Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


40. Pranks & Splashes

Aria pov  



"Shh... My baby girl is sleeping!" 

"this whore needs to WAKE UP!!"

"Claire you thinking what I'm thinking?" 

Aria: I'm thinking whatever you think your about to do you back the fuck away! 

I opened my eyes as they all walked back a couple of feet. I giggled and looked at Robert. Me and him were watching TV when I fell asleep in his arms (it's not like that).

Claire: I don't know how you always do that?!? 

Katy: happens every time!!  

Aria: I live with a prankster brother, hung around nothing but boys and well it's easy really..

Claire: whatever! 

I giggled and felt Robert chuckle. I was to lazy to move, plus I was super comfy! 

Katy: so are you going to get off your pretend boyfriend and come hug your real bestfriend? 

Aria: nahh... I'm pretty comfy with my REAL bestfriend right here! 

I laughed while Katy and Claire narrowed their eyes. 

Becky: hey so we have to leave before the paparazzi starts to surround us. If we're going to make it to Justin's we better do it now! 

I groaned. Justin's house was huge and we were all staying at his house but it was a 30 minute drive from her and with la traffic? Ugh!! Don't even get me started! 

Robert: we have to hurry. Like now! 

I groaned again and slowly got up. Once I did I dragged myself to Justin's range rover. I hopped into the drivers seat. 

Claire: uhm I'm in the front so get your ASS to the back Robert! 

Robert: nope! 

Claire: uhh?? Yep! 

I rolled my eyes as they fought. Becky and Alex were already in the back along with Katy. But these two always argue! It's so annoying!!

Aria: will one of you just be the bigger person and sit in the back?!? We don't have time for this bull sh-

I stopped myself and sighed. 

Robert: I'm sorry ari... 

Claire: yea I'm going to the back. 

Claire went to the back and we all started the drive to Justin's.  we were almost there when we noticed a couple of cars following us. I groaned and stopped at a restaurant. We all acted like we were about to get out but as soon as all the pap got out of their cars we hurried and drove off to justins. When we got there we typed in the code and parked inside the garage. No one will have to know! 

Aria: Justin isn't here so yea...

I sighed and went upstairs to our bedroom. I put away my clothes and went to put my dirty clothes in the laundry room. Ugh I have to wash today! I groaned and went to the laundry room and started to wash. 

Robert: hey can we talk? 

Aria: yea sure. 

I grabbed the clean clothes and began folding. 

Robert: don't you have a maid? 

Aria: nope. I kinda feel normal if I don't have one. 

Robert: ohh..

Aria: yea so what's up? 

Robert: well about us, you know having a fake relationship...

Aria: look Robert, you didn't have to do it if your not comfortable. I need to embrace our relationship anyways.

I smiled at him but he didn't return it.

Robert: ari I know you feel something for me. It's okay to you know? 

I looked away and continued folding clothes. 

Robert: aria...

I couldn't look at him. 

Robert: aria please... 

I shook my head and I heard footsteps and a door slam close. 

"This always happens to me" I mumbled quickly wiping away a stray tear. 

Becky: it doesn't always happen to you, you know...

Aria: w-what? We're you? But you were? 

Becky: yes I was listening. Ari he's right, it's okay to feel something for him. But you know which one is stronger. 

Aria: yea..

I sighed. 

Aria: I really did love him beck's. I would have chosen him in a heartbeat, you know that! It was always him but now...

I felt tears slip down. 

Becky: now Justin's making you second guess that.

Aria: yes!! I want to love Robert more but my heart's with Justin. It's just so hard to tell Robert that when I love him too! 

Becky: yea I know but ari if you don't tell him now how will he ever know it wasn't your fault, not Justin's either. he just had bad timing? 

Aria: I- I don't know... I just.. I just want to-

"IM HOME!!!!!!!" 

Becky: clean yourself up. Ill distract him for at least 5 minutes. 

Aria: I'm going to take a shower, I smell like Robert. 

I laughed and so did she.  


Justin pov  


"IM HOME!!!!!!" 

I yelled. I heard a lot of footsteps and knew who it was. Claire, Katy, Alex, and Becky all walked in. Katy was glaring at me and Claire was just, well Claire. 

Justin: where's ari-

Katy: she... She ran away. Robert went to go chase after her... 


Claire: because she told us where she was going but she didn't tell Robert

She said in a duh tone. 


Katy: away from you assholes! 

She spat at me. 


Claire: EX girlfriend! 

Ouch, that one hurt. I felt tears escape my eyes and everyone got silent. 

Becky: you guys are assholes, she's taking a shower upstairs..

Alex: yea dude, we wouldn't let her leave plus she can't, paps are outside. 

I nodded my head and walked past them. I looked and seen Robert. I don't know why but I don't like him. I guess because I know at any moment aria can leave me for him. He didn't look to happy though. I shook it off and walked upstairs. I opened the bedroom door to catch aria in her bra and leggings. I bit my lip and closed the door. 

Aria: JUSTIN!!!! There's something called KNOCKING!!! 

Justin: it's my room, I don't have to.. 

I was smirking and she rolled her eyes and put on my sweater. Oh she's so cute in my clothes. 

Aria: hey uhm... I think Jerry needs you to pay attention to him..

She giggled and I looked at her confused.

Justin: Jerry??

She nodded down and I remembered aimbout the name the beliebers have given him. 

Justin: ohhhhhh...

Aria: yeaaaaa.. 

She giggled and patted my shoulder as she walked off. I don't know what to do to this though? I groaned and it went down, thankfully. I walked back down to everyone.   

Aria: you guys told him what!?!? 

She yelled. I came and sat beside her, slowly wrapping my arm around her waist.

Katy: we kinda told him you ran away and only we knew where you were going... 

Claire: and then I said you were his ex girlfriend and he nearly broke down in front of us... 

Aria: you guys are assholes!! 

Becky: that's what I said! 

Aria: but you are in trouble mister! 

I groaned and pouted. She just glared at me. 

Becky: thanks for the invite, asshole. 

Chaz: aww, babe. I didn't go with them. 

Aria looked at me then Chaz and her face turned hard. This wasn't going good. I'm in deep shit, I should have told her

Aria: so you went to Colorado, San Francisco and Canada?!? 

I looked down.   


Aria pov  


He has alot of explaining to do. 

Justin: ye-yea...

I pulled out of his grip and walked upstairs. I put on my bathing suit and walked down to the pool. Since I can't go running I might as well swim. Once I was in I swam and then floated. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the LA breeze. It felt perfect but I couldn't jog. 


I instantly shot up to everyone jumping in. I glared at all of them, then spotted Cody. 

Aria: hey cod when did you get here?

Cody: just right now.

Aria: I thought you weren't getting here till tomorrow afternoon? 

Cody: yea but I just couldn't stay any longer without seeing this beautiful girl right here.. 

He looked at her and Claire's face turned red as a tomato. 

Claire: shut up dork! 

She laughed out. I knew this was Claire's way of saying thanks and she loves him. She is so much more innocent then us. 

I felt arms wrap around my waist and then I was dunked into the water. Oh he is so going to pay. 


He laughed and swam to the other side of the pool. Alex then blocked me. 


He chuckled but then I jumped on Alex dunking him. I quickly swam away to Robert, he didn't really notice considering he was laughing so hard that I dunked Alex. As soon as he did see me he swam fast. I caught him and dunked him too. I giggled swimming to my boyfriend.

Aria: babe... Protect me... 

I begged, he just chuckled.

Justin: but what's the fun in that? 


I was dunked. I came up coughing then got out of the water. I couldn't stop coughing. 

Justin: baby girl are you okay? I'm so so sorry. Please be oka- 

I began laughing uncontrollably then he stood up and I pushed him in the pool. 


I giggled and ran off into the house. Once I got in I grabbed a snickers ice cream bar and went back outside. 


I snapped my eyes open and seen three boys coming towards me. I looked back and seen two more. The only one not near me is Cody. I screamed and held on to the chair for dear life. 

Aria: guys no! I'm eating my snickers ice cream and it's bad if you get in the pool after you eat!!

They all laughed. 

Aria: you guys want me to get a cramp mid-swim and die?!? 

They all chuckled then thought about it so they shook their heads no. 

Becky: boys put her down! We can get her worse later! 

Aria: uhh... How about no! Plus I'm leaving...

Claire: your leaving us?!? 

Aria: yea I have a late night studio session. I was thinking of doing a song with Alex and Sierra... 

Anna: oh my gosh!!! I love them!! 

Aria: I know, we watched the whole season together. 

I laughed. 

Abby: can I come with? 

What is she doing here? 

Aria: ABBY!!! Oh my bieber!! What are you doing here?!? I missed you so much!! Oh my gosh!! Anna you did this?!? I have all my favorite people here! Oh my gosh!!!! 

Anna: no I didn't. You boyfriend did, he also got Alyssa... 

Aria: oh thanks bieber! 

I yelled not even bothering to look at him. 

I heard Becky whisper loudly "am I the only one who heard her say oh my bieber???"

A blush spread across my face. 

Aria: ill show you your room abby and is Alyssa staying in your room? 

Alexis: nope! 

Aria: oh okay. GIRLS ASSES OUT OF THE POOL!! Unpacking time then we go to eat at chipotle then studio!!!  

I heard them groan but as soon as they heard chipotle they hurried out and ran to their rooms. Little did they know I wasn't really going to the studio, well I was but not with who they think.. 

I felt arms wrap around me. 

Justin: where are you really going? 

Aria: what? 

Justin: you blinked and bit your lip, you only do that when you lie. 

Aria: do not! And I really am going to the studio!! 

Justin narrowed his eyes and I looked into his truthfully. 

Justin: okay you were being honest, I guess..

He huffed causing me to giggle. 

Aria: love you jay 

I ran off to get ready.   






A/n tried to make this extra long but alot is going on right now plus it's like 2 in the morning and ugh! So much to do, so little time! Sequel is going to come out on spring break (hopefully) if not spring break summer for sure and I will be continuing my before he forgets story and I recently started a new story but that one will come out when I officially finish it so maybe  the summer 2014  Any comments or concerns comment!! I want to know you guys are still reading!! 

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