Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


21. I Know..

Arias pov

I've been so nervous all morning. Today's the day I announce my deal with Hollywood Records and also the day everyone finds out I'm with Justin. I'm so nervous. That's when I got the call..
Aria: hello? 
Lady: hello ms. Hernandez were sorry to inform you that we will not be announcing your signed to us until we have recorded some music. So next month is when you should come back to LA and we will start getting prepared. 
Aria: okay that's fine. Uhm will I be getting home schooled or will I attend school?
Lady: we will homeschool you but for the next 4 weeks we want you to go to the school you attend now then we will transfer you. 
Aria: ok. Well thanks. 
The line went dead and I stood there and breathed out. I hadn't realized I was holding it in until now. A smile painted across my face. I finally get to see Claire and Katy. Oh how I miss them! 
Justin: hey babe what's wrong? 
Aria: hmm? 
Justin: well what happened? 
Aria: not announcing it till next month so I'm going back to Dallas for month! 
Justin: I'm going to! 
Aria: Justin you have to record and stuff.
Justin: no I'm going end of discussion.
Aria: why are you so stubborn?
Justin: because it's me! 
I laughed and called everyone. Robert was happy because he wasn't going to be able to make it after all and my mom was over joyed. I grabbed all my things and me and Justin left back to my home. I missed everyone and in 2 weeks I get to introduce Justin to my family, some are snotty and mean and let's face it there hoes. But who needs them!? I'm happy! When we got on the plane I clinged on to Justin. He laughed at me but understood my fear of heights just like I understood his fear of elevators. I relaxed and we eventually landed in Dallas. When we landed I hurried and got out. I don't think you understand my fear of heights. Justin drove to my house and we talked. Justin was going to get a hotel and pick me up in the morning. He left around 8 at night and I took a shower then slept. When I woke up I got dressed for my first day back to school. ( ) 
The door bell rang and it was justin, when he dropped me off he got out so he could kiss me but I told him not to and oscar was right there. Justin got mad so I kissed him and he smiled 
Aria: *whisper* don't be jealous I just don't want everyone thinking that I'm using you but I'm yours, all yours.
He smiled and I kissed his cheek and walked inside. All day I was happy until lunch came.. 
I found out I had lunch with Katy and I was happy. That's when she told me her ex had the same lunch. It was awkward but she didn't care because she had Ryan. We talked about Ryan and how happy he made her. He was literally the perfect guy for her. They talked everyday and he sent her roses every week. I looked at her while she talked about him and you can tell how in love she really was. I texted Justin about it and he said Ryan was the same way. I giggled and turned my attention back to my bestfriend. She kept on talking about him and I listened happily. I usually was so annoyed when she talked about her boyfriends but for some reason I was happy and I realized why. It was because for the first time I trusted this guy and I knew he would never hurt her purposely. I loved feeling so sure about it. That's when I seen Oscar. He stared at me and Katy walking and whenever we were behind him he would turn around. I felt awkward but for some reason I also wanted to be with him. That's when Katy noticed too..
Katy: ari it's okay to still love him you know?
Aria: I don't though, it's weird. I dont like him but when I see him it's like I want him. When I'm with Justin I need justin. I mean the feelings are much more stronger but I don't know what it is about Oscar that I want..
Katy: you did trust him with everything and you opened up to him so much. Maybe you miss how much you trusted him?
Aria: that's probably it. I guess I just need to trust justin more. 
Katy: he's not going to hurt you aria. He loves you to much to ever love you. I mean he is staying here for a month just to be close to you.
I smiled knowing I would get to see him at the end of the day. That's when everything went away and justin texted.
From: Justin <3
don't forget after school you and me are having are 2nd official date. 
I smiled and went on with my day. When I got out Justin was waiting for me. Every girl surrounding him, including the one and only, Jacque . I walked up to Justin and he wrapped his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek. Jacque gives me a bad look and I smirk. 
Aria: hey.. Uhm?? What's your name again? Oh wait don't tell me.. It starts with a s? 
She nods in disagreement. 
Aria: oh nevermind it's not that important anyways. Ready justin?
Justin: uh... Yea lets go. 
Jacque: he will never love you..
Aria: excuse me? 
Jacque: he will never love you just like Oscar! 
She spat out and I snapped. 
Aria: oh and he loves you? Your like a post it! You stick to every single one of the guys that have a girlfriend! Your jealous because no one will ever want you half as much! Just because your the reason behind most of the problems me and Oscar had doesn't mean he didn't love me. But Justin loves me and I don't need to prove it to you! 
Jacque: you don't need to yet you think he loves you? Just like Oscar? Ha! Ha! Who are you fooling? 
Aria: are you still on that? Stop being jealous of everyone's relationship just because no one wants you! No one even takes a second look at you! Your lucky I don't kick your ass because your worthless to me! 
I walked to the car and that's when Jacque grabbed Justin and kissed him. He pushed her and walked to me. He grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine. Pulling me closer and closer. I pushed him back and blushed because everyone was staring at us. Even Oscar, still with tears in his eyes. I felt bad and I walked up to him. 

Oscars pov

Seeing her with another guy hurts. I know I hurt her and I realize how bad but I love her. Why would she choose him over me? He wasn't there for her like I was! I was there.. Some times. It hurts knowing I will never get her back... 
That's when her eyes met mine and I could see the sorrow in her eyes. She started walking towards me and he was following. I didn't care because she was staring at me. This beautiful girl I once called mine was staring at me. 
Aria: hey...
Oscar: h-hi
Justin wrapped his arms around her and I felt a bunch of bricks hit me in the face at once. 
Aria: look I know things ended badly but I would like to be friends. You don't have to answer now but text me when your ready. We have to get going. Bye. 
She turned around and walked away. I looked over and seen Jacque. She was my bestfriend but somehow I felt like she was nothing. She betrayed me, hurt the one I love and most of all she was the reason I lost her. Aria never wanted to tear us apart so she backed off. She got hurt because Jacque never let her come close to me. I didn't realize that until aria wrote it on her blog. I check her blog daily because I know she wanted me to. Surprising because you never expect it from the guy who "broke arias heart into million pieces". I wish I could repay all she had done for me, for us but I can't. I walked off and headed to my car. 

Justin pov 

Justin: I know your still in love with him...

A/n what do you think will happen next? Oh my gosh don't hate me! I haven't been my self and I'm going to get counseling and alot of things may or may not change. I made up with my bestfriends even though they really hurt me. In the end they were there for me. So I can't tell you guys my LIFE story but I wish I could. I may incorporate some things into this movella so stay tuned! 
Oh and please comment so I know I still have readers :( 
I love you guys! :*

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