Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


10. Life Saver

Each step she took further away from him a tear fell, she hated how weak she felt but she couldn't help it. She loved him but was afraid. Why would Justin Drew Bieber want her? An average non-original girl, weird girl. She hated thinking that way but she couldn't help it, she kept walking. She eventually ran, putting on headphones and blasting Steven by jake miller. Every time she heard the song she broke down even more but she needed to hear it, it's usually what gets her through the night. She ran until she couldn't feel her feet, she didn't know where she was going but she knew she needed to get away, away from Justin, Oscar, her bestfriends, oscars bestfriend, her parents, her family, everyone. She couldn't go any further and she collapsed, her feet gave in on her and she landed on her knees. She put her tear stained face in her hands crying on her knees. She slowly took her face out of her hands and screamed, she screamed as loud and as long as her voice would carry. At that moment she knew what she had to do. She got out the pills she brought in her sweater and poured as many as she could in her hand. She closed the bottle and stuck the pills she had in her hand back in her pocket. She looked at where she was and realized she wasn't that far from the lake. She turned around and began walking. Someone tapped her shoulder, a sweet old lady. Relief ran over her, she didn't want to see anyone she knew. 
Lady: are you ok young lady? 
Aria: I'm fine just a little lost. Can you point me in the direction of the lake? 
Lady: it's a little over a mile away, here come over her I will drive you there. 
Aria: thank you 
They walked to the old lady's car they drove in silence. As they got there aria thanked the lady and got out. 
Lady: there's no one here.. 
Aria: oh he's on his way, thank you very much. 
Lady; should I wait?  
Aria: no m'am. It's fine. 
Lady: ok be careful out there young lady. 
Aria: I will 
Aria flashed her a grateful smile and walked out towards the lake. The lady watched and seen a car pull up. A young man got out and she recognized it to be non other then justin bieber. He sat on the hood of his car and the old lady drove off. 
Justin sat there admiring the girl he fell madly and deeply in love with. He didn't approach her to avoid scaring her off. He sat there watching her look out with a miserable face. His love only grew stronger in that moment. 
She sat there thinking about everything. From her earliest member of her childhood to the worst year of her life, to her family's worst year, to the year she spent with Oscar, to these last couple of days. The days she spent falling head over heels over Justin. She always loved him but never as much as she did now. She grabbed those pills out of her jacket and looked at them. 
Aria: it's time... I'm sorry... 
She lifted them up to her mouth and almost swallowed them down until she felt arms wrap around her stomach and make her throw them out of her mouth. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She turned to see who it was that saved her life and realized it was the one she fell in love with. Tears falling down his face and grabbing her as tight as he could. 
Justin: don't ever do that again! I love you and I'm not going anywhere! I'm her to stay! Forever and always. I love you aria.
Aria: Justin? 
Justin: yes? 
Aria: I'm scared...
Justin: I know beautiful but I'm here. I'm here for you, please don't ever do that again... 
Aria: I... I don't-
Justin: if I lost you I don't think god will give me the strength to pull through it.. Please ari...
Aria: ill try. That's all I can say.. 
Justin: c'mon. Your coming with me. 
Aria: ok.. 
Both of them were scared but for different reasons. Him because he didn't want to loose her, he didn't want her to disappear and he truly loved her, more than anything in this world but he knew he was going to have to leave her behind soon. He hated the thought of it but it was reality, he wasn't ready to face reality. 
She was terrified that once he left things would get worse and maybe this time she would succeed at what she had planned on doing. She was also terrified of being in love. She never believed it would treat her right. She stared out the window just looking into the night. She loved how the moon shinned so bright and had no worries in the world. She admired it and she hated it. She hated the memories that came with the moon and the stars. The memories of the one who hurt her so deeply. The one who didn't care if she was dead or alive.
Justin: ari... 
Aria: yeah? 
Justin: why did he- I mean why would he- I mean I have your phone... 
Aria: Justin that's my iPod not my phone... How else would you have heard my voicemail? 
Justin: oh.. Right.. 
Aria: yep.
Justin: babe I love you and I would care if you hurt yourself. I'd be miserable if you killed yourself.. 
Aria: Justin? 
Justin: yes babe?
Aria: the guys are obviously waiting for us to get out the car...
Justin: oh.. Right.. Right.. 

Justin's pov

We got out the car and the girls wrapped their arms around aria. All three of them. 
Chaz: where did you find her? 
Justin: the lake.. 
Chaz: where you took her on her first date? 
Justin: yep
Chaz: does that mean she wanted you to find her? 
Justin: uhh.. Idk maybe. Can we not talk about this now? 
Chaz: yea, ok. But we have like a quadruple date tomorrow.. Like all day.. 
Justin: who all with? 
Ryan: well... You and ari, me and Katy, Claire and Cody, and Chaz and Becky.
Justin: you guys seriously planned a big date while I was worried sick about finding my girlfriend? 
Cody: well... When you put it that way.. Uhh... Sorry mate.
Justin: it's fine. 

Aria pov

Claire: oh my gosh guess what! 
Aria: uhh... Idk? 
Katy: well... While you were MIA we planned a date...
Aria: uhh huh? 
Becky: oh girls just say it! We're having a quadruple date!!!! 
Aria: huh? 
Claire: sometimes you can be a real blonde! A 4 couple date!!!
Aria: I got that! I was talking about who with who? 
Katy: oh right! We knew that... 
Aria: sure.. 
Becky: anyways... I'm with Chaz.. We totally hit it off, he is so sweet and nice and cute too! 
Aria: but he was with Claire the past couple of days.. Wasn't he? 
Claire: uhh.. No. We were just being friends. We didn't feel that way with each other, although we did kiss... 
Aria: YOU WHAT?!? Without telling me?!? 
Justin: hey babe, is everything alright? 
Aria: oh.. Uhm.. Yea.. Can you go with the boys? We kinda need girl time talk.. 
Justin: ok babe.
He kissed my cheek then walked off. 
Aria: ok so details! 
Claire: it just happened.. Like we were hanging out the day you had your big date with Justin and-
Aria: hold on.. You had a date with Chaz?
Claire: no! We were just hanging out.. Ryan and Katy were there! 
Katy: hey don't bring me into this! 
Claire: anyways... Katy and Ryan were talking and me and Chaz were... I thought something was in my eye because it got really watery and when he checked and nothing's was there we kinda leaned in and it just happened... But.. We don't feel that way towards each other. He has Becky and I have Cody. 
Aria: woah! Back up when did you go out with Cody? 
Claire: yesterday... After making sure it was ok with Chaz first.. 
Aria: of course. So how did it go? 
Claire: amazing! He is so sweet and nice and we have so much in common! And that accent.. Oh my gosh. 
Aria: haha! Ok, ok. So you and Cody, got it. Becky and Chaz, confusing but you love food so I get it.. That leaves... Katy and Ryan.. I knew it!!!! 
Katy: well I wasn't sure if we would work out at first but he is so sweet and nice and I'm so glad I met him! 
Aria: haha. Ok. Well I better get back with Justin and you guys with y'all boyfriends
Becky: isn't justin yours? 
Aria: nothing's official official but I guess so. I honestly don't know. 
Becky: well ok. 
Justin: ready babe? 
Aria: for what? 
Justin: To get on the bus... We're staying here for the night. 
Aria: me and you? What about- 
Justin: all of us babe. 

Justin's pov

She is so beautiful. She thinks she is sleeping in one of the bunks but she's sleeping in the back with me. I hope she doesn't get the wrong idea though.. 
Aria: ok girls I'm getting tired. So I'm going to sleep. 
Becky: boo you whore! 
Aria: haha! Whatever! 
Claire: goodnight! 
Katy: don't be to loud ari!! 
Chaz: yea! We don't want to hear you two! 
Justin: shut up guys! 
Ryan: we're totally making him blush.. 
We walked out. 
Aria: what are they talking about? 
Justin: well we don't have enough room on the bus for everyone so I figured we could sleep together.. 
Aria: excuse me? 
Justin: that came out wrong.. I meant be sleeping buddies.. 
Aria: uhh?? 
Justin: I mean.. Like sleep on the same bed next to each other.. You could be I'm my arms.. 
Aria: I got it lover boy. But I don't have any sleeping clothes... 
Justin: here wear mine. 
She left to put on my clothes and I laid down in bed. I slept with shorts tonight but I usually just sleep in boxers. 
Aria: I'm exhausted.
She laid down and faced her back towards me.
Justin: no babe. Turn around. I want to cuddle with you! 
Aria: Justin I'm sleepy.. 
Justin: you can sleep in my arms please...
Aria: you and your puppy dog face is going to be the death of me. 
She giggled, I loved her giggle. Ugh she's so beautiful. She nuzzled her head in my neck and wrapped her body around me. 
Justin: I love you beautiful. 
She mumbled something and I could barely make out the words but I think she said "I love you too" 
I fell asleep with my girl back in my arms and a perfect day planned for tomorrow. I couldn't have asked for anything more right now. 










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