Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


37. Doubts


Justin pov  


"I promise she loves you"

what was that suppose to mean? Did aria doubt her love for me?

"I promise she loves you"

But what does that mean? Aria was asleep with her head on my chest but for some reason I was doubting our relationship. I heard her phone go off and grabbed it. It sounds like I'm one of those guys but its a habit. She always has me read her messages to her so I've just picked up on it.  I opened the message up to see a video. I clicked on it and that guy piolin popped up. He was doing some kind of sign language and I looked at the messages. Him and aria seemed to be talking about the past. She said she had forgot how to do "I love you" in sign language but she remembers his sister taught her. She seemed so happy. But he said he loved her.... 

My heart nearly dropped when she said it back. I put her phone down and slowly got out of her grip. I walked over to the studio and started singing into the mic. Letting every emotion release in my music.   

Girl, I’m ready, if you’re ready, now
Ooh, as I'm ever gonna be
If you're with it, then I'm with it, now
To accept all the responsibility
I'd go outta my way
To live by the words that you say
I don't wanna be the same

Maybe you could change me
Maybe you could change me
Maybe you could be the light
That opens up my eyes
Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me

Don’t fight fire with fire
If I’m screaming, talk quieter
Understanding and patience
Feel the pain that I’m facing
Be like serenity, help re-position my mind
Take a chance, make a difference in my life

Maybe you could change me
Maybe you could change me
Maybe you could be the light
That opens up my eyes
Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me

Girl, I’m ready, if you’re ready, now
Ooh, as I'm ever gonna be
If you’re with it, then I’m with it, now  

Tears were falling from my eyes while singing. I would change every part of me for this girl. I looked up to see aria sitting there crying. 

Justin: why are you crying beautiful?

Aria: I don't deserve you... 

She started to sob.

Aria: I know you read those messages with me and him. But I don't love him like that. I see him as a friend. I'm sorry if I ever made you think otherwise. I just.. I love you! 

More tears streamed down her face. I couldn't handle it. She's crying over me. 

Justin: hey, hey, hey. It's okay baby girl. Everything is okay. 

Aria: no Justin. Listen to me. I love you and only you. I don't think you understand that I told him I love him as a friend and he felt the same. I told him all about you. About how amazing you were, how I feel loved again, how I don't think I will ever be hurt by you. I told him all of that, because its true! Justin I love you with all my heart!

Justin: baby I know. 

I pulled her onto my lap while she was still sobbing and she buried her face in the crook of my neck. She stopped crying and I felt her breathing slow. She was probably asleep.

After all it was 2 in the morning.  I picked her up bridal style and took her to our room. I will never get used to saying that. Our room, our room, our room. I laid her down and she grabbed a pillow and began cuddling with it. I got a little upset then I heard her phone go off. 

*5 unread messages* 

2 from Claire and Katy

2 from Robert and Alex 

1 from piolin

All of them were group messages except piolin, of course. I decided to read them. 

From: piolin He sounds like a great guy, I'm happy you found someone. I hope things last with you two, you seem perfect for each other

I smiled. Maybe I was wrong about their relationship, stupid me for jumping to conclusions. 

*group message with Claire and katy*

Aria: GUYS!! I met an ex from 3rd grade and I hadn't seen him since! That's so great! He's cool and I told him all about Justin. But anyways, tomorrow you should be getting half of your Christmas gifts so be prepared ;) 

Claire: OMG!! What is it?!?

Aria: not telling! 

Claire: bitch! 

Katy: but why not :(  

I laughed at their messages. She was so open with them, it was amazing. 

*group message with Robert and alex* 

Aria: hey so are you guys still flying in tomorrow?!? I need help with Justin's gift! I'm going to say I'm going to the studio so we can shop! Ok? 

Robert: uhm... About that...

Aria: :(((

Alex: he's kidding! We're flying in tomorrow morning! See you then gorgeous :) 

Robert: yea I'm sorry for joking but can't wait to see you beautiful :)   

I should be jealous but I'm not, I learned that, that's just how they talk. But she is going to lie to me... What else has she been lying about? 

Aria: JAY!!!! Come to be- JUSTIN!!! We're you reading my messages?!? What all have you read?!? 

Justin: uhh??

Aria: *mumbles* asshole

Justin: what you call me? 

I said jokingly. I seen her smirk and get up. 

Aria: I said.... Asshole! But also that I need MY BOYFRIEND to come to bed and STOP reading my messages! 

I laughed. 

Justin: you were going to lie to me? 

I began pouting.

Aria: it was for your gift! I'm glad I didn't put what I was getting you on there. But next time don't read my messages around Christmas or your birthday! It's suppose to be a surprise! 

Justin: to bad! 

I said kissing her nose. She giggled but changed her expression into a pout quickly. 

Justin: I pinky promise

I held out my pinky. 

Aria: your so childish! 

Justin: but you love me! 

She giggled and nodded.

Aria: but you can't break a pinky promise! It's against the rules! 

Justin: okay! 

I chuckled because she was just as childish. I crawled into bed with her beside me and we began to fall asleep.   





A/n sorry I have been busy then no wifi! Ugh! It sucks! Plus I was focused on my other story because... Well I have a suprise for you guys..  You ready?  Okay!  Well... I've decided to make a sequel and I have the plot, the cover and everything! I just need my other story to reach 30 chapters!!! I'm so excited! So this movella will be ending soon :( 

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