Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


12. Lust.

Aria pov

I can't believe he got mad at me for something that happened 2 years ago!! I walked towards the restroom and seen Becky and Austin talking. 
Becky: I didn't want him to know! It's not like it was that important to you since you walked out of MY life!
Austin: becks I love you! That's why I came back! Please! 
Aria: I think you should stop begging and leave her alone
They both got startled when I got in. Becky gave me the thank you look while Austin looked at me up and down. 
Becky: I agree with ari. I don't want you and I have an amazing boyfriend, so back off. 
Becks walked off and I was about to until Austin grabbed my wrist and pulled me around. 
Austin: you've changed. Your so much more beautiful.. Why didn't I go after you instead of Alex doing it. 
I got closer to him
Aria: because Alex is smarter
I smirked and austin thought I liked him.
Austin: we should go do something when your boyfriend leaves town 
Aria: what boyfriend? 
I smirked again and leaned to his ear. 
Aria *whisper* : I think you should get over yourself because I don't want you. 
I said it in a seductive way then walked into the girls restroom happy about how I handled that. Apparently so was Becky because she was laughing when I went in to the restroom.
Aria: what? 
Becky: you totally blew him off in the most seductive way you could have. 
Aria: I know. But I have to pee!!! 
Becky: ok ill see you with the boys. 
Aria: wait... I broke up with Justin..
As soon as I said that Claire and Katy walked in. Fuck.
Claire: you what?!? 
Aria: I broke up with Justin...
I bit my lip trying to keep the tears from flowing. 
Katy: why?!?
Aria: he was jealous of Alex and didn't even want to be near me and he said he didn't want an us if I had feelings for Alex.. I got pissed off at him and told him it was 2 years ago and I don't like Alex, in that way, but I was so pissed I said there is no us..
Katy: oh love..
The girls walked over to me and hugged me at the same time and that's when I broke. 
Becky: it will be ok. We're here with 8 famous guys. 3 are taken and 1 you dumped. Go after one of the others
Aria: you know I am not like that! 
Claire: well at least try and enjoy yourself and cling onto us. If one of the guys put and arm around you shrug them off and keep having fun
Aria: I can do that...
Katy: good now love fix your make up. 
Aria: I will right after I pee!! I need to go! 
They all laughed as I ran into one of the stalls 
Claire: we're going back out with the guys to explain to them what's going on, if Justin hasn't.
Aria: ok! But beck's! Stay? 
Becky: ok. 
I got out and Becky helped me fix my makeup. When I was ready we walked out to all the guys. Chaz walked over to us with sympathetic eyes. Great... Ill probably get this all day. 
Chaz: he really loves you aria, he was just jealous. 
Aria: well jealousy doesn't make it any less better, especially if he said he didn't want an us. 
Chaz: yea.. Well keep a distance? 
Aria: Ill try. 
We all walked to the go carts but I really wasn't in the mood. So I stayed with Robert, Alex, and jake. I let austin take my place. 
Alex: so what happened? 
Aria: with? 
Robert: don't try and deny it. We know something happened with you and Justin. 
I sighed. 
Robert: we've been close to you for 2 years! C'mon ari just tell us. 
Aria: we broke up.
Jake: why? 
Aria: because Becky said me and Alex had a thing, he got mad and said he didn't want an us if I still liked Alex.. 
Robert: and.. 
Aria: I told him it was 2 years ago and I didn't but I was so mad I broke it off because he should have never even said that. 
Alex: oh I'm so sorry ari. But when we texted you we didn't think..
Aria: it's fine, I didn't tell you guys he was staying a couple of days longer. But I'm here with my 2 best guy friends and jake who I just met. Haha. So let's get out of here? Just us 3? 
Jake: but what about.. 
Aria: Ill text them. Lets go! 
me and the guys all got in the taxi and left. We planned to do something  since it was only 2 we decided to go shopping and the movies. They said they would pay for me but I didn't want them to after a 25 minute ride of convincing me I agreed. My besties spoil me :')
As soon as I got there my phone started ringing. Then it stopped. I looked at my phone and I had 25 missed calls, shit. 
I called Claire back. 
*phone conversation* 
Claire: oh my gosh!! We've been worried sick!! Where are you?!?
Aria: I'm with-
Robert: aria, c'mon 
Aria: I'm going! I'm with Robert, Alex and jake. 
Claire: where? 
Aria: we're at the movies. Ill call you guys when I'm on my way back to their hotel. 
Claire: ok but ari..
Aria: yes? 
Claire: Justin's going crazy looking for you. 
Aria: I'm not with him anymore so he should mind his own business! 
Claire: ok, ok. Becky said be careful and she will see you in a little bit..
Aria: ok, well I have to go. 
Claire: ok bye
*end of phone conversation*
Alex: Becky? 
Aria: no Claire, apparently I had everyone freaking out, especially justin.
Jake: we figured when you said the part about you not being with him anymore. 
Aria: yep, well let's forget about them and shop! 
I squealed and they laughed at me. 
Aria: c'mon, shopping is a girls bestfriend, and Alex's 
We all laughed and walked around. That's when I seen Abercrombie. I tried to avoid it because its really expensive so I walked the other way. 
Robert: aria... We know you seen that store, c'mon! 
He grabbed me and pulled me in 
Aria: but it's to expen- 
I ran to the beautiful white dress. I have been obsessed with this dress FOREVER! Then I seen their letter jacket and I went after that but I knew they were both expensive so I went to the back, the clearance section. I looked around and seen another dress that was only $15 so I went to try it on. 
When I came out Alex and Robert were paying. 
I went to put the dress back and walked over to them. As soon as I did they grabbed the bag and walked off. 
Robert: what happen to that dress? 
Aria: it wasn't as cute as I thought... So what did you guys buy?
Alex: just jeans.. 
Aria: can I see? 
Alex: yea when we get back to the hotel. 
Aria: ok 
I seen forever 21 and ran into there grabbing Roberts arm. 
Robert: slowdown ari. 
Aria: OK! 
Robert laughed at me while I barely payed any attention to what alex said. I grabbed alot of stuff and had Robert carry it. Then I went to the clearance section and got more. 
Robert: ok how about you go try them on first. 
Aria: ok 
I went into the dressing room and tried them all on, of course showing them to Robert. I had alot of stuff but me and Robert decided on 20. I know what you all were thinking but hey it's forever 21, you can't just try on a little bit of things. When I came out I handed Robert what we liked and we walked to the register. 
Aria: wait I forgot to check the price! 
Robert: no! Your not allowed to check the price on anything! So turn around while I pay. 
Aria: ugh! Fine! I'm going to go find Alex and jake. 
Robert: ok.
I walked off and as soon as I walked out i seem them walking towards me with 4 drinks. When they got closer I realized they had got me my smoothie!! I ran up to them and gave them both big hugs! 
Aria: oh my gosh thank you so much!!! I love you guys!!  
Alex: no problem 
When Robert walked out I was going to grab my bags but he yanked them away. 
Robert: Ill hold it.
Aria: Robert their my things, I can hold them. 
Robert: nope.
Aria: ugh! Your so difficult! Fine! 
They laughed at me and I smiled. 
We walked around and when it was time for our movie we had alot of bags in our hands. I'm so spoiled by them. When we got into the movie I sat down in the middle of Robert and Alex and jake sat beside Alex. They forced me to watch the conjuring. Don't get me wrong I LOVE scary movies but I didn't want to watch it with them because ill get made fun of after, like always. 
The whole time I was scared. Robert picked up the arm rest that was in between us and comforted me the whole time. I dug my head in his chest a couple of times and screamed but it was a good movie over all. When the movie ended we walked towards more stores. 
Alex: you two were cozy in there.. 
Aria: haha! You know how scared I get watching movies he was being a good friend and comforting me instead of laughing.
Alex: haha! Hey! It's funny! 
Aria: shut up! Haha
Jake: more shopping guys?
I looked at Alex and Robert and they nodded. 
When we were done shopping it was 7. We went to their hotel and I texted the girls. When we got there the girls waited in the lobby for me with all of the boys. I seen Justin and looked away. The girls looked at all our bags and laughed. 
Claire: you got them to go shopping and buy you stuff? 
Aria: no I convinced them to go shopping and the movies, they convinced me to let them buy me stuff. 
Becky: yep sounds right. 
They all laughed at me and I was confused. 
Aria: what?!?
Katy: well your so stubborn and won't let anyone buy you anything..
Aria: well because-
Alex: you can't pay them back..
Aria: and-
Robert: you feel like your using them.. 
Aria: yea because-
Claire: that's not who your are. We know, we know.
Aria: ok! Ok! You guys win! So can we go upstairs now?!? 
Austin: yea lets go! 
We all went upstairs and I called my parents. 
*phone conversation* 
Mom: hey love what's up? 
Aria: mom, Robert and Alex are here and I was wondering-
Mom: of course you can! Just behave and don't do anything stupid. But you have to do something for me.. 
Aria: what is it? 
Mom: you have to bring them home tomorrow. I miss them. 
Robert & Alex: WE MISS YOU TOO!!! 
Aria: ok mom. See you tomorrow. 
Mom: see you tomorrow 
*end of conversation* 
aria: your so lucky my mom loves you guys!
Robert: what's not to love? 
Aria: oh whatever! 
We all laughed and I jumped on Roberts bed. Their suite was big. 
Robert: hey that's my bed! 
Aria: shut up! You act like we never shared a bed before! 
Katy: woah! What? 
I laughed. 
Becky: well the boys have been really close with our family now and whenever they come over they sleep on the bed with us or us with them. 
Claire: ohh...
Chaz: why didn't you tell us you guys knew them? 
Aria: didn't seem important. I mean they know about you guys and they came because I told them to but we figured you guys were leaving yesterday. 
Justin: so we intruded?!? 
Robert: yo dude, calm down. 
Aria: no but if we knew we would have told you guys about them. 
Becky: it's not like it was a big secret. We only talk to them, it's rare when Austin comes with them. 
Aria: yep. 
Claire: I thought you didn't believe she knew him. 
Aria: i did but I wasn't going to tell you guys I knew them because me and Becky promised to keep it a secret.
Katy: why? 
Aria: well because we love these boys and we don't want people thinking were using them for fame so whenever they come we meet up where no one can find us and they usually turn off their phones. 
Claire: ohh. 
Robert: so.. Are you girls staying here to? Or? 
Claire: no the guys are going to drop us off at my house.
Alex: Becky? 
Becky: I'm going to stay with Chaz. 
Aria: aww.. Ok. See you tomorrow then. 
Everyone walked out and I walked out with them. I needed to finish talking to Justin.
I walked down to his car and got in. So we could talk privately. 
Justin: why didn't you tell me? 
Aria: because it didn't seem like a big deal.
Justin: well it is to me! 
Aria: if your going to yell I'm not going to talk to you. 
Justin: ok, I'm sorry.
Aria: look me and Alex liked each other 2 years ago but we never did anything about it. He and Sarah have been together since before I met them. They have been my bestfriends ever since. 
Justin: theres nothing going on?
Aria: nope. We went shopping to get away and I had fun because I missed them. I didn't do it in spite of you. 
Justin: aria I'm sorry.. I want you back. 
Aria: Justin your leaving tomorrow at 9 in the morning. I don't think this long distance will work so we should just be friends until we can make us work. 
Justin: ok. 
I kissed his cheek and walked back up. Of course the boys interrogated me and I told them everything. Austin went to sleep along with jake. So me, Robert and Alex watched another movie. This time Alex was my foot rest and my head was on Roberts shoulder. We watched avengers but I fell asleep. I woke up to the boys planning to do something. They walked off and I heard them walk back. 
Aria: don't even think about it. 
Robert: how did you know? 
Aria: I'm a secret ninja! 
Alex: yea.. Riight. 
I sat up and we all talked. Then Alex wanted to see everything I got. Their was alot of stuff.
Alex: those will look beautiful on you! 
Aria: oh shut up! 
Alex: haha
Aria: so what did you guys get? 
Robert and Alex looked at each other like they didn't want to show me. Then they handed me the bag. I took it out. They got me the dress and jacket I wanted at Abercrombie. 
Aria: oh my gosh you guys! 
Alex: theirs more..
I looked in and they bought me a diamond necklace that had "AAR Besties". I started to tear up. I looke more and their was a little note. 
"Dear Aria,
We love you very much your are best friend and we have somewhere to take you right now so get ready.
Your Besties,
Robert and Alex"
I looked up at them and they were smiling. 
Aria: oh no where are you guys taking me? 
Robert: just go get ready beautiful.
I got up and put some shorts and a shirt on. We walked around downtown until we went up to a tattoo parlor 
Aria: uh-uh no!! Not going to happen! 
I turned around but Robert wrapped his arm around my waist before I could run.
Aria: put me down Robert!!
Robert: c'mon. Please!!!!
I looked at Alex and he gave me the puppy dog face and then I looked at Robert and he was doing the same. They know that's my weakness.
Aria: ugh! Fine! But you both have to hold my hand, bastards.
Alex: deal! 
we went in and I was so scared. The best part was all 3 of us got our first tattoos and their matching ( )
When we got out we were all so happy. We were being idiots! 
Aria: guys I'm a rebel now!!
Robert: your mom is going to kill you!
Alex: haha!! Roberts idea!! 
Robert: way to throw me under the bus. 
Aria: ill survive. I had the perfect day with my bestfriends! 
I pulled out my phone and took a picture of all our feet 
@ariahernandez2: matching tattoos with my Besties. #perfectday 
i posted it on instagram and twitter. No one follow me so I didn't get alot of likes, I was a nobody to so many people so I brushed it off. Then my phone went off. 
@justinbieber: you got a tattoo!! Are you crazy!! 
I was so confused then a whole bunch of girls started commenting and I turned to look at Robert and Alex. 
Alex: it wasn't us, blame it on lover boy. 
Robert and Alex took the picture from my Instagram and put it on theirs 
@robertrene: had the pefect day with the prefect people. Love them.  
@alexconstancio: first tattoo! Perfect day with the two most important people in my life. 
They both tagged each other but not me. We agreed to keep our friendship private because I want to stay a nobody. 
Everyone started commenting on both of their pictures immediately. All the comments were the same.
"Did you Sarah and Robert get matching tattoos?""who's the girls foot?" "Oh my gosh I love you""is that Sarah?" 
I laughed at their comments and then my phone started blowing up. In less then 5 minutes I got a thousand followers. I was so confused. I got on twitter and everyone was asking me how did I know justin and if we were together or cousins. I just turned off my phone. Then Robert got a call. 
Robert: it's justin? 
Aria: how did he-
Alex: Austin probably gave it to him. 
Aria: ugh! 
*phone on speaker*
Aria: hello?
Justin: why the hell would you get a tattoo?!?
Aria: because I wanted one...
Justin: but that one? Really? 
Aria: yes, it's meaningful and I got it with the two people that mean alot to me.
Justin: aria! Your fucking nuts!
Aria: justin its my body ill do what I want with it. We're not together so you shouldn't worry about it! 
Justin: your right, were not together but that doesn't mean I'm going to worry any less. Where are you? I'm coming for you. 
Aria: Justin I'm with Robert and Alex! 
Justin: you get to see them all week!! Please!! 
I looked at Robert and Alex and they both shrugged. 
Aria: meet me at their place in a hour.
*end of convo* 
Robert: your just going to ditch us?
They both pretended to be hurt. 
Aria: oh shut up! You guys have ditched me before!
Alex: when?!?
Aria: when Sarah invited you to that wedding a month ago, or when Austin invited you to Miami for the first time or how about when-
Alex: ok! Ok! 
Robert: I've never ditched you! 
Aria: that's such a lie!
Robert: I haven't!!! 
Aria: you were suppose to come be with me instead of Austin! But you choose austin! 
Robert: right.. I'm sorry.
Aria: it's fine I'm over it.
We all web back to their place and I was still dressed in some shorts but this time I had one of Roberts hoodies on because I got cold. Justin texted me and I said bye to the boys.
Robert: are you sure you wanna wear my hoodie seeing him? 
Aria: your right. 
I took of his hoodie then went to the lobby where justin was standing there very nervous.
Aria: what is it justin I have to get back upstairs to Robert and a-
Justin: please come with me, please. 
Aria: where are we going? 
Justin: on a walk..
Aria: in the middle of the night? Justin I don't- 
Justin: please!
Aria: ok.
We walked outside and started walking around. There was a silence between us as we walked. I looked at my hands the whole time. 
Justin: aria.. I love you..
Aria: I love you to Justin but-
Justin: let me finish baby
His voice was cracking like if he was about to break down. I stayed silent.
Justin: I love you and I want to be with you, long distant or not. I don't want to be away from you and when I got angry it was because I want you to be mine and knowing you had feelings for someone else, even if it was 2 years ago, hurt me. I got a little to mad, I know, but babe you are the only thing I want. When you got a tattoo I kept thinking that should have been me..
I giggled and he looked at me with watery eyes and said "what?"
Aria: it's just funny hearing you say a line from your song. 
I giggled some more and he smiled at me.
Justin: what I'm trying to say is please come with me to LA tomorrow. Ditch everyone, I want you and no one else.
Aria: Justin... I can't. I'm sorry. 
His face fell down to the floor and he looked at me with watery eyes and just stared. I looked away not wanting to meet his eyes. 
Aria: I just can't. 
I turned away and walked back towards the hotel room. Once I got up the boys rushed over to me. I had my mascara and eyeliner all over my face, I looked ugly just like every other day. I laid on Roberts bed and cried into his pillow. Then Alex and Robert came and hugged me. Robert stayed Hugging me while Alex laid on his bed.
Alex: where here for you ari... It's us against the world. 
Robert: forever
I cried harder and dug my head into Roberts shirt. That was the last thing I remembered.
Robert: ari are you still up? 
Aria: mmhuh
Robert: I have to tell you something... I love you I'm in love with you. I want you and no one but you..
Aria: I love you too Robert.
He kissed my cheek and I snuggled closer to him as he wrapped his arms around me tighter
Robert: babe... Babe get up..
Aria: 5 more minutes!
Robert: beautiful you have to get up right now...
Aria: I don't wanna! 
Robert: ill tickle you babe. 
Aria: Robert I swear if you do I will punch you!!!
Robert: get up then.
Aria: no! Go away! 
I grabbed the covers and pulled them over my body. I felt Robert get under the covers and grab my waist. He brought me closer to him. I laughed, he is a great best friend. I don't know what I would do without him or Alex. 
Robert: the boys left...
Aria: what?!? Where did they go? 
Robert: Austin went back to Miami and Alex went somewhere! I think with Becky. 
Aria: he just left me? With you?
I acted hurt but Robert laughed at me. I pushed him and he fell of the bed. I busted out laughing.
I said while laughing. 
Robert: well you can't leave me down here alone. 
Aria: Robert don't you d- 
He pulled me down with him. We laughed at each other then decided to get up. I went to the couch and grabbed a cover. I grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels. 
Robert: so what do you want to do today? 
Aria: nothing! 
I said smiling at him, he smiled back but it seemed fake.
Robert: I would love to sit here and do nothing with my beautiful girlfriend but your mom? Forth of July? Ring a bell?
I sat there shocked. Robert and me together? When did this happen? We're not. Are we? When did? I mean why? I mean what?
Aria: w-what?
Robert: huh?
Aria: g-girlfriend?
I whispered to where he could barely hear me.
Robert: last night.. We were talking and you agreed..
I looked at him like he was crazy. Why would I agree to date my bestfriend? After I walked away from Justin? 
Robert: you don't remember... Do you? 
I wanted to say no and that I didn't want us to be together but I felt something for Robert, it was almost the same feeling I felt for Justin. Robert was there for me but he knows only limits, he doesn't know about my attempt the night before or that I cut. What's the worse that can happen? Right? 
Aria: no I don't...
Robert: we should forget about the whole thing then. 
He looked down his eyes full of sadness. It hurt to think that I was the one to do this to him. 
Aria: but I wish I would have remembered... Because... I think I'm in love with you.. 
Robert looked up at me and stared into my eyes. I felt butterflies and when he leaned in to kiss me... The world stop. All of a sudden I felt myself wanting more of my bestfriend. I grabbed onto his neck forcing his lips on me and craving his touch. I felt.. I felt.. Lust. Was it really love? 



A/n uh- oh robert and aria? do you think its meant to be? do you think they do it? are they really together? who knows! oh wait i do!!! 

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