Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


36. Lost In Confusion

Justin pov

Me and the boys were playing FIFA when the girls walked in.

Aria looked breath taking. I winked at her causing her to blush. I looked at her and Anna, there was really no resemblance ( ) but anna was like my sister because she is like arias sister. She's really cool. I looked at Harry and I could see he liked her. The only thing I'm scared about is him leaving her. Don't get me wrong Harry is a great guy and when he is in a relationship he treats the girl right. He never cheated on a girl even though the pap say he has. Harry is a known "player" but in all honesty he's not.

Aria: so are we going to go or are we going to stare at each other all day?

Justin: yea lets go!

We all hoped into the limo because none of us wanted to drive. A couple of minutes later we got to the Italian restaurant (aria's choice since she is obsessed.) we sat down at a table for 8. On one side was me, aria, Niall, Zayn. Across from me was Harry, then Anna, Louis and Liam. Aria held my hand the whole time.

Aria *whisper*: Justin I'm not going to play footsie with you.

She giggled and I smiled but then I realized I wasn't. I hadn't tried anything right now.

Justin: that's not me? Aria: wait what? She looked under then came back up and shook her head.

Aria: I don't know who that was?

Justin: weird.. She nodded and the waitress came over.

Waitress: hello, I'm Natasha. I will be your waitress for the evening so what can I- oh my gosh. Justin bieber? And one direction? I love you guys, especially you justin. Your so cute and-

Aria: yes that's them. Now can you take our orders? I smiled at aria.

She was jealous because this Natasha chick was flirting with me. Natasha glared at aria and looked over to me.

Natasha: so what would you like?

She said in a very flirty tone. I looked at aria.

Justin: me and MY GIRLFRIEND would like chicken parmesan with sweet tea as a drink.

Aria: how do you know what I love?

Justin: well every time we go out to Italian you order that.

This caused her to giggle and kiss my cheek. My face heated up. Those feelings were still there and growing stronger each day. I looked up at the waitress and she looked mad. I stood up and said I was going to the restroom. I walked over to the front desk and asked for a waiter instead of a waitress. They agreed and I walked back.

Aria: so where did you really go?

Justin: I asked for a new waiter.

Aria: aww... Your the best!

Justin: but I have to admit you looked hot when your jealous.

She glared at me and a waiter came out.

Waiter: hello, my name is piolin and I will be your waiter. Natasha had a busy schedule so I will be taken over. Uhm... She only has two orders so? Who order the chicken parmesans with sweet tea?

Justin: that will be me and my girlfriend.

I turned to look at aria while she was talking to Niall.

Piolin: oh, okay. So what would you all like?

Anna: I think I want...

Piolin: it's okay you don't have to order right now if you don't want to.

Aria's head snapped up and looked at the waiter. Her eyes were wide and she had this little hint of hope in her eyes. The waiter stopped and stared at aria.

Aria: pio-piolin? Is.. Is that you?

Piolin: aria? Aria: it is you!

She stood up and hugged him.

Aria: hows your sister? I haven't seen you two in over 8 years!

Piolin: she's great! She has a kid now he's awesome. Has it really been that long?

She nodded at him.

Aria: so what are you doing out in LA?

Piolin: well after we left my mom had us living in that house you were suppose to visit. 3 years passed and she was tired of living there so we moved, me and Sarai picked where.

Aria: that's great!

Piolin: yea it's a beautiful city so what are-

Justin: uhm.. We're all kind of hungry so if you don't mind?

Piolin: oh my apologies.

Aria walked back to her seat and he took our order. After a couple of hours we left the restaurant full. I grabbed arias hand and we walked out.

Piolin: hey aria wait up! Aria: yea? Piolin: here's my number, that way this time we don't loose touch?

Aria: haha! Okay sure thing! See ya!

She walked off smiling. Jealousy was growing in me and Anna stopped me. Aria went to the boys.

Anna: he was her first boyfriend. She used to love him, she missed him after 8 years but I promise she loves you. Just keep that in mind.

What is that suppose to mean? Is she going to leave me? This is all confusing.

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