Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


28. Get Off!

Justin pov

I woke up and Aria wasn't here. I looked around hoping for some sign of her but there was none. I panicked and went straight to where all her clothes were and they were there. I breathed but where is she? I don't even remember her coming back to bed. Wait? She didn't come back to bed?!? I went to the restroom and she wasn't there but there was a note. 
I went out with Derrick, Oscar, Jess and everyone else. Ryan, Chaz and Cody got in this morning and we didn't want to wake you. When your ready meet us at six flags
I hurried and got ready and got in my car. I drove to six flags and texted aria where she was. 10 minutes later she said she was going to the superman. I told her to wait there. What really caught me off was that she was going to the superman. She told me she would NEVER go on there.  
I found aria and she was with everyone, literally. It was Claire, Katy, Ryan, Chaz, Cody, Oscar, Jess, Marissa, Derrick, Robert, Alex and his girlfriend, Becky, Abby, and Anna. Everyone seen me and smiled. Aria ran into my arms and I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me and pecked my lips. 
Anna: eww.. Get a room! 
Becky: for real! 
She giggled and got off me. I whispered I'm sorry to her.
Aria: it's fine babe. 
She kissed my cheek. 
Aria: so Justin that's derricks girlfriend, lizeth. 
A girl I hadn't seen before smiled lightly at me and I smiled back. She looked like a sweet girl. She looked young to, like 14? But isn't Derrick 17? Right? 
Aria: ehem? 
I looked at aria and she gave me a weird look and I notice I was staring at lizeth. 
Justin: I wasn't- I mean I- 
Aria: yea whatever. 
Aria walked over to Robert and Alex and whispered something then they started to walk off. Damn I messed up didn't I? Ahh! She went with the guys and they went over to the new ride the sky screamer, I think that's what it was called? 
Aria: uhh.... 
Robert: don't be scared were all here with you.
Aria: b-but...
Robert: you can hold on to me really tight if you get to scared
Aria: I- I- I'm scared 
She sighed and looked down. I started walking towards her and Robert lifted her chin.
Robert: all of us are here for you, c'mon get on for me? 
Aria: o-okay...
She walked towards the line and stopped. I couldn't help but feel angry. I know he loves her but does she love him more than me? No right? Or maybe she does but felt like she needs to be with me, for her career? Am I just for her career? Is she using me? 
Aria: Justin can we stay a secret until I get my career up? That way no one thinks I'm using you? 
Justin: I don't want that but I guess we could do that...
Aria: please don't guess say yes because I don't need any more hate right now...
Justin: yes then, your my beautiful, perfect secret
*end of flashback*
She's not using me but I don't know. I felt a hand go in mind and I felt every spark go off. 
Aria: I don't want to go on without you
Justin: who said you had to? 
She smiled and I kissed her cheek. We all got on the ride and Anna was going to stay behind but last minute we convinced her to get on an she did. Their was alot of us so we basically took up the whole ride. The whole ride aria had her head in my arm and was squeezing me really tight. I loved how close she was to me. 
Aria: okay I'm never getting on this ride again! 
Anna, Becky & Abby: same! 
We all laughed then went to the rest of the rides.
Everyone decided to come back to our hotel. Before I left I ordered the master suite so we had ALOT more space and like 5 more rooms. 
Aria: Justin? 
Justin: yea? 
Aria: why did you get a bigger room? 
Justin: well I knew the guys would want to stay with us and I figured everyone would come back. 
Aria: this is only for now right? I don't want you to spend so much money since you'll be here for the next two weeks. 
Justin: baby this is for the next 2 weeks. The guys are staying here till then. 
Aria: ok
She sighed and walked to the kitchen. 

Aria pov

I hate having Justin using so much money. I feel like I'm using him and I don't want to be. I walked to the kitchen and oscar had 2 big reds in his hand. 
Aria: dude really? 
Oscar: uhh.. Becky wanted one to..
Aria: that is the only one you get unless you go buy me a liter..
Oscar: ok ill go buy you it. 
He walked out
Aria: I was just kidding! 
I yelled after him. I sighed and grabbed a Mountain Dew. It reminded me of my dad. I hadn't realized how much I missed my family.  I think I'm going to go back home tomorrow. 
Becky: MOVIE TIME!!! 
I walked out and took a sip of Mountain Dew. 
Aria: what movie? 
Becky: the last exorcism part 2
I gave her the really look and she just nodded. 
Claire: I am not watching that! 
Aria: wuss! 
Claire: I don't care! I'm not watching that! 
Aria: dude calm down its just a movie! 
Claire: I'm not going to watch it and that's final! 
Aria: then don't fucking watch it! But we still are! 
I rolled my eyes. I guess getting away from everyone will be a good idea. Plus Becky will be moving out there after New Years. 
Justin: babe are you ok? 
Aria: yea. I'm going to go call my mom. Ill be back.
I walked out and went to the roof. Instead of calling my mom I broke down crying. It's so hard to be happy when you aren't. I mean yes I'm happy with Justin, everytime I'm with him I smile. So big and it's not fake at all! But sometimes when I'm around other people I can't help but feel sad. 
Oscar: are you ok? 
Aria: y-yea.. Why are you out here? 
Oscar: I had left to get your big red and seen you coming out here. 
Aria: ohh..
Oscar: yea so what's wrong? 
Aria: I'm not sure... 
Oscar: well just tell me everything. 
I did. I told him everything and he helped the best he could. Somehow we got into the conversation about how we used to tell each other stories. All of our stories about each other. He asked me to make up a story right now. So I did 
Aria: uhh??ok so "once upon a time there was a boy and a girl, total opposites. They lived halfway around the world from each other. 
The girl lived in uhm.. New York! Yea, she lived in New York. Completely depressed and she wanted to end her life. The only thing that kept her going were 2 things, the only two things she had on her bucket list. 

The guy, he lived in... Uhm.. Paris! With his family, he had a perfect life, the perfect girlfriend, super cute and was happy with his life but felt a little empty at the same time.

The girl 2 things were..
1. Travel to Paris
2. Feel love once more

The guy couldn't quite point out what exactly was  missing but he ignored it.

The day came when the girl finally got enough money to go to Paris. So she packed everything she had and bought the first ticket to fly to Paris. It was extremely long but she didn't mind because she was finally checking one thing off her bucket list. 
When she arrived she immediately got her things and ran towards the Eiffel Tower. The thing she only dreamed of seeing. When she arrived she bumped into someone while backing up to admire the Eiffel Tower. She turned around only to meet his beautiful eyes. Right then she felt a connection and so did he. They stayed there talking and talking. They had to fight many people and he had to help her with her problems. They often argued but in the end they knew love conquered all. They had a few bad fights where she would leave and self harm or he would leave for a few days and not text or call. He even told her he loved another. She was hurt but she tried to move on. She couldn't so she just reminisced on the past crying often and getting deeper in her depression. One day her door bell rang and she opened the door without checking who it was. As soon as she opened the door her lips were instantly connected to a strangers lips.
That's when she felt that spark, that firework, that instant connection she had with him and only him. He apologized and he stayed for a week but to her it felt like forever. He left her to work but when he came back he promised never to leave her. That agonizing year they had together, that hard, memorable year is the reason they fell harder for each other" 
I sat there telling my daughter the story of me and her father. That was the year we never gave up and we knew love really did conquer all 
Oscar: wow how do you do that? 
Aria: honestly I have no idea. They just come to me! 
We laughed an talked. So then I asked him to make a story. 
Oscar: There once was a guy who wasn't okay he was sad a lot he didn't know what to do he would go everyday to school with a smile that wasn't right one day he met a girl she was really pretty but he didn't know how to talk to her the girl saw him sad one day and asked if he was okay they talked more and more they got along that girl brought his smile out the true one they talked on the phone alot they texted everyday the guy loved her and cared for her one day they got into an argument that was really bad the guy messed up and couldn't fix it for the most he tried they stopped talking but he will always love that girl forever and he will care for that girl like that was his sister the girl doesn't know but she will always be in his heart he will never forget all the amazing memories he had with her all the conversations everything
Aria: He shouldn't  care for her.  He is an amazing friend who she fell for a year ago but had to push away her true feelings for him months ago. She's made mistakes to. She's made plenty. He's not the reason she's giving up their love. She's trying to protect him from what she's become. She's hiding away for his sake. She loves him and he is her world but she will never tell him. He needs to let her go and forget the memories because she doesn't need him to remember those secrets she shared. Those secrets that only he knows, the ones she trusted him with. Those are causes to her depression and she will never be happy without his hugs but she needs to do this, to protect his heart.
Oscar: But he doesn't care he still cares and loves her nothing will change him from that she is in his heart and he wants that he wants to remember the good memories like his first kiss like the first time they hanged out like all the times they talked on the phone
Aria: Something can change that. She hasn't stopped thinking about that first kiss, the way it felt. Or that time he dropped her phone, that ruined the moment lol. Or that day after school when they kissed alot and she was going to walk away but he grabbed her arm and made her stay. Or that day when they talked for 4 hours about nothing and everything, that was also the day she sang to him. That was the day they found their song, also the day they named the dog they wanted in the future when they moved to New York together. The time she cried to him over the phone. He listened and helped the best way he could. When she kept crying he started being random to make her laugh. That was the happiest she had ever been because she knew he truly cared, he loved her with all the flaws she had and all the problems that came along. They always thought about their future together and she hoped it would last for forever but things went wrong, people hated her, she couldn't handle the pressure everyone put on her for taking him back. She couldn't handle it. He was the reason behind her smile and she was the reason behind her heartbreak.
Oscar: She was his first kiss he still wishes to have all those things happen to go to New York to get rocky to sing catch me again to go to Venice to go to Paris to Cali all those places she would love to visit to keep her warm with his hug to make her feel like nothing is wrong he still remembers the first kiss they stayed after school she wanted to hang out with him he said yes they talked when he pulled in closer and she pulled closer in also they hugged and he looked into her eyes and slowly gave her a kiss they kissed the whole time she was walking away and he grabbed her arm pulled her close again an kissed her and they walked away it was a Friday that day that it happened he loved that kiss it was just amazing feeling her soft lips on his lips he remembers it all
By this time I was crying and smiling and so was he. I honestly don't know where are relationship stands but I know he was the best thing that happen to me before Justin. 
Aria: I love you Oscar.. 
Oscar: I love you too.. But I think you fell for someone else. That loved we shared will always be there but Justin is a good guy. It's time you open up to him. 
Aria: I know.. I do love him but I'm scared..
Oscar: don't be. Ari he loves you and I can promise you he won't hurt you, or everyone else will hurt him. 
I laughed and so did Oscar. 
Oscar: ready to go back in? 
Aria: yep, but you go first I need to call my mom. 
Oscar: ok see you! 
He left and I sat there replaying everything that just happened. I loved what had just happened. I knew he cared. I can finally say I know for a fact everything should go right, for me and Justin that is. 
Mom: hello? 
Aria: hey mom! 
Mom: hey baby girl! How is everything? 
Aria: it's good. I just got through talking to Oscar about everything.. 
Mom: oh yeah? What happened?
Aria: nothing we just talked and he told me it was time to trust Justin-
Mom: he's not going to hurt you love.
Aria: I know that's what Oscar said. 
Mom: well it is time.  So how was your day? 
Aria: it was pretty good I went on the sky screamer 
Mom: that new high ass ride? 
Aria: yea! 
Mom: ooo... No I wouldn't have got on it! 
Aria: Robert convinced me and I did but never again, EVER! 
Mom: haha!! I wouldn't have got on it at all! 
Aria: I wouldn't have if it wasn't for Robert! 
Mom: yea.. Well get some sleep love we have to go to that stupid family reunion tomorrow. 
Aria: ugh I know! 
Mom: are you taking Justin? 
Aria: I'm taking everyone! 
Mom: alright well go to sleep! 
Aria: I probably won't go to sleep any time soon, everyone's over. 
Mom: I know, Anna told me. 
Aria: oh well I guess I should get back. 
Mom: yes, go socialize! 
Aria: haha! Bye mom!! 
Mom: bye love you! 
Aria: love you too, night
Mom: night. 
I hung up and started walking towards the door. I walked out and someone automatically kissed me. I pushed them away and seen it was Derrick. What the hell?!? He has a girlfriend! 
Aria: what the hell?!?
Derrick: shut up or ill kill you! 
Aria: w-w-what? 
Derrick: you heard me! I want you, your so perfect. 
Aria: g-get away!
Derrick: I love how angry your getting! 
Aria: get off of me!!! 
Derrick: shut up!! 
Aria: p-please. 
He trailed his hand down my thigh. Pulling my pants down.
Aria: stop! You can't do this! 
Derrick: I told you to shut the fuck up! 
He slapped me and I shut up and cried. He pulled my shirt off of me and the next thing I knew he was on top of me and inside of me.
Aria: p-please get out! G-g-go! 
I sobbed and sobbed

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