Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


25. Help Me...

Arias pov

I walked Katy to her first period and then headed to mine, physics. Fun! I always hated science! I can't stand it! I just wanna walk out or sleep. I got there and said hey to everyone I knew. That's when Justin started tweeting. 
@justinbieber: where am I? 
Idk where are you Justin? .-.
@justinbieber: I love you 
Well I love you too.
@justinbieber: I see you reading this ;) 
I looked around and sure enough I seen justin. I rolled my eyes and smiled. He held up a sign "I'm in love with you and all your little things" he also had a dozen red roses in his hands. I giggled and walk out of class. I went outside and smiled at him. 
Aria: what about the plan? 
Justin: screw the plan! It's just me and you babe.
Aria: well... It's me, you and some flowers at the moment. 
He laughed and handed me the flowers. I accepted them of course. Justin said he would be back at lunch with more things. Oh gosh this kid wants to spoil me (/.\) 
When lunch finally came I was super excited! Justin showed up with Ryan. I was with Katy. I seen Ryan and he covered her eyes. She jumped but then sank into his arms. They were to cute. Justin grabbed my hand and told me to follow him. I did. We sat on the little hill at the back of my school and just talked. I was laying in between Justin's legs with my head on his chest while he was sitting up. He had his arms wrapped around my waist. I was happy then I seem Jacque. Great... She walked over and say next to me. 
Jacque: hey gold digger still thinking Justin loves you?
Aria: what the fuck is your problem?!? 
Jacque: your my problem! 
Aria: listen post it you irrelevant to my life and I don't give two shots about your opinion. 
Jacque: he hasn't told you? 
Uh-oh. History is repeating itself. I don't need this AGAIN! 
Aria: told me what? 
Justin: told her what? 
Jacque: Justin's mine. When we kissed yesterday he texted me and said he had feelings for me and that he was going to leave you. 
Justin: WHAT THE F-
Aria: show me the messages? 
She handed me her phone and showed me the messages. I clicked the contact and knew it wasn't true. I laughed in her face.
Aria: you expect me to believe that's Justin's number? Your pathetic.
Jacque: oh I must of mistaken it for Oscar. 
Aria: I know his number by memory to and his name is "best friend" in your phone... Seen that to.
She looked at me with ready eyes and walked away. Ugh! I hate making people cry! I ran after her but I couldn't find her. Someone grabbed my waist. I tensed up thinking it was Oscar. 
Justin: it's just me babe.
I instantly relaxed. It's something about his voice that soothes me. 
I smiled and walked him towards his car. Katy right next to me. 
Justin: babe where are you going? You don't have a 3rd and 4th period? 
Oh yea! Duh! 
Aria: I'm going to go check in with my teacher and leave. Wait for me? 
Justin: always. 
I pecked his lips then skipped off into school. Yes I skipped. Something I only do when I'm super happy. It's just a weird way I express my feelings. Anyways, I went to my teacher and told her. I left through the front doors and headed to Justin's car. I stopped right in front of Justin's car when I heard Oscar. Great, I thought to myself. 
Oscar: hey where are you going? I thought we were hanging out? 
Aria: and I thought we were friends? Stop trying to ruin me and Justin's relationship!! We're happy! I don't need anymore drama in my life! Don't you think you brought enough when you introduced me to that slut you call your bestfriend?!?
Oscar: whoa! Calm down! I'm not trying to break up the "happy couple" I know you miss me. You do, just admit it. 
Aria: I don't miss you! What I miss is me!! I could open up and I trusted more before you! I trusted you with EVERYTHING! Every little thing Oscar and you broke me! Like I'm a piece of worthless glass! I'm not!!! 
Oscar: I never said you were worthless! I tried to be there for you but sometimes I had things to deal with to! 
Aria: so did I!! When you had a problem I dropped everything for you! And now I finally want to be just friends and you want more! It doesn't work that way! I'm in love with Justin and I will be living with him in 2 weeks! So I'm done with you!! 
I walked off but Oscar grabbed my wrist. He grabbed it tight! 
Aria: Oscar let go your hurting me!
Oscar: no! Your coming with me! 
Justin: no she isn't.. 
Oscar: there's nothing you can do about it! 
Oscar pulled me into him and held a knife up to my neck. I felt it cut me a little and Justin's eyes softened. 
Oscar: that's right she's mine.
Aria: please... Please Justin.. Help me.. Please

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