Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


39. I Will Never Be Ready

Aria pov  

Was this a good idea? Should I be using Robert like this? He's my bestfriend and I'm taking advantage of him. I get butterflies and I blush a lot with him but with Justin it's more. Just hearing his name makes my heart race, just thinking of us makes me want to run into his arms. I love Robert but I'm in love with Justin. 

I sighed stepping out of the shower and heard my phone start to sing falling slowly. I smiled and quickly answered. 

Aria: hey jay! 

Justin: hey beautiful, why did you leave me so early? 

Aria: I went running before I went to get the guys, I kissed you goodbye! 

Justin: I know, I felt it

I smiled and just remembered the feeling of waking up beside him. 

Justin: babe? You still there? 

Aria: what? Oh yea! 

Justin: day dreaming about me I see..

Aria: you wish! 

I giggled. I heard him scoff.

Aria: kidding! 

I said laughing.

Justin: you better be! 

I laughed at him. 

Aria: so what's up? 

Justin: well I just miss you! When are you coming home? 

Aria: uhm? Tomorrow? Night.. ?

Justin: tomorrow night!!! I can't sleep without you though! 

Aria: so sleep with the pillow! 

I said laughing. He was so clingy but so adorable. 

Justin: it's not the same! Can't I just come over there and we get our own room and cuddle? 

Aria: Justin! You know you can't do that! Their already suspicious! 

He groaned, the paparazzi did not know how to leave us alone. It made it easier for us to pretend with different people for the sake of our relationship. 

Justin: okay baby

I heard him sigh causing me to frown. I don't want him to be upset, in trying to make sure nothing gets in the way of our relationship. 

Aria: I love you justin, we'll talk tomorrow. 

Justin: I don't want tomorrow, I want now! 

Aria: Justin I just got out of the shower! I need to get dressed and spend time with my bestfriends! 

Justin: why wasn't I invited into the shower? 

Aria: jay! 

He chuckled, he was such a perv! 

Justin: okay, okay baby. Go have fun! I love you so much! 

Aria: I love you too jay!  

I put my phone down as I got dressed  I walked to the room with all of the boys. They laid there with a whole bunch of food surrounding them. I laughed and they turned to me. 

Robert: it's about time! 

Alex: you couldn't have taken any longer? 

Aria: actually I could have! 

They laughed and I sat in the middle of the two boys. The movie began to play, step brothers. We sat there laughing the whole time. I ate most of my strawberries but the butt heads took 2 EACH! When they did I tackled them to the ground but they managed to flip me over and tickle me. It wasn't fair! 2 against 1! How is that even close to fair?!? They finally stopped and we sat down watching beastly. My eyes slowly closing as I fell asleep in the middle of Robert and Alex. 

Robert *whispers* "if only you were mine..."

Then everything went black.

>next morning< 

"Take this sinking boat and point it home We've still got time Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice You make it now Falling slowly, eyes that know me And I can't go back The moods that take me and erase me And I'm painted black"

The lyrics of falling slowly rang through the hotel room. I slowly got up only to feel arms wrap around my body once again. I feel down and got pulled closely to him. I grabbed his hands and slowly untangled myself from his grip. Running to my phone. 

Aria: hello?

Justin: hey babe! * Cough* What are you doing? *cough*

Aria: just waking up!! 

i said, pretending to be angry.

Justin: oh well *cough* I'm sorry for *cough* waking you up *cough*

Aria: it's fine.... Jay? 

*More coughing in the background*  

Justin: yes? 

Aria: what did you do yesterday? 

Justin: I *cough* went to *cough* Colorado..

Aria:YOU WHAT?!? Justin Drew Bieber!!! Christmas is coming up and your in fucking Colorado?!? 

Justin: y-yes... 

Aria: oh my gosh! Jay! Just because I'm with the boys doesn't mean you get to fly over there, get sick and come back!!! Like WTF?!? 

Justin: I- I'm sorry...

Aria: I have to go, see ya. 

I clicked off the phone annoyed and walked out to the boys. They were sitting in the living room eating pancakes. 

Robert: everything okay? 

I sighed and nodded. I started to eat my pancakes but stopped sooner then I expected. I got up and walked to go get changed. Once I was done I heard my phone ringing. 

*phone convo* 

Aria: hello? 

Claire: finally!!!! 

Aria: what? 

Claire: I've been texting you!!! 

Aria: uhm no you haven't... 

Claire: fucking shit, Katy you didn't text her? 

Katy: I forgot!! 

Claire: dammit! You made me sound like an idiot! 

Katy&Aria: because you are! 

Claire: shut up! 

I laughed and so did katy.

Aria: so what did you call me for? 

Claire: we called to tell you thank you and we're about to get on the plane right now! But since your being bitchy...

Aria: oh shut up! 

I laughed along with the girls.

Aria: ill see you guys soon! Oh and Cody will be here tomorrow and Ryan WAS here but they went to Colorado...

Katy: WHAT?!? 

Aria: yup

I said popping the p.


Aria: that's exactly what I said when justin called me COUGHING but whatever, I'm not going to baby him. Plus the guys don't know you are coming out.


Alex: AND ME! 


Claire: Alex and Robert? 

Aria: yes

We laughed and Robert came and took the phone. 

Robert: hello? Yes this is arias boyfriend so go away! She can't be cheating on me! 

I laughed, grabbed my phone and put it on speaker. 

Claire: listen asshole aria is mine! Go away! 

Katy: she's OURS 

Claire: no she's mine! 

Katy: we share her!

Robert: no shes ALL mine!!  

Claire: she buys me more things! 

Robert: yea well I get to cuddle with her! I win! 

Claire: uhm no.

Katy: we do that all the time, too! 

Robert: dammit! Well can you do this?

Robert kissed my cheek making a loud "MWAH" sound.

Katy: yes we can!

Claire: now get away from aria! shes mine!!

I couldn't contain my laughing anymore. I started to laugh uncontrollably, god I love these idiots.

Claire: I HAVE AN IDEA!! 

Aria: oh lord..

Claire: aria should decide? 

Aria: who is this aria you speak of? 

Katy: it's you! 

Aria: who? 

Claire: you!!! 

Aria: uhm? 

"Flight 111 is ready to board" 

Claire: ugh! 

Aria: have fun! 

Katy: not likely! 

Aria: you guys are in first class!! How is that not possible? 

Claire: WERE WHAT!!? 


Aria: and there's wifi on the plane....

Katy: seriously? For real? 

Aria: nahh for fake! 

"Flight 111 is now boarding, take off in 5 minutes" 

Aria: GO! Before you miss your flight! 

Katy: okay see you soon! 

Claire: bye hoe! 

I laughed and clicked off my phone.  I went to go sit with the boys and we planned out our day before the girls got here. We decided to finish Christmas shopping within this next 5 hour period. 

Robert: I don't know what to get Claire and Katy! I don't talk to them! 

Alex: same here! 

Aria: hmm... Starbucks, pink or forever 21 gift card! 

Alex: lets go in pink! 

Aria: perv! How about Robert gets Starbucks and you get forever 21? 

Robert: I'm okay with that...

Alex: how much though? 

Aria: $35? Sounds perfect for two outfits? Maybe 3 if they bargained good enough! 

Robert: do I get the same? 

Aria: yup! That's like 3/4 months worth of Starbucks!  

Robert: really?

Aria: no, more like 2 weeks..

I laughed and they got their gifts. They only needed mine and each others gifts. So we all split up and went our separate ways for the next hour. I went into a young and reckless store and got them a couple of shirts, got Robert some new nikes he's been dying for and Alex some beanies and some hoodies. After I was done I went and sat at Starbucks.

Girl: OMG!! Your aria!!  OMG!!! Can I get a picture?!? 

Aria: haha yea sure? 

Girl: OMG!! Thank you! 

Aria: no problem! What's your name? 

Girl: Caitlin! 

Aria: well it's nice to meet you, are you a fan?

Caitlin: yes! I loved your covers on YouTube! You were amazing! I can't believe I'm meeting you! 

Aria: haha, thanks! But it's great to meet a fan! 

Caitlin: you don't have a name for us? 

Aria: no? I didn't know what to call you guys. It's kinda hard when all the good names are taken.. 

I laughed and she nodded. 

Aria: well we could hang out whenever you want, just text me.

I dialed my number in her phone and saved it.

Robert: hey you ready to go ari-babe? 

He looked at the girl and tensed up.

Aria: huh? Oh yea! Nice meeting you caitlin! 

I waved walking off, Robert grabbed me by the waist because he was worried paparazzi were outside.

Aria: what's up? 

Robert: nothing! 

He snapped at me. I pushed him away quickly and stood still. 



Aria: so what? Why are you so angry now? After all these years and finally something good happens and you want to tell me you love me? It doesn't work that way Robert! 

Robert: I always tried but someone would get in the way! Aria I love you...

Aria: Robert I love you too but...

Robert: I know...

I sighed and walked into his arms. He squeezed me and we walked hand in hand back to the car. I was so not ready to loose him, I don't think I ever will be. 


A/n im sorry im taking so long to update i just have alot going on and im trying really hard guys!!! i love you for sticking by me though! i hope all of you love this and are ready for the sequel!! well i have to go! bye loves :*


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