Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


29. Protection

Aria pov I hung up and started walking towards the door. I walked out and someone automatically kissed me. I pushed them away and seen it was Derrick. What the hell?!? He has a girlfriend! Aria: what the hell?!? Derrick: shut up or ill kill you! Aria: w-w-what? Derrick: you heard me! I want you, your so perfect. Aria: g-get away! Derrick: I love how angry your getting! Aria: get off of me!!! Derrick: shut up!! Aria: p-please. He trailed his hand down my thigh. Pulling my pants down. Aria: stop! You can't do this! Derrick: I told you to shut the fuck up! He slapped me and I shut up and cried. He pulled my shirt off of me and the next thing I knew he was on top of me and inside of me. Aria: p-please get out! G-g-go! I sobbed and sobbed. I kicked and screamed as he went in and out of me but that only made matters worse. He kept slapping me everytime I screamed. Just when I thought I was going to black out I felt a big weight being lifted off of me followed by a whole bunch of screaming, yelling and cries. That's when my whole world went dark. *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* I woke up to the sound of a machine. My body is aching, I can't move, I'm trapped, I'm tied up! Someone help!!!!! I open my eyes prepared for the worst and seen everyone looking at me. All the girls are crying and the guys are worried. Justin, Robert, Alex and Oscar look the worst. I blink hoping it was all just a nightmare but it wasn't, I was in the hospital. On a bed many have been on for the same reason or even worse. I cringe at the thought. I speak weakly Aria: h-hi g-guys Stuttering on my words. What do they think of me? Am I pathetic? They feel sorry for me.. Their guilty... That's why their here.. They think I'm some kind of charity case.. I'm nothing to them.. Becky*whispers*: love we're all here because we love and care about you, please stop crying.. How did she? But she? Oh yeah my other half.. I for-dot... I nodded and blinked away my tears wiping the rest of the tears off my face. I felt a hand on mine and turned to see Justin. I smiled and he lightly smiled. Knowing something was wrong I frowned. I looked at the rest of the people in the room and they all had WORRIED written across their forehead. One person was missing and I saddened at the thought. I lost her and for no reason whatsoever. I sighed and just looked at my hands. Katy: love? I looked up and you could see the tears coming to my eyes. Katy: were all here for you. She came over and hugged me, then Becky came over, then Ryan, Chaz, Cody, Anna, Alex, Robert, Oscar, Abby, Jess and marissa and well Justin was already hugging me. We were all in a group hug and I started giggling. Aria: I love you guys. They all said I love you back. Aria: u-u-u-uhh... G-g-g-g-u-u-u-y-s? You are s-s-squez-zing me to-o-o t-t-ight-t They all mumbled I'm sorry and quickly backed up. I laughed when they all looked like they were sorry. Aria: it's none of your faults, none, not even yours Justin. I looked at all of them. Doctor: hello aria how are you feeling? Aria: sleepy and a little weak. Doctor: well that's normal considering... Your condition... Aria: I know. So when can I go home? Doctor: any moment now, we have your discharge papers right here, just sign and you'll be good to go. I grabbed the paper quickly signing and waiting for them to take out the iv in my veins. ------------------------------------- Everyone went back to me and Justin's hotel room and I was in the car with Justin. Aria: truth or dare? Justin: what? Aria: truth or dare? Justin: uhh?? Truth? Aria: is it true you think your at fault? Justin: uhh?? Aria: Justin? Do you? Justin: kind of.. Aria: Justin its not your fault! I should have listened to you and stayed away but I was stubborn! I was just thinking you were jealous. I sniffles trying to hold in the rest of my tears. Justin: it's not your fault.. I should have told you and I didn't... I couldn't.. I'm soooo sorry!!! Aria: told me what? Justin pulled over to the side of the road and looked out the window. I was scared... I wasn't sure if he was going to say something horrible or not.. Justin: a couple of years ago I came here with this girl I loved, becca... She was almost exactly like you.. Your laugh, personality, smile and everything. We came here and spent a week or so here. We went to spaghetti warehouse too and we met Derrick. He seemed really cool and good guy. We all talked and a day or two later I woke up and Becca's things were gone.. No note or letter, no call nor text. I called her until she changed her number. That year I wrote the chorus of a song and later named it heartbreaker. But after that year I heard from all of her family an we have no idea where she is. Earlier this year I got a call saying they found her... She was in the middle of a forest and some hikers found her.. She was dead. He broke down crying and I was shocked. I had no idea what to say and to know that Justin was hurting, hurt me. Aria: Justin... It's okay. Hey look at me. He obeyed trying to wipe away his tears. Aria: that's NOT your fault and if she truly loved you she wouldn't have left you. Justin your an amazing person and just because you didn't tell me that doesn't make it your fault. I know it still hurts but jay you have to move on. Don't forget but move on.. Justin: I know.. Can I tell you a secret? Aria: I thought this was a secret? Justin: another one, Aria: of course! Justin: I haven't finished heartbreaker... That's why I haven't released it yet.. Aria: Justin! Oh my gosh! How far have you gotten?!? Justin: i only have the chorus and the beat... Aria: wow. Okay you need to write! Justin: I can't.. I'm not hurt.. Aria: uhh?? We're over? Justin: is that your way of helping? Aria: yea kinda? Justin: haha! Lets get you home we have your family reunion tomorrow. I looked down and it was 1 in the morning. Makes sense. ------------------------------------- I woke up with Justin's arms around me. I slowly crept out of his grip and went to the restroom. When I walked out I went to see who all was still here. I seen everyone except Claire. Seriously why is she mad at me? Ugh! I went to the little kitchen we had and seen what we had. "How about bacon sausage and egg?" I turn around and of course there's Becky. Aria: uhh? How about no? Becky: ok room service? Aria: how about.... Becky & aria: DONUTS!! We giggle and walked out of the room. We walked to the Krispy Kreme on the corner. Becky: ok so... Aria: so..? Becky: yea! Tomorrow is our typical cry fest! K? K Aria: wow.. Okay! We got to the Krispy Kreme and ordered 3 dozen glaze donuts (yes we're fat, don't judge) We laughed and walked back to our hotel room. Justin: where the hell did you go I've been calling you?!? Aria: oh, I left my phone here. Sorry.. Justin: it's okay just let me know where you go babe I was worried. Becky: don't worry. No one will come near her ill kick a nigga's ass! Me and Becky busted out laughing. Everyone else came walking in. Chaz: you almost had him call a search party! Ryan: yea, dude is paranoid! Justin: guys shut up! Cody: sorry mate but its the truth. I laughed at all of them. Aria: so who wants- Chaz: DONUTS!!! MINE!!! DIBS!!! Aria: hold up you are not going to eat all those by yourself! Chaz: watch me! Aria: Chaz you can't eat them all! Chaz: but... But... Becky: babe you can't eat them all everyone else has to eat some to Chaz: *sigh* ok I laughed and followed everyone to the dining room. As I watched everyone terrorize the donuts I daydreamed. Thinking about what later today was going to be like, my family reunion. Justin: what are you thinking about? Aria: just later today.. Justin: everything's going to be fine babe. Aria: but what if someone tries to hit on you or one of my family members fight your or something! Justin: well then ill kick their ass! I just looked at him in that "really? Seriously?" Look. Justin: babe I'm kidding. Everything's gunna be alright ight i ight. I giggled at him singing be alright. He kissed my cheek and everyone went to get ready. I couldn't even think about what could happen because it would make me feel horrible. We all got ready. The guys all wore their normal outfits and us girls wore: We all headed out towards my family reunion. I was more nervous than ever. My over protective cousins and "the crew" was going to be meeting Justin... ------------------------------------- When we finally got to my family reunion everyone was there. I said hi to everyone (meaning only the ones who weren't fake). Then the whore came over. Danielle: hey destiny who's the hottie? Destiny: my boyfriend AKA OFF LIMITS!!! Danielle: off limits to who? I would love to- Destiny: move along! Sorry he's not looking for a hoe who found out she was pregnant 2 weeks after her 15! Bye! Danielle: what about the other guy with the curly hair? Becky: that would be my guy.. Danielle: he is so fine. Becky: I know thanks now BYE FELICIA! I giggled at Becky's attitude toward her. She was just trying to get with Justin because you could tell he had money. Speaking of he's wearing his Rolex.. Shit. Aria: hey Justin can we go to the car really quick? Justin: yea of course. What's up? Aria: babe you shouldn't have wore your Rolex. A lot of my family are gold diggers and well I don't want them to bother you.. Justin: ohh.. It's okay. Ill be fine. Aria: ok.. If you insist. We walked back to everyone and sat with my friends at our little table while we all just talked. Then my dads cousin Christina came to me (notice how I didn't say my cousin because she is NOT my family member) Christina: so you got yourself a drug dealer as well? Following in the family footsteps I see.. Aria: e-excuse me what? Christina: a drug dealer? Your boyfriend! Aria: unlike you guys he does it the legit way and NOT illegal. Of course you wouldn't know because you fuck anything that's attracted to you! She huffed and walked away. Ugh! This is why I hate my family. Cici: dest!!! Aria: hey cici! How have you been? Cici: good! *whispers* is that Justin Bieber? I laughed knowing she also loved Justin. Her last birthday party (or maybe it was the previous one? One of those!) was Bieber themed. I remember because I wanted the life size cutout. Haha. Guilty of being a belieber. Judge me. Aria: yes it is. Cici: what is he doing here? Aria: he's my boyfriend. Cici: no he's my boyfriend! Aria: nope, he's mine! Me and her got into a petty fight and she was sitting on my lap. Justin: who's your boyfriend? His question was to cici in my arms. She blushed and hid her face in my neck. I giggled. Justin: did I do something wrong? Aria: no. She likes you and we were arguing about who's boyfriend you were. Justin: oh I'm hers! Cici mumbled something and I couldn't hear her. Aria: cici I can't hear you.. Cici: I said I told you! Aria: well then. She laughed at me and Justin pulled her over to his lap. He whispered something and she came to me. Cici: Justin said he loves you. Aria: is that what he said? Cici: yep! She walked back to Justin and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. She ran off but not before she said "but he loves me more" Justin: ok that last part I didn't say! Aria: mmhuh. Cici: mommy! Mommy!! That's Justin Bieber! He gave me a kiss on the cheek too! Vanessa: that's not Justin bieber Cianna. Cici: yes that is!! Vanessa: no it's not! Mathew: yes it is mom. That Justin bieber. She looked over to Justin and came towards us. Vanessa: are you Justin bieber? Justin: uhh??? Yea? Vanessa: wait you are?!? She looked at Cianna who was holding a picture of Justin on her iPod. Justin: yea I am.. Vanessa: I knew you looked familiar! Justin: uhh?? Yea... Vanessa: so tell me all about Hollywood? Have you met Kristen Stewart? I love her! Aria: *mumbles* because she's a hoe like you. Vanessa: excuse me? Aria: you heard me! Vanessa: what did I ever do to you? Aria: what did you do to me? Nothing! But how about you ask the boys what you did to their family! Your so pathetic! Why don't you go build a life and stop trying to ruin my family's! She huffed and walked away. Justin: what was all that about? Aria: it's complicated, ill tell you later. But just don't talk to any of the people I don't because they will try and throw alot of things at you. Justin: ok. I seen my cousins baby Andre and dreake and ran up to them. I've missed them so much! I used to be so close to them and then they grew up on me and we never get to spend any time together anymore. It really sucks :( Aria: BABY ANDRE!!! DREAKY!!!! Baby Andre: hey baby Nina Dreake: what's up? Aria: just at this family reunion *inserts upset look* so what are we going to do? Are we going to play volleyball this time? Baby Andre: uhh? Yea I guess, you want to dreake? Dreake: nahh that's ok I got upset for a minute and then I felt a arm wrap around my waist and looked up instantly. I seen the boys give Justin a dirty look and I smiled at Justin. Baby Andre: who's this? Aria: this is j- Becky: hey guys! Dreake: who's that? Dreake was talking about Chaz holding on to Becky's hand. Becky: this is Chaz my boyfriend! Baby Andre: and baby Nina who's this? Aria: this is Justin.. Baby Andre: is he your boyfriend too? Aria: uhh... I got really uncomfortable because all eyes were on me and I felt the tension between the boys and Justin. What would they do if I said yes? I don't think I should lie to them but I was so scared!!! Aria: y-yes.. I choked on my words as it slipped out of my mouth. My hands got sweaty and it got extremely hot outside. I was scared for the next words that came out of their mouth. Baby Andre: oh.. Justin: nice to meet you uhh?? Baby Andre: Andre. Justin: Andre and? Dreake: dreake. Justin: oh well you guys must be her cousins. She talks about y'all alot. Dreake: really? Justin: yea she really loves you guys. I looked up at Justin in shock. I could feel my cheeks heat up and I just looked around. Aria: I'm going to get some food, you want some Justin? Justin: uhh.. Yea? Baby Andre: I'm hungry too! Dreake: me three! Chaz: me four!! Me and Becky glared at the boys. Aria: ill serve justin and baby Andre. Your stuck with the two fatass' Becky: well thanks Aria: your welcome I sent her a cheesy smile and she glared at me. We walked off serving the boys. Becky: do you think their going to kill them? Aria: let's hope not.. Justin pov The girls walked away and it was just me, Chaz, dreake and Andre. Andre: so how did you guys meet the girls? Justin: well we met aria at six flags and she introduced us to Becky 3 days later. Dreake: oh. Why are you guys with them? I mean aren't y'all like famous. Y'all could get any girl. Chaz: yea but I really like Becky, I mean she's sweet, pretty, beautiful and isn't with me cause I'm Justin's famous bestfriend. Justin: same with aria. I really love her Dreake: we don't love these hoes! Andre: did you just call our cousins hoes? Dreake: uhh?? No? We laughed with them. They're pretty cool. Justin: no I do love her she's not a hoe she's real and she's moving in with me at the end of next week. Andre: SHE'S WHAT! Uhh-oh. Maybe I shouldn't have told him that part. Aria is going to kill me! Justin: uhh?? Aria: HEY GUYS YOUR FOODS AT THE TABLE!! Saved by aria. We walked over there and I sat next to aria and Andre. With Becky Chaz and dreake across from us. We ate in silence but I could feel Andre and dreake glaring at me. I was really uncomfortable. Aria: can y'all please stop giving him the death stare? Andre: were not! Aria: yes you guys are! Dreake: bet? Aria: bet! Dreake: nahh chill. Aria: told you guys! Now stop! He hasn't done anything wrong! Andre: well yea but... Aria: but? Andre: YOUR MOVING IN WITH HIM?!?!?! Aria: w-what? Andre: why the fuck are you moving in with him? You guys have been together for what a month? Aria: I- uhh... Andre: I never thought you were that kind of girl.. Aria: wait.. What "kind of girl" are you talking about? Andre: the one who is stupid enough to fall for a guy and after a month move in with him! What's next?!? You getting pregnant?!? I could feel everyone's eyes on us. Justin: I think we should talk about this some where else.. Aria: no! If he even thinks I'm going to get pregnant he's stupid! I've been staying with Justin for 3 weeks!!! And guess what I'm still a virgin!! Don't you think if me and Justin were going to have sex we would have done it by now?!? Just because I'm moving in with him doesn't mean shit!! And if you think I'm stupid enough to give it up to a guy I barely know your stupid! JUST BECAUSE YOUR MY FUCKING COUSIN DOESN'T MEAN YOU KNOW ME!!! She stormed off with tears streaming down her face. I seen how hurt Andre got. Justin: I should probably got all to her.. Andre: no you stay, I will. Justin: dude I think you've done enough. Andre: SHE'S MY FUCKING COUSIN! Becky: calm the fuck down! Ill go! Justin: I'm coming with! Becky: ugh fine! Andre: so am I! Becky: give me like 5 minutes then you guys can come okay? Andre: fine Justin: ok Aria pov I ran down the little beach and reached a point where no one could see me. I was away from everyone. The view of the lake was breathtaking. I could see boats and little branches sticking up. It was the perfect place to let out all of my emotions. But I couldn't, after holding everything back it's been a second nature. I walked towards the lake only thinking of a safe place. I got to where the water reached my knees and stopped. That's when the song just came out, without any intention what-so-ever. "before I fall.. To fast.. Kiss me quick.. But make it last.. So I can see how badly this will hurt me, when you say goodbye.. Keep it sweet.. Keep it slow.. Let the future past and don't let go.. But tonight I could fall to soon under this beautiful.. Moonlight" I could feel the tears falling slowly from my eyes. It helped me release my emotions but also helped me relax. "But your so hypnotizing.. You got me laughing while I sing.. you've got me smiling in my sleep.. And I can see this unraveling, your love is where I'm falling.. But please don't catch me.." Becky: you know that song always helped you. I shot my head back to find Becky. My eyes welded up with more tears, knowing exactly what she was talking about. Becky: that night you talked for Oscar for 4 hours and sang him that song you were opening up your heart to him, he just didn't know it. That was your song to him and now look at you. Your a strong, beautiful person. I smiled because Becky was my other half and she knew that no matter how hard I try I will never completely be over Oscar, he owns a part of me. Becky: oh.. Uhm the boys should be coming over here in a minute so expect the worse.. Aria: well thanks. I gave her the "really" look and she smiled. Becky: don't blame me! Blame your boyfriend! Aria: ugh! I know why did he tell them?!? I can't believe baby Andre even thinks I will get pregnant! If I do I will be the next Virgin Mary! We laughed at my crazy thought. Then I see the boys come up to me. Justin wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug. Aria: Justin I can't breathe. Justin: sorry. He backed away but wrapped his arm around his waist while baby Andre looked down. Baby Andre: I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have over reacted. Aria: no you shouldn't have! Baby Andre: i just don't want you to make any mistakes... Aria: that's the thing! Their MY mistakes! If my mom is allowing me to be with him that means she trusts me and I expected you to have that same trust! Baby Andre: I know.. I know.. I'm sorry Aria: ok i forgive you. Justin lightly pushed me towards baby Andre and u hugged him. I grabbed Justin's hand and we went back with everyone. Becky had left to go back with Chaz. Becky: so we agreed that if you had a baby I would be the godmother! She jump up and down in excitement. I looked at her like she was crazy. Katy: no I'm the god mother! Anna: uhh.. No I am! Abby: no your all wrong I am! Claire: calm down bitches, I am! They continued to argue, Marissa and Jess sitting down with me talking. Marissa: why are they talking about this? Aria: I honestly have no idea. I mean does it really look like I'm going to get pregnant any time soon? Jess: uhh.. I hit her and we laughed. Jess: I'm just kidding, I don't think you will. I mean you still need to get your career started and everything. Aria: exactly! Ugh! People annoy me! They laughed and I decided to jump into the other girls argument. Aria: guys no one will be the god mother because I DONT plan on having kids! At least any time soon that is. They all sighed and said sorry. We continued to talk until I seen "the crew". They came to the family reunion because they're all "family" but honestly their not their just Becky's brothers best friend. They walked over to us. A/n this chapter is EXTREMELY long and I have 2 more chapters that will be either the same or less but be excited because I know exactly what I have planned for the next two chapters and your going to LOVE it! Oh and notice this is when I first bring heartbreaker in but remember he ONLY has the chorus! So be ready ;)
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