Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


27. I Can't Risk It

Aria pov

It's been a week since Justin and Oscar re-met and now their getting close. Ill come home, well to the hotel (yes I'm living with Justin at the hotel now) and oscars here eating my food and drinking all my big red. 
Aria: really Oscar?!? You can't just come over and drink and eat all my stuff!!! 
Oscar: uhh... I'm sorry? 
Aria: save it, asshole.
I walked away to grab whatever was left. I walked over and nothing, no food at all. I sighed and walked out, deciding to go home. I went to the lobby and sat there for a while, waiting. For what? I have no idea. 
Justin: babe why are you down here? 
Aria: I- I just want to be alone. 
Justin: oh.. Ok well I love you. 
He kissed my cheek and smiled. 
Justin: ill be upstairs if you need me.
Aria: ok 
I slightly smiled and he walked away. I grabbed my phone and walked out. We were downtown so I decided to walk to chipotle. It was about a 15 minute walk. Before I got there I seen spaghetti warehouse. I stopped and tried to decide whether or not I should go there or chipotle. Hmm? Spaghetti warehouse will fill me up so ill go there! I walked in and they sat me at a table in the back. I looked at the menu over analyzing it but I knew what I was going to get but it never hurt to try something new right? Nahh. Ill stick to my tradition. I ordered my drink and waited a while. 
Aria: I would like chicken Parmesan with wedding soup on the side 
Waiter: will that be all beautiful? 
He was really cute and his smile was kinda contagious. But I was happy with Justin.
Aria: yes thank you
Waiter: well if you need anything ill be over there.
Aria: why thank you.
Waiter: anything for a beautiful girl like you. 
Aria: thanks! 
Waiter: I'm Derrick by the way. 
Aria: I'm aria
Derrick: beautiful name. 
Aria: thank you
Derrick: so where's your boyfriend? 
Aria: uhh h-
Justin: I'm right here!
Justin glared at him and sat down. Oscar came as well. 
Aria: sorry about that. This is Justin and Oscar. You can join us if you would like. 
Derrick: I would l-
Justin: he's working!
Derrick: actually my shift ended 10 minutes ago and I saw you alone..
I blushed and he smiled. 
Aria: well then come join us! 
Derrick: yea ok! I'm just going to go change!
Aria: ok 
Derrick walked off and I sat there looking over the menu again. That's when I felt two pair of eyes looking at me. 
Aria: what? 
Oscar: who is that?
Aria: Derrick. I just met him, he seems really nice. 
I looked down at the menu again. Oscar just sighed.  Ugh! This kid is so annoying! Remind me why I dated him? 
Aria: what Justin? 
I said it really harshly because I haven't been really happy since Oscar started his "bromance" with Justin. 
Justin: nothing. Nothing at all. 
Aria: then stop staring at me like I did something wrong! All I did was fucking talk to the kid! 
Justin: can you please lower your voice?
Aria: why?!? Because your embarrassed!!! Well have a nice fucking lunch with him! I'm done! 
I walked off. I honestly don't know why I got so mad but at this point I wasn't in the mood to be with anyone. Oscar and Justin didn't know where chipotle was, thank god!, and I turned off my phone because I'm pretty sure that's how Justin found me. I walked into chipotle and someone walked up behind me taping me on the shoulder. I turned to see Derrick. 
Derrick: are you ok? You seem kinda.. Uhh..
Aria: I know. It's just Oscar is my ex and he's been spending alot of time with Justin and well I feel like I'm a third wheel you know? 
Derrick: yea.. Well why chipotle? 
Aria: one of my favorite restaurants..
Derrick: I'm guessing the other one was your first favorite? 
Aria: yep. Well I'm going to order.
Derrick: mind if I join? 
Aria: not at all. 
I have him a warm smile and we ordered. We sat and talked about everything. I found out Derrick just got out of a relationship with a girl he dated for 2 and a half years. She had cheated on him and found out she was pregnant. I felt sorry for him. That had to be the worse way to get out of a relationship. He told me about himself. I learned his favorite color was purple and green, his favorite drink was big red, favorite food was rice and that he had an older brother and sister. He also told me about his bestfriend. He said that he never noticed how much of a bitch she was until he seen her clinging on to everyone he knew. I giggled when he told me that and he just looked at me. 
Derrick: what? 
Aria: nothing it just sounds alot like oscars bestfriend. We called her the post it note. 
He laughed and then I turned my phone on. 
*25 missed calls*
*15 unread messages* 
*10 voicemails*
Greeeat. I heard the voicemails first. All of them were just justin saying he's sorry and to call him and he's worried an you know the usual. The text messages said the same thing. I sighed and got up.
Aria: I'm sorry Derrick I have to go..
Derrick: Justin? 
Aria: yea... 
Derrick: well it's late I'll walk you. 
Aria: thank you 
We walked out and walked back to my hotel. He was being stupid and we started playing would you rather. It was really fun because we were super random. Then I got to the hotel. 
Aria: well thanks for bringing me home...
Derrick: no problem. 
I smiled and hugged him. I got pulled away though.
Justin: stay away from her! 
Aria: Justin! He was just walking me home! 
Justin: you better not have hurt her!!
Aria: Justin! Calm down what's going on?!?
Derrick: leave the poor girl alone. All I did was being her back to you. 
Justin: don't you ever come near her again! 
Derrick: that's her choice not yours. Goodnight aria, ill text you. Bye justin.
Aria: uhh? Goodnight? 
I walked away. I'm still mad and I can't believe Justin just went off on Derrick for no reason! Ugh! I went upstairs and laid on the bed. I just wanted to sleep. 
Oscar: well hi to you too. Why so sad? 
Aria: Gee.. I don't know! Why are you still here! Your not welcomed go home!!!! 
Oscar: woah I didn't do anything!
Aria: you didn't do anything?!? You fucking tried to ruin me and Justin's relationship and now you have a bromance with him?!? Coincidence?!? Just leave us the fuck alone!!! Your the problem! 
Oscar: I'm the problem?! You flirt with EVERY guy you see!! And I'm the problem?!?
Aria: flirt?!? With every guy?!? One flirting and being nice are two different things!!! Your just mad I'm not doing that to you! 
Oscar: yea that's right I'm jealous! I'm so fucking jealous!!! 
Aria: YEA I KNO- wait what?!?
Oscar: nothing.
Aria: no what did you say? 
Justin: yea I would like to know too..
Oscar: uhh.. I have to go. See you guys tomorrow.. 
Justin: are you only hanging out with me to spend more time with aria? Honestly?
Oscar: honest I was and then we started becoming friends..
Justin: dude get out.
Oscar: ok
Oscar walked out and I just went back and curled up in bed. A few seconds later i felt the bed dip in beside me.
Justin: so.. Uhm about Derrick..?
Aria: nothing happened, honest.
Justin: I know but...
Aria: but? 
Justin: he's a bad guy aria..
Aria: why do you say that? 
Justin: you wouldn't believe me if I told you.. 
Aria: try me.
Justin: I-I can't.. Just promise to stay away from him?
Aria: I can't promise that. He seems like a really nice guy, he's just a friend. 
Justin: please aria! You can't see him again!! 
Aria: why not?!? 
Justin: you just can't.
Aria: whatever Justin, I'm taking a shower.
I got my stuff and went to the restroom. What is so bad? Derrick seems like a really nice guy. I don't get it?!? 

Justin's pov

I know I should tell her I just can't.. I can't risk losing her, not like I lost becca...

A/n I had writers block then my stupid iPod deleted the chapter -.- so here you go. I'm sorry I leave alot of cliff hangers but i feel like that's the only way I can keep you guys to continue reading. Well ill do my best to update soon but school :/ well COMMENT!!! And FAVOURITE!!!! And TELL OTHERS!!!! Thanks. I love you all! 

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