Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


22. Over!!

Aria pov

I froze at his words. Me? Me love Oscar? I don't. I honestly don't and it hurt me to think he thought that. He looked at me and I was lost in my own world. 
Aria: Justin I don't love him. It's in the past and I wouldn't change anything because that brought me you somehow and I love you. I loved him at one point but that's over now. 
He looked at me and smiled. 
Justin: I just thought you did, sorry.
Aria: don't be sorry. I want to stay friends with him because I have trusted him with a lot and well he was there at some point. He meant something to me once. 
Justin: I understand. 
Aria: ok so where are we going? 
Justin: celebration station!!! 
Aria: Justin I'm wearing a dress and we've went there before! 
Justin: we didn't get to stay because of what happened and I picked out some clothes for you! 
I grabbed the bag of my clothes and changed. 
( )
My boyfriend really knows how to dress me. Lol. Shouldn't it be the opposite? Uhh? Idk whatever. I walked out and put my previous clothes in the car. 
Aria: Justin I feel like you but the girl version 
Justin: because your my other half and now you got swag. 
I playful pushed him and we laughed. He grabbed my hand and I was prepared for an amazing date. It was the most perfect date as well. No distractions just me and him. It was amazing. I went home the happiest I had ever been. The next morning it was the same routine and I couldn't have been happier. I turned up the radio station in Justin's car and we were blasting we can't stop. Then things changed. 
JayC: in other news we here justin bieber may have a new girlfriend! They were seen on a, what everyone assumes was a, date. This girl known as aria dated Austin mahones bestfriend Robert. Are they an item? I don't know but we will find out soon. 
Justin: it's time to tell the world...
Aria: Justin can we wait? Please? I mean let me get through the day and we can talk about it. I want to let the world know your mine but I don't want the hate that comes along. 
Justin: of course we can wait a little longer. Pick you up after school babe. 
He kissed my cheek and I smiled. I walked in to school only to be attacked by a whole bunch of people. Asking about Justin and how we met and a whole bunch of other stuff. I guess I'm popular? But I don't want to be. I seen my cousin and ran into his arms. 
Aria: make it go away. Please I don't want to be popular! Make them leave me alone! 
Andre: shh.. It's ok. Can y'all back off of my cousin please! 
They all walked off and I was crying. 
Andre: why are you crying? Are you ok? 
Aria: I'm fine but there's going to people using me now to get to Justin like they did when everyone knew you were my cousin..
Andre: baby Nina you have amazing friends who were there BEFORE they knew justin. You will be fine.
Aria: thanks baby Andre. 
I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He always knew just how to make me smile. I lost him for 3 years but I finally found him again. 
Andre: where do you go right now? 
Aria: hmm? AP bio. 
Andre: your taking AP bio? And physics? 
Aria: yea so I won't have to take it next year but its not going to matter after this month...
Andre: why is that? 
Aria: you'll see. Bye 
I walked off to class. All day girls came up to me and tried to talk to me. I tried to be polite but it's hard when they only want to know about your boyfriend. That's when lunch came. I was dreading it so much! Claire had this lunch but I told her I needed a little space since everyone knows now. She understood and let me be. I walked around my school for what felt like the last time. Admiring the view I have of downtown. I still hadn't told my bestfriends. Only Robert, Alex, Justin and my mom know. I seen Oscar and he was wandering around alone. I figured this was the best time to mend or broken friendship. 
Aria: boo! 
Oscar: hey! 
We laughed at how much I had scared him. 
Aria: so what are you doing wandering alone? 
Oscar: I just wanted to get away from everyone. 
Aria: oh..
Oscar: what about you ms. Popular! Why are you all alone.
Aria: same as you.. 
Oscar: oh..
Aria: I hate being the center of attention and this is putting me there... 
Oscar: but I thought you wanted this?
Aria: i did! I mean I do. I just don't want what comes with it..
Oscar: well when you announce your contract with Hollywood records you will start being the center of attention.
Aria: how did you? 
Oscar: your blog.. You wrote all about it on there. 
I stood there. Blinking making sure I heard him correctly. He cares? He read my blog? I didn't think he did..
Aria: o-oh..
Oscar: yea.. So your moving out there? 
Aria: yep. 
Oscar: how long? 
Aria: maybe forever..
Oscar: no I mean how much time do I get to spend with you? 
Aria: the rest of this month..
Oscar: I still... We better make the most of it then! 
He grabbed my hand and ran out of school. He just kept running and I had to catch my breath. 
Aria: ok ok. Hold on.
I took a breath and calmed down. I'm not use to running anymore. I stopped running with everything going on I haven't had time. 
Oscar: c'mon! 
He grabbed me until it hit me where we were. We were at the park behind the school. I had so many memories here. I sat there and laughed with Oscar for the rest of the day. We had to go back to school. We were laughing and I hugged him bye and walked to Justin. He looked pissed. 
Aria: Justin? Are you ok?
Justin: I'm fine.
He turned around and walked to his side of the car. He didn't open the door for me like usual nor kiss me. Was it my fault?
Aria: Justin please tell me what's wrong?
Justin: I just don't want you hanging out with him..
Aria: why not?
Justin: because..
Aria: because you think ill fall for him and you won't get to be with me anymore?
Justin: yea..
Aria: Justin you want to know what me and him did? We talked. Talked. I love you and nothing not no one will change that. He is really close to me because he was there before anyone else. I need you to understand that. In a couple is weeks ill probably never see him again so I'm going to spend as much time as I can with everyone. It's not like I'm going behind your back! 
Justin: I understand that but I feel like if I let you go ill loose you and I'm in love with you. I don't want to let go..
Aria: Justin no ones telling you to let me go! I'm yours to keep for as long as you want. In a couple of weeks will be living together! Me and you! 
Justin: forever..
Aria: and always 
I leaned over and kissed him. Instead of going home we went to his hotel. We hung out watching movies playing call of duty and I did my homework while he wrote songs. It was probably the best day we had, don't get me wrong I loved spending time with him and going places but it meant more to just be myself and act weird with him. By the end of the day I fell asleep in his arms. 
Justin: baby? Baby wake up.
Aria: no go away. 
Justin: babe you have school tomorrow! 
Aria: so?! Please let me stay
I gave him my puppy face while my eyes were still closed. He just laughed.
Justin: haha! Fine babe but your mom? 
Aria: text her. 
I handed him my phone.
Justin: aria? Oscar wants to know if you two plans are still on for tomorrow? 
Aria: I guess? Sure whatever. Just get him to go away! 
I fell back asleep cuddle up to my boyfriend. 
Aria: I'm not going to keep putting up with your jealousy!! I have had enough of it!! Either you accept it or were over Justin! Over!!!!

A/n the more comments the longer the chapter! No comments very short chapter! Don't let the suspense kill you guys! Love you and watch out we might have yet again a Jaria break up :) 
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