Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


6. Meeting The Parents

When I got home my parents didn't interrogate me because I was really tired and just went to room and changed. It took me a hour to finally fall asleep but even at that I cried myself to sleep.  It's hard holding so much emotion inside. I have no idea how I managed to make it this far. 
I woke up to my phone going off about a message. I looked and I had 4 messages. 
from: Justin
goodmorning beautiful :)
from: Claire
How did it go
From: Katy 
Yea leave out nothing! 
From: Oscar
I'm sorry. Your a really amazing girl and I shouldn't have hurt you like that. Your not worthless your beautiful and I missed talking to you too. I'm sorry I messed up your life. I'm sorry I'm being a bother. 

What was he talking about? I looked at the messages and I was texting him last night. I texted him for a proper goodbye but in return I got a "I don't want this to be a goodbye" from him. Wow. I don't even remember that. I didn't text him back nor the girls just Justin. 

To: Justin 
Goodmorning :) 

*new text message* 
From: Justin 
So what time do you want me to come over? 

To: Justin 
Hmm...? 5? 
From: Justin 
Sounds great! Should I bring anything? Flowers? What's your moms favorite flowers?
To: Justin 
Water lilies. For my dad bring him... Uhm... Some red bull. He loves red bull. Haha! 
From: Justin 
Lol ok I will :) see you then babe 
To: Justin 
See you then :)

I got up and went to shower. I felt like I had been crying in my sleep. I looked in the mirror and my eyes were swollen and red. I wash my face and it didn't go away. I blinked a couple of times wondering if it was all in my head but It wasn't. Was I crying in my sleep? What happened? Then I remembered my dream, I mean nightmare. My great grandma passed away. My mother killed herself and my little sister sliced her wrist and the tub was filled with water and her blood. Wait... It wasn't my little sister, it was me. I was feeling everything my sister felt. I felt her heart break, her get on her knees and scream "why?!?" Is this really how she would feel? What she would do? Could I do this to her? I walked out of the restroom and grabbed my speaker for my iPod. I turned on Never Shout Never radio on pandora and got in the shower. As soon as it came on his song trouble came on and I broke down crying. I pulled myself together and finished showering. When I got out I looked at my clothes and picked out a white tee, some Arizona shorts with white pattern on the side. I let my hair Air dry, my hair is naturally curly, not super curly but just enough, and put on the jewelry that my dads boss got me. I looked at the time 3:00 o'clock. Wait what?? What time did I get up? I looked at the time I texted justin back it was 1. Well I guess I needed to sleep in. Haha! I got up and walked around, watched skins, played with my dog, laid there thinking about everything and nothing and then I went in my backyard and sang. 
A:🎶"Confused and scared I am terrified of you.. I admit I'm in and out of my head, don't listen to a single word I said.. Just hear me out before you run away.. Cause I can't take this pain.. I hate you, don't leave me....." 🎤 
I turned around and justin was standing there smiling at me. I took off my headphones and started to blush. 
J: you sound amazing!! 
A: I don't think so bieber. 
I walked towards the house and he stopped me. 
J: you are amazing. Why don't you show people your voice?
A: well I'm shy and I've put a couple of YouTube cover videos but still nothing. Idk it's just never seemed like what I was destined to do...
J: well I think you are.
A: c'mon lets go inside. Who let you in by the way?
J: your little sister. She said you were back here and that I should probably walk up to you and get you.
A: oh ok. 
J: the flowers are in the dining room with the red bull. 
A: oh we should probably get that...
I walked into my dining room and the flowers were already in a vase along with another pair of red roses. 
A: who are the red ones for? 
J: you! 
A: oh thanks! Let me put them in my room. 
I grabbed my dads red bull and the vase of roses and walked to the kitchen. I set the roses down and put the red bull in the fridge. I turned around to see justin holding the roses. I looked at him confused. 
J: ill carry them just show me where to put them. 
I walked toward my room and he followed. I took the roses from his hands and he took out his phone. 
J: smile babe! 
A: Justin no! 
J: come on turn around so I can see your beautiful face with those beautiful roses! 
A: no Justin stop! 
J: fine I put it away. 
A: Anna did he put it away? 
Anna: yes.. 
A: annabeth don't lie to me!! 
Anna: the phone is currently towards  Zayn... 
She was talking about her poster of one direction. It's (starting from the bottom) Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn.
A: Justin! Put it away. 
J: how did you know?
A: I just found out right now. 
J: oh... Well fine it's put up. 
A: Anna? 
Anna: yes it's up. 
A: ok... 
I turned around and slowly placed the roses on my dresser. I smelt them and when I opened my eyes smiling Justin's snapped a picture of me. 
A: Justin!! 
J: hey it's a beautiful picture. 
He showed me the picture and it was so pretty. I looked extremely happy. He put that as his wallpaper.
A: seriously Justin? Your wallpaper? 
J: yea what's wrong with that? 
A: nothing. ..
I heard the front door open and I walked towards the front living room. 
A: hey mom, hey dad. This is Justin. 
J: nice to meet you mr and mrs Hernandez.
He shook their hands.
Mom: whose flowers? 
Aria: their yours from Justin. 
Mom: well thank you very much Justin.
Justin: your welcome mrs. Hernandez
Aria: dad you might want to check the fridge, Justin brought you something too.
He walked to the fridge and had the biggest smile on his face when he seen two four packs of red bull. 
Dad: thank you Justin... I'm going to change. Y'all watch tv in the living room. 
Aria: okay. 
I walked over to the couch and turned on the tv.
Aria: what do you wanna watch? 
Justin: whatever you do..
Aria: hmm... Lets see if criminal minds is on. 
I flipped to the channel and it was on. I smiled and grabbed a pillow to hold on too. 
Julie: really criminal minds? 
Aria: yes really. 
Julie: you watch it 24/7 don't you ever get tired of it? 
Aria: no do you ever get tired of being rude? 
Julie: ugh whatever! I'm going with annabeth. 
Justin: what was that about?
Aria: nothing. She is just going through her complete attitude cocky faze. Uh-oh
Justin: what? 
Aria: my little brother.. He is pretty over protective so good luck.. 
Justin wrapped his arm around my shoulder and my brother walked in. 
Rene: hey aria.. Who's this?
Aria: this is justin, Justin this is my brother Rene.
Justin: hey.. 
Rene: what's he doing here? He's famous.. 
Aria: he's here to have dinner with us
Rene: like a date? 
Aria: uhmm???
Justin: yea kind of...
Rene: oh well in that case... 
He came and sat between me and Justin. I knew just the thing to move him though. I started kissing all over his face.
Rene: aria stop! 
Aria: not until you move!
Rene: not going to happen!
Aria: fine! 
I started kissing and tickling him. 
Rene: aria!!
Aria: yes? 
Rene: s-s-t-t-o-p
He try to talk while laughing. Justin was laughing and recording us. 
Rene: ok! Ok! 
He got up and I scooted next to Justin.
Rene: but I'm watching you... 
He walked off and I busted out laughing. 
Justin: your brother is going to kill me.. 
Aria: haha! Not even! He is just being a brother... Just imagine how you will be when jazzy starts dating
Justin: uh.. She isn't dating. 
Aria: oh justin, your so funny. 
Justin: she isn't going to date! 
Dad: who isn't going to date? 
Aria: Justin's little sister..
Mom: well she will eventually date...
Aria: I told him that but he doesn't want to listen because she is still a baby. 
Dad: well your not going to be able to stop her you just have to make sure it's the right guy... 
Aria: So.... Uhm.. dinner? 
Mom: right it's about to be ready.
Aria: what is it? 
Mom: food. 
Aria: what kind of food?
Mom: the kind you eat.  
Aria: mom! 
Mom: aria! 
Aria: well then! Dad?
Dad: it's her stuffed chicken. 
Justin: mmm... Sounds delicious.
Aria: it is!
We all talked in the kitchen and Justin helped my mom smash the potatoes, I made the macaroni and my dad just watched drinking one of his red bulls. We finally say down and ate.
Justin: mmm... This is delicious! Thank you mrs. Hernandez 
Mom: no problem and call me Nina. 
Justin: ok 
Dad: so justin, what brings you to Dallas? 
Justin: well I'm on tour and tomorrow I have my concert here...
Dad: oh, do you see yourself singing in the long term? 
Justin: absolutely, if that fails I will act. I have many things I'm going to do to provide for my family. 
Dad: well did you ever think of going to school and getting a degree in anything? 
Justin: I did, when I was younger but knowing how this career has grown so much I don't see myself going back to school because I know I'm doing something I love and I'm making money while doing it.
Dad: well as long as you know the long term effects
Mom: so tell us about your family...
Justin: well my parents are not together. My mom is always by my side and she helps me stay grounded, she is my inspiration and I strive everyday to be half as amazing as she is. My dad is married with 2 kids, jazmyn and jaxon. They are amazing siblings, they always keep me smiling.
Mom: oh well that's good 
We finished eating and they got to know Justin. They gave us approval to date and we said thank you. I walked justin to his car when I got a text.
*new text message* 
From: Oscar 
I'm outside come out and talk please! 

Justin looked at me and grabbed my phone to see what I was shocked about. When he read it he got mad. He looked around with me and we seen him, walking straight to us. I ran over to him and told him he should go. I wanted nothing to do with him.
Oscar: no, I'm not leaving here until we talk.
Justin: well I suggest you leave before things get bad
Aria: Justin don't ok? Oscar please leave. There's nothing to talk about. We're done, were over so leave! 
I grabbed Justin's hand and walked him towards his car. Someone grabbed my waist, spun me around and kissed me. I pushed away quickly and I looked at who it was, it was Oscar. Justin looked at me with watery eyes and then looked at Oscar with hatred. I stood in front of Justin quickly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to calm him down. 
Aria: Justin. Justin look at me! 
He did as I said. 
Aria: Justin he isn't worth it. I don't have any feelings for him, I pulled away. Because I only feel something with you, when we kiss. Don't do anything stupid ok? 
Justin: but I don't want to lo- 
I crashed my lips into his before he could say anything more. He pulled out of the kiss smiling and then he looked behind me. I turned around and Oscar was in tears. I felt bad but after everything he wasn't what I wanted, not anymore that is. 
Oscar: I- I love you....
Aria: goodbye Oscar... 
I kissed his cheek then went to Justin and walked him to his car. Justin looked at Oscar but he wasn't there. We ignored it and Justin opened the door to his car. 
Aria: your not going to loose me.. Your stuck with me whether you like it or not. 
I giggled and he smiled.
Justin: I love you...
I stood there shocked by his words then I smiled and connected our lips. It was so much more passionate, I felt my stomach explode, like fireworks. It also had butterflies. I could feel justin smiling as we kissed and I smiled as well. I pulled away.
Aria: I love you too...
He smiled then we said our goodbyes. I walked into the house and laid on the bed smiling. I don't know how but I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

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