Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


20. Goodmorning

Justin's pov

I woke up with the most beautiful girl wrapped in my arms. I pushed back some of her hair revealing her beautiful face. Although something wasn't right. Her face was tear stained and I didn't know why. Did she hide it from me when i was asleep? I brought my lips to her face and instead of kissing her lips I kissed where the tears once were. Kissing each spot the tears left stained. She woke up smiling. 
Aria: goodmorning 
Justin: a great morning! 
She laughed at my remark then tried to get out of my arms. I only tightened more. 
Aria: Justin I have to pee!! 
Justin: but I don't want to let you go anymore...
Aria: you won't have to! Just let me go pee please. 
I sighed then let her go. When she came back from the restroom she jumped on top of me and started kissing my face. 
Justin: what's this for?
Aria: for kissing my tears!
Justin: well maybe you should cry more often so I could kiss them and get these kisses.
She looked at me sad then she realized what I said and smiled. 
Justin: I didn't mean it in a bad way ari.
She bit her lip and shook her head. A habit I never seen before until now. 
Aria: I know it's just it sounded weird at first. 
I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her down.
Justin: I will never hurt you. 
I kissed her and then her phone rang. Probably her mom.
Aria: hello? Oh hey Robert!
I tensed up, she laid beside me though so I wrapped my arms around her.
Aria: I'm not sure exactly what time were going to announce it. Why? Your lying! 
I started kissing her neck, then going up to her jaw, then her cheek, leading up to her lips.
Aria: Justin! Stop! 
She couldn't help but giggle at me. I kept on until I found her sweet spot. She started to moan but tried to contain it.
Aria: hey Robert just call me when you get here I'm kind of busy..
She hung up the found and I stopped kissing her. She looked at me confused then realized why I had stopped.
Aria: justin he is my bestfriend and besides I have an amazing boyfriend. Don't get jealous. 
Justin: I know but that means less time with you..
Aria: I'm all yours until my mom gets here..
Justin: why then? 
Aria: because then I'm staying at the hotel with her and-
Justin: no your staying here!
Aria: no were staying at a hotel and I'm not going to take advantage of y-
Justin: your staying here, it saves you and your mom money and when you move you can move in with me.
Aria: are you serious justin? Move in with you? That's a really big step.
Justin: I am serious but you don't have to, it's just an offer..
I looked down disappointed that she didn't want to move in with me. I got off the bed and headed towards the kitchen. I could hear her following me. When I pulled out the cereal she put it back. When I pulled out a bowl and spoon she put it back. 
Justin: why do you keep putting the stuff back?
Aria: that's not breakfast
Justin: it's my breakfast
Aria: well not today
She walked around the kitchen trying to find what she was looking for. She found the pancake mix and poured it in a bowl along with the rest of the ingredients. I poured myself some coffee and she turned to look at me.
Aria: do you have any pa-sweet bread?
Justin: no why would I? 
Aria: sorry I'm used to it with coffee. My family always has pa-sweet bread..
Justin: why do you stop what your about to say and say something else. 
Aria: well we call sweet bread pan and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have understand what I said. 
Justin: ohh... Yea I wouldn't. 
She laughed then turned back and made pancakes. When she was done she turned around and walked towards me. She leaned in and instead moved me aside. Teasing me. She opened the refrigerator and pulled out the milk. (I was leaning against the fridge) 
Justin: such a tease..
Aria: that's why you love me! 
She smiled and then went to the dinning room. I followed her and kissed her forehead. She was smiling really big and it really fit her. 
Justin: why are you smiling so big? 
Aria: because...
She said still holding that huge smile on her face. 
Justin: because what?
Aria: ok so about what you said..
Justin: about?
Aria: living with you..
I started smiling really big now and I nodded for her to continue.
Aria: it's a really big step justin and it may be to soon...
My smile faded quickly and I sighed
Aria: but... I'm willing to move in with you and my mom is fine with it.. But she's going to stay here to..
Justin: that's fine. As long as I get to come home to the most beautiful girl
I couldn't stop smiling. Waking up with her in my arms everyday, see her when I come home, watch her cook, hear her life, see her smile.
Aria: earth to Justin!
Justin: yes babe? 
Aria: I have to get going..
Justin: oh yea lets go get dressed. 
Aria: Justin you can't come with me. It's going to be obvious.
Justin: I don't want us to be a secret! I want to be able to scream it to the world,  at the top of my lungs! I want to be able to keep you in my arms at award shows and public places! 
Aria: why didn't you say that in the first place?
Justin: what?
Aria: Justin I wanted to keep us a secret for your sake, for your fans. I would have said anything as long as it made you happy. 
Justin: well then let's not keep it a secret anymore 
I kissed her cheek and we went to get ready.

A/n I'm sorry the chapter absolutely sucks! I'm going through alot and I'm going to take a break from writing. I lost to people who were very important in my life. One called me ungrateful and the other one indirectly called me selfish. They were my bestfriends and knw how much those words hurt me. I'm not okay and if you guys need to talk to me write a comment or tweet me @destiny1516 I'm not okay and I need time because honestly I keep breaking down and it's not healthy. Talk to you all soon, bye loves

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