Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


26. I Hope

Justin's pov 

Seeing the girl I love being in danger killed me inside. I felt horrible. This was all my fault. Oscar reached down in his pocket and pulled out a water bottle. 
Oscar: open it!
He handed it to aria. She did as told and took a sip.
Oscar: I told you to open it not drink it!
He was about to snatch it from her but she poured it in his eyes. He let her go and she ran to me.
Aria: Justin lets get out of here! Now! 
We got in the car and left. What was inside the bottle to hurt him though? I was curious.
Justin: what was inside the bottle?
Aria: vodka.
Justin: is that why you took a sip to see? 
Aria: I knew what it was but it helped me stall a little longer. 
Justin: do you drink? 
Aria: uhh...?
She drinks? 
Justin: I mean hardcore drink
She looks down and at the road.
Justin: hey babe, look at me.
Aria: I did... Justin it was after the breakup and well I can't cope. I mean it's hard enough I had to deal with all the stuff alone. My 21 year old cousin got me to drink and smoke...
Wow. She smoked and drank. This was alot to take in. Who was I to judge though? I drink alot and I've smoked once. That was until my fans found out and I felt guilty.
Justin: it's ok. We all have at least tried it. 
She breathed out but sighed as well. We went back to her house and well she packed her things. All of them. We both decided she was going to be staying with me at the hotel from now on because of what happened. We didn't want her mom to worry so we said we were shipping most of it back to LA. We technically weren't lying because we were sending some to LA. When we got back to our hotel room she jumped on the bed. I jumped on top and looked into her eyes. I held her hands above her head and kissed her. I wanted to deepen the kiss but she refused and pulled away.
Aria: I'm sorry I'm just not really in the mood.. After everything that happened today and-
Justin: don't explain yourself baby, it's fine. She pecked my lips and I laid down. She fell asleep wrapped in my arms. I was so happy.

Aria pov

I fell asleep in Justin's arm until I heard my phone ring. I grabbed the phone and walked out of the room and up to the rooftop. When I got there I answered. 
Aria: hello? Oscar?
Oscar: listen I'm so sorry aria. I love you and I NEVER ever meant to do that to you. It hurts that now that you don't want me I want you. It does because I finally realize what I'm missing out on. Now you don't have to say anything but if you want to talk meet me at the park in 20 minutes. I promise I won't hurt you. You can bring anyone if you don't believe me. 
Aria: ok I'm coming. 
I sighed and clicked off the phone. I trusted Oscar and from the moment I seen him talk to me I knew he was drunk. My close friend, Jess told me he had been drinking. I had told her I wanted nothing more with him and she was shocked because it was usually me begging. I don't want him back ever. But drinking will lead to more and I don't want to loose him, as in death. I grabbed my jacket, I was in my black Nike shorts and Justin's white tee. I grabbed his sweater on the way out and headed towards the park. I called a taxi. I had $20 bucks. When we got to the park and seen Oscar. He was sitting on the swing and was staring in front of him. His back was faced me and I couldn't tell whether or not he was sober. I slowly made my way up to him and sat on the swing next to him. 
Aria: what's up kiddo? 
I smiled and seen him smile as well. It gave me hope. Then he looked into my eyes. I felt everything stop and I was genuinely happy. 
Oscar: I love you...
Aria: I love you too loser. Your an amazing friend.
I smiled at him once again. He smiled but turned away. 
Aria: Oscar? It's not that I didn't love you once but remember what you taught me? "Everything happens for a reason" I don't want to loose you at all but I don't want to be anything more than friends...
Oscar: I understand... I miss my opportunity and its his turn. 
I smiled and nodded. Then Oscar got up. I was scared what he was about to do. Instead he held his hand out for me to take. I did and let go as soon as we were in the middle of the baseball fields. Memories surrounded me and then Oscar mentioned something I never expected. 
Oscar: when you told me that guy had touched you when you were younger, I wanted to find him and kill him. I wanted to be your hero. Everytime I held you I felt like I was keeping safe my princess, yes that's what you were, my princess.
Aria: You are my hero 
I smiled at him then kissed his cheek. 
He then dug in his pockets and pulled out two cans of big red. That was mine and his all time favorite drink. It was coincidence though. He handed me one and we opened it. We say in silence sipping are big red. It was a comfortable silence though. Then my phone rang. My ringtone was heart on fire, I knew it was justin because that was his. I answered. 
Aria: hello? 
Justin: ARIA!!! Where the hell are you?!? I've been worried sick! Please tell me where you are!
Aria: please calm down. I'm at the park..
Justin: at the park? At 3 in the morning? 
Aria: uhm? 
Justin: I'm coming for you.
He clicked and I sat there staring at my phone.
Oscar: it was him? 
Aria: yea
Oscar: oh
Aria: you know when we were together all I wanted was a random call, a text in the middle of the day or the middle of the night from you saying I love you. I wanted you to be romantic and I wanted you to show me you cared. Everyday I checked my phone and kept it charged waiting for that to happen. Whenever it went dead I turned it on hoping their was a voicemail from you. Just hearing you voice made me happy. The night you talked to me for 4 hours and sang to me that was perfect. The morning you called me to wake me up. It was perfect because that would mean I was waking up to your voice. That made my WHOLE day. You will never understand the pain you put me through. I was madly, deeply, and truly in love with you. Now I'm official over you but for some reason I wish you would have fought for me not to go once I told you I was over you. But thanks for that year we spent together.
Justin: ARIA!!!!! 
Aria: OVER HERE!!! 
Justin came and quickly grabbed my waist and once he seen Oscar he tensed up.
Oscar: don't worry I didn't do anything. I'm sorry about earlier. Goodbye. 
He walked away and I felt justin relax until I got out of his grip and walked towards Oscar. Justin was following me and I grabbed his hands. 
Aria: Oscar wait! 
Oscar: yes?
Aria: I don't think you guys have been on good terms at all. This is where both you and Justin drop everything! Everything you hate about each other. Now you guys got that? 
They both nodded and I smiled. 
Aria: good now.. Justin meet Oscar and Oscar meet Justin 
They shook hands being civil and finally have no more troubles... 
I hope.

A/n sorry it isn't that good I've been super busy because of school but I hope you loved this movella and comment! :*

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