Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


14. It Has To Be Me

Justin's pov

I woke up with a huge headache. I didn't remember anything from last night. After I got to LA I came straight to my house and everyone convinced me to have a couple of drinks. All I remember after that is calling aria and she cried. I picked up my phone and dialed her number.
Unknown: hello?
Justin: aria? Are you ok? What happen t-
Unknown: it's not aria.. She's sleeping. 
Justin: well who is this?
Unknown: this is Alex..
Anger built up inside of me. Why was he answering the phone. 
Justin: who's aria with?
Alex: she's laying down with Robert and Becky. We all fell asleep with her..
Anger built up inside of me more. Two guys in arias bed? That's suppose to be me not them!
Justin: will you wake her? 
Alex: no..
Justin: why not?!?
I practically yelled over the phone.
Alex: listen dude, she's been through alot and you being with selena last night made things alot worse. Do everyone a favor and just don't text or call her anymore.
Justin: I wasn't with selena! What the fuck are you talking about?!?
Alex: dude don't deny it it's all over twitter and Instagram.
Justin: ok look yesterday I got drunk but I was just with Alfredo and twist and za. No one else. Selena was never here.
Alex: yea well what you don't remember is running through firecrackers and holding selena at your side. 
Justin: shit. Please let me talk to aria! Please!!!
Alex: dude I'm sorry you can't. 
Justin: you don't understand!!! Please!!
Alex: I can't let you talk to her
Aria: Alex who are you talking to?
Alex: no one beautiful. Ill be back ok?
Aria: ok babe 
Justin: let me talk to her!!! Why did she call you babe?!? What the fuck!
Alex: she calls everyone babe. Did you honestly never pay attention? Listen me and her are over, whether you believe it or not I don't give a fuck. Just leave her alone because no one is breaking her heart again.
Justin: I'm coming out there!!!
Alex: she's leaving to Florida in the morning. Seriously did you ever pay attention?
Justin: yes I did but.. 
Alex: dude just leave her alone, don't call or text her anymore. 
Justin: what part of Florida is she going to? 
Alex: uhh.. I don't know. She's going with Claire ask her, if she wants to tell you.
The line went dead. I can't believe this! I called a flower delivery person in Dallas gave them my information and told the to deliver 2 dozen, dozen red roses to arias address today. They said they would be there within the next two hours. I called a chocolate place they don't deliver but I doubled the pay and they agreed. I got her chocolate cover almonds and bananas and strawberries and just chocolate. She gave me the jewelry back and I gave it to Claire. Shit. I called Claire but she went off on me. I tried to explain everything to her but she wouldn't listen. 
Claire: no justin you listen! I don't give a fuck if you were drunk or if you were fucking drugged!! You don't do that at all!! You hurt my fucking bestfriend you don't deserve her so do me a favor and never call again! Ill send you the jewelry back when I'm in Florida. 
Justin: no don't send it back! Give it to aria!! Please!! 
Claire: get over yourself she doesn't want you!!
Justin: Claire please..
My voice broke while I said that. 
Claire: if you sent those roses like you said she will call you. I'm not going to tell you not to call her but I swear if she doesn't call you back or any of that leave her alone. She's had her heart broken enough. 
Justin: ok. Can you give her the jewelry? Please!!
Claire: ugh! Fine! Ok! I will! When she comes over later. 
Justin: thank you so much Claire! 
Claire: whatever Justin, bye. 
I waited for what felt like forever. My phone went off while I was cleaning up the mess they made. My phone was on the iPod station on the other side of the house when it went off. I ran as fast as I could, nearly tripping 2 times. 
Justin: aria! Aria is it you? 
Aria: Justin?
Justin: aria...
My voice broke again.
Aria: Justin why are you panting? And crying? 
Justin: I was cleaning on the other side of my house..
Aria: and crying because?
Justin: aria.. I messed up, I don't know what happened. Babe I came home and fredo convinced me to drink, everything went blank after that. The next thing I could remember was I called you and you were crying. That's the only thing I remember.
Aria: Justin were not together anymore, it's fine. You and selena have history. I get it. Look you didn't have to send a whole bunch of roses and chocolate to make it up to me. I get it. You want her not me. 
That's it I broke. I cried and cried.
Justin: I do want you, your all I want. Aria I'm in love with you. I only want you. Please!!!
Aria: I love you justin...
Justin: aria don't cry. This isn't goodbye. Please!!
Aria: Justin your crying to, you know this is goodbye. 
Justin: no don't say that!! Please aria!! Don't go!!
Aria: bye justin..
The line went dead. I cried harder then ever. I love this girl more than anything and I keep messing up. She makes me crazy and I can't move on or past her. Dammit! I called her and everytime her phone went to voicemail. I called scooter and told him to stop the tour. He said he wasn't and I can't disappoint my fans. I yelled at him but he didn't change his mind. I knew I couldn't disappoint my fans but I just couldn't go on. Not without aria, not without the one girl that meant everything to me. I called Claire and she answered. 
Claire: what justin? 
Justin: are you with aria? Have you have her the jewelry? Is she alright? 
Claire: Justin she's fine but she didn't tell you? She's not coming to Florida with me she said something about teen choice and how she needs to move on and something else. It was alot to take in. 
Justin: she hasn't called me back, her phone goes straight to voicemail. 
Claire: listen Justin I'm extremely tired so I need to go.
The line went dead once more. Seriously why was everyone hanging up on me today?!? I grabbed my keys and went to the airport. Scooter called right when I was about to buy my ticket back. 
Justin: what scooter?
Scooter: Justin where the hell are you? We're suppose to be leaving for your concert in Omaha!!
Justin: shit, I forgot. Ill be there in 10 minutes!
I got in my car and went back to the house. My tour bus was waiting for me and za & fredo were there. I'm not in the mood to see them.
I got in and went straight to my room. I didn't even look at anyone. I was so exhausted and all I need to do was hear her voice one last time. I went and laid on the side she laid on when she spent the night with me. It still smelled like her. That beautiful scent of her hair that made me want to get closer to her. I closed my eyes and I pictured her perfectly. She was do damn beautiful..
Scooter: wake up Justin! Get up!
Justin: what?
Scooter: Justin its time for your rehearsal! 
Justin: ugh fine!
I got up and went to rehearsals, I said high to some fans and pretended to be happy. I was getting really good at it. Since the whole jelena thing I learned how to hide my feelings from my fans cause they get worried. I did the rehearsal then went to get dressed. It felt like forever! I did everything I usually do then passed out on my bed. 
A month went by quicker than I thought. Getting into the routine was easy but thinking about aria was always what kept me down. Every time I had a day off I would call and she wouldn't answer or I would send her roses. It became a normal thing for me. The teen choices were a couple of days ago but I decided not to go. I got online during them and tweeted everyone thank you. I always checked Aria's twitter and she seemed to be a little off. She seemed a little happy. I turned on her notifications so whenever she tweets ill know. I sound like a stalker but I love her so much and want to be there for her. Tomorrow was the VMA's and I was a little nervous but it should be ok right? 
"@ariahdz1516: thank you all for being so supportive of me and @robert15jgod relationship. I love you #mahomies" 
What is she talking about? Are they? No... 
I got on her Instagram and there was a picture of her and Robert. She was asleep in his arms and he took the picture. Anger built up inside of me, I guess she got a iPhone and he used it. The caption read: "keeping my princess safe even in her dreams. I love you - @robertrene" 
I couldn't help it anymore. She is with Robert? Really? And it's only been a month? How long has she been with him? I had to call her. I had to! This time she answered. 
Aria: sorry mom I said if call you when I landed in New York but Robert showed me around then I fell asleep and I'm so sorry.
Justin: aria...
Aria: Justin? Why are you calling me? At 3 o clock in the morning! What! I could have sworn it was earlier! 
Justin: where are you? I need to see you! I miss you and I've been calling you and I see that your with Robert now and I just want to be with you, baby please. 
Robert: princess who are you talking to? 
Aria: Justin.. Justin I told you it was over. Please move on. I'm sorry but I have. 
Justin: have you really moved on? Baby girl I love you! I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can barely make any music, and I can't even think straight! 
Aria: Justin I'm sorry but you need to stop.  
Robert: princess is everything ok? What is he saying to you? Let me talk to him.
Aria: I have it under control Robert. Look can we not cause any disaster. Me and Robert are together and I need you to accept that. 
Justin: where are you aria? 
Aria: I'm with Robert?
Justin: no aria, where are you? 
Aria: in New York why?
Justin: why are you in New York?!? Isn't school starting for you? 
Aria: Justin I'm going to the VMA's with Robert and were flying back that night. What does it matter? It's not like you cared when you were with selena! 
Justin: is that what this is still about?!? Aria do you honestly think I don't care?!? Everyday I call you and send you flowers. On my days off I call and leave voicemails all the time! Dammit aria! I fucking love you and I care more than anything! 
Aria: look Justin, no matter what you say I'm not going back to you. Me and Robert are together and were happy. I have to go.
Robert: it's ok princess. I'm right here. It's okay. 
The line went dead. All I could picture was aria sleeping in the arms of someone that wasn't me. It has to be me and only me. 

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