Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


38. Paparazzi

Aria pov  

I woke up to my alarm going off. I looked to my right to find Justin fast asleep. I slowly got out of his grip and went to change. I put on some leggings, a sports bra, and a jacket with my Nikes. I packed a little clothes so I could take a shower and change at Robert and Alex's hotel. I got in Justin's range rover (he said I have to drive it, I have no choice) and drove to the beach. It wasn’t far and not a lot of people noticed me, thankfully. I got out of the car and walked to the beach, I grabbed my iPhone. I’ll never get used to saying MY iPhone, my iPhone, my iPhone. Anyways I grabbed my iPhone and put it into my arm band and stuck in my headphones. I played passenger radio and began running down the beach. I didn’t realize it was 7:30 until Robert called me.  

*phone conversation*

Robert: ARIA WHERE ARE YOU! We just landed, you said you would be here!

Aria: I’m so sorry Robert, I went running and-

Robert: you’re running again?

Aria: yea..?

Robert: well hurry up and get here!

Aria: Robert your 7 minutes away from me right now, I’ll be there in 10.

Robert: just hurry!

*end of phone conversation*

I rolled my eyes and ran to my car, I didn’t realize I ran so far. I got to my car in 5 minutes and hurried to get in. I turned on the car and drove to the airport. I ran out and hugged Robert and then Alex.

Aria: I’m so sorry I was so caught up in running that I wasn’t checking the time! I’m sorry! They looked at each other then began to look me up and down. I looked at myself and realized I was showing my stomach because of my sports bra. I rolled my eyes at the very hormonal boys in front of me.

Aria: just put your stuff in the car and get in!

They were snapped out of their thoughts and nodded at me. I got into the car and waited for the boys to get in. Robert got in the front and Alex in the back.

Aria: so how is Austin?

Alex: he’s well... Austin.

I laughed with the boys.

Aria: Robert didn’t you move to Miami with them?

Robert: yes! I finally graduated and I wanted to go hang with the guys.

Alex: and meet some girls.

Alex smirked and Robert gave him the death glare. Just then my song played on the radio.

Radio: and this is Aria Hernandez new hit single You’ve Got You ft. Eric Hutchinson!

I was in complete shock until I heard the lyrics blast through the radio. I turned to the boys and they were singing along, I laughed.   

and who will be sorry first who will be sorry first and if you won't be the one to budge I can tell what I am worth and you've got you to blame for what you do to you there's nothing shocking so it must be true and let me set this record straight on the drama you create  before you go and turn your back on me

I giggled as they continued singing and I remembered the day I recorded this song.  


Eric: hello I’m Eric Hutchinson

Aria: oh my god! I know who you are! I love your music! You used to favorite my tweets all the time but never follow me! But my favorite song was break down more! Oh my gosh it was beautiful!

Eric chuckled and I smiled, he was adorable, in the not boyfriend cute way.

Eric: well I’m glad you like my music because you’re going to be on my next single.

I looked at him like I was a lost puppy and then it processed through my mind that I was going to be on a song with him.

Aria: wait, are you serious?

Eric: yes, the label called me and said that it would be a perfect first single for you so we agreed I would “feature” in the song but it’s your song.

Aria: that you wrote?

Eric: correct.

Aria: wait I can’t do that to you! That’s your song, you wrote it! I don’t want to take the credit!

Eric: technically you won’t, you will just be singing the song with me.

I looked at him like he was crazy and then he proceeded to talk.

Eric: look I love your voice and I wouldn’t normally do this but I think you have the perfect voice and I would really like for you to sing it and make it your single.

Aria: I’m flattered, I would love to!

We spent the rest of the day fitting the music to my voice and recording, later we went out to dinner and I met his beautiful fiancé. They were perfect together, Justin wasn’t allowed to come because we agreed we would keep us a secret. He would go on “dates” and I would be “back together” with Robert. He wasn’t too fond of the idea of me being with Robert again but it was best. He knew Robert and I still had unresolved feelings for each other but he trusted me and I trusted him. I spent the rest of the night laughing with the cute couple and talking about Robert and how amazing he was.

*end of flashback*

Aria: were here!

We all got out only to be attacked by paparazzi, great.

Pap 1: Aria! Robert! Are you two back together?

Pap 2: Are you moving to LA for Aria, Robert?

Pap 3: Is Robria back together?

I cringed at the name they had given us, it was horrible.

Pap 1: aria where are you living?

Pap 2: is that Justin’s car?

Robert wrapped his arm around my waist and I kissed his cheek, flashes went off and I smiled.

Robert: does that answer your questions?

I giggled and continued to walk to the hotel. I looked over at Robert and he looked horrible.

Aria: Rob?

Robert: yea I’m fine, it’s just they really get on my nerves!

Aria: same.

I sighed and we went to his room.

Aria: I’m going to take a shower then we can watch some tv and movies?

Rob: okay! But be quick!

Aria: I will!

Alex: I’m going to order a whole bunch of sweets!

Aria: don’t forget-

Alex: 3 dozen chocolate covered strawberrys!

Aria: I was going to say a dozen...

Alex: but then we each get a dozen...

Aria: ooo… smart thinking!

I laughed walking into the restroom.

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