Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


15. Forever Gone

Aria's pov

The VMA's were today and I was going with Robert. After everything that happened with Justin I realized I needed to move on since Justin did. Remember when everything happened? I never said I didn't have feelings for him I said they weren't as strong as they were with Justin. If you guys didn't catch on to that, I'm sorry. The week Claire was gone Robert and Alex were always there making sure I ate, talked, exercised and stayed healthy. Alex left 4 days into the week to be with Sarah. He Skype's me and sometimes Sarah gets mad at him for it. She is just like Justin, very jealous for absolutely no reason. Anyways after a week and a half I felt a strong connection to Robert, not as strong as Justin but I feel something for Robert. It was as strong as me and Roberts first kiss when I felt everything for him. 2 days ago we finally decided to come out about our relationship. Everyone was very supportive and realized that i was always that girl they came to visit in Dallas. When Justin called me I was very surprised, considering it was right after he seen my tweet. I was so stupid to not look at the caller ID. Robert comforted me and I felt better. It's really hard crying about your ex boyfriend to your current boyfriend but Robert understood. Robert loves me and I love him, truthfully I do love him. Is it possible to love to people the same? That's what it is for me. I stopped crying and cuddled closer to Robert. He kissed my forehead. When I woke up, I woke up to a sweet small kiss on my lips.
Aria: mm.. Robert. 
Robert: good morning beautiful 
He kissed me again and this time I couldn't take it. I grabbed his face and brought it to mine, instantly connecting our lips. Oh his soft sweet lips, we were kissing in sync at this point. I pulled myself closer to him, wrapping my body around him. I was about to take of his shirt but he gently pulled me back.
Aria: what?
Robert: beautiful we have to get ready.. The VMA's are today. You have no idea how much I would love to make sweet love to you but I can't. Maybe later, okay?
Aria: okay 
I pecked his lips then walked off to shower. As I got in the shower I let the warm water run along my body, instantly relaxing me and making me get lost in thought. I only thought about the guy that was waiting for me outside the shower. I quickly finished and got out. Almost immediately I heard my phone go off. I hurried and got dressed. When I got out Robert was on my phone laughing. 
Aria: who is it? 
Robert: it's your mom and your cousin, Anna. 
Aria: hello?
Mom: aria! I've been worried sick! 
Aria: I'm sorry! Our flight was delayed and as soon as we landed I was half asleep. Robert had to guide me and once we got to the hotel I passed out on the bed. 
Mom: ok well just checking on you. Call me after the show okay? 
Aria: okay mom I will.
I heard shuffling then my cousin come on the phone. 
Anna: anyways... Before she came. WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE ME!! YOU KNOW ONE DIRECTION IS THERE AND YOU LEFT ME!! Why!!!! 
Aria: Robert you care to explain to Annabeth why you didn't want her to come? 
Robert: I'd rather not die...
Anna: what!!! Robert its your fault!!! 
I giggled as Robert pretending to be annoyed. 
Aria: yes, it's his fault. He said it was a surprise that you couldn't come... Never told me why but he just said you weren't coming.
Anna: Robert! If I fucking find out its cause you wanted to fuck my cousin I'm going to kill you!!! 
Robert: a surprise for you dummy!!
Robert: don't get all grumpy! 
Me and Robert started laughing uncontrollably and so did Anna. 
Robert: I convinced the boys to go to Dallas this weekend and go to the premiere with you...
Aria: hey he's mine! Back off! 
I giggled and Robert wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. 
Anna: uhh.. I don't want to hear y'all making out so I'm going to go...
Aria & Robert: BYE!!  
Whenever she hung up Robert pulled me and kissed me. 
The rest of the night was amazing, I met crazy cool people and I was happy. We decided to leave sooner to get our stuff. I was happy until I realized justin wasn't there. I called him and it went straight to voicemail. I was terrified. I didn't know where he was on his tour. I called Chaz, Ryan and Claire asking if they knew where he was Chaz and Ryan said they hadn't heard from him since his last day of tour. They gave me scooters number and he said justin was MIA. I was terrified. Robert was sleeping since our flight was in the morning. All my things were packed and I grabbed everything and left. I took the first flight out to Los Angeles. 
My phone buzzed and it was justin. 
Aria: Justin? 
Justin: yes? 
Aria: are you ok? I have been trying to call you and I'm-
Justin: aria, I love you but I have to go.
Just like that the conversation ended and I was at LAX crying. Everyone came over asking if I was okay I told them I was fine just very heartbroken. I grabbed a cab and went to the Santa Monica pier. I gave the taxi driver a hundred dollars to drop off my luggage at Justin's and he would get another hundred when he did. I sat in the Ferris wheel as the sun was going down. I looked at my newly healed wrist and I cried. As my cart came to a stop at the top of the Ferris wheel I did what I had been dying to do for years. Finally relieving all my pain, I down around 13 pills. As everything went black I whisper one last I'm sorry and left this world, forever.

A/n there's into the darkness. As no one commented and no one came to care as much for this book as I have I decided since I'm a horrible writer that it was time to break up Robert and aria, and aria and Justin and show you that aria was never truly happy. So for those of you who read thank you very much. Goodbye.

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