were off and I walked in. I used the restroom and started to walk downstairs. I heard giggling and went to Anna's room. Once I walked in I saw Anna getting pleasures by Harry. I nearly screamed but stopped. I cleared my throat and they looked up. 
Anna: aria it's not what it-
Aria: save it. You guys can't date, I know Justin warned you to stay away from her Harry. She's the only person I really have left. You break her I murder you. Do what you two want but don't develop feelings and DONT let anyone else find out because if the crew or Justin finds out... It won't be pretty
 I walked away and Laid back down. I couldn't fall asleep but I heard Justin come in the room. I quickly shut my eyes and he took off his shirt and jeans (he sleeps in his boxers) and laid down. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close. I cuddled closer to him and I heard him whisper in my ear.
"I love you ari, your my everything and some day ill make you mine, forever" 
I smiled and fell asleep. Today was one roller coaster ride. 

A/n sorry I've been busy working on my other movella and school and shits been happening and I may be getting deeper in my depression! Ugh! Hate life!! :/

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