Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


4. Contest

I woke up to the sound of a baby crying. I went out to see my cousin Abby was her with her 2 little sisters and her baby brother. 
Aria: Abby!!!! 
Abby: aria! What's up? 
Aria: nothing! Hey come over here I want you to meet them. 
Abby: who? 
I walked into the room and the girls were laying down laughing. 
Aria: hey guys this is Abby, Abby meet Katy and Claire. 
Abby: hey! 
Katy and Claire: hey!!
Abby: so these are the people I get ditched for? 
Katy: I-I didn't know
Claire: I- I'm sorry.. 
Aria: hahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Guys take a joke! 
Abby: way to tense! Haha! 
Claire: well... 
Aria: Abby is spending the day with us and the guys. 
Abby: the guys? 
Aria: yeah we met some guys yesterday and they wanted to hang out again today
Abby: I don't know ari... 
Aria: you'll be fine! Please? 
Abby: fine but I better not be a 8th wheel..
Aria: promise!
We got ready and told my parents we were going to go to the mall. They believed us and dropped us off at the mall. We all got off and I got the whole "keep your phone on and listen to it" thing again. As soon as they seen us "walk in" they drove away. I seen justin pull up in a RANGE ROVER?!? What?!? We all got in and he drove back to his hotel. We got off and we were at the omni? Oh my gosh! What is going on? He is filthy rich! We went up and he had an amazing suit with a jacuzzi and a beautiful view of my city. All the girls admired it then sat down with the guys. I went out on the balcony and just looked out.. It was beautiful, if only Oscar was here to wrap his arms around me and tell me I'm beautiful. 
I felt arms around me and they whispered "that view isn't as beautiful as you" I turned around to see Justin. I half smiled and he kissed my cheek. 
J: are you ok? 
A: yea... 
J: I'm here for you beautiful 
He tucked my hair behind my ear and leaned in to kiss me but I backed up. 
A: isn't it time for our contest? 
J: yea.. C'mon. 
We walked in and their was basically a buffet. 2 actually, one side for the guys the other for the girls. Me and Claire looked at each other and smirked. Katy yelled eat and we did just that. 30 minutes later the girls were out on the balcony laughing about how the guys sucked and the guys laying on the couch "dying". Luckily the guys threw up first and me and Claire did at the same time. Justin held my hair back and told me it was okay. I smiled and then I needed a toothbrush, I asked him for one and he grabbed one from the cabinet. 
A: how many girls have you had here? 
J: what? Oh no! The hotel stocks up because some people actually forget theirs. 
A: oh 
I brushed my teeth and then went to lay down on the bed. Justin laid right next to me. 
J: so? 
A: our deal. C'mon fess up dude! 
J: haha! Fine. Don't freak though! 
A: ok 
He called everyone in the room and Claire laid in bed with me. 
Claire: what's up? 
Justin: we have something to tell you... 
Aria: go ahead...
Justin and jake and Jerry took off their wigs, or should I say Chaz Ryan and Justin.
Aria: oh my gosh! What the hell!!!
I ran out of the room. It was to much for me. Justin ran after me. 
Justin: wait ari!!! 
Aria: don't! You made me believe you were someone else! I started to like you but you were pretending! 
Chaz: you have to understand! 
Ryan: we did it so you guys could like us, for us.. 
Katy: you should have told us. 
Claire: yes you should have. 
Justin: ari forgive me? 
Aria: take us back! 
Justin: what? 
Aria: you heard me! Take us back to the mall! 
Justin: ari pl- 
Aria: now! 
Justin grabbed his wig and his keys. We all sat separated. I needed to get away. Yes I may sound stupid for walking away from Justin freaking Bieber but once you have been as hurt as I have you have to make sure their are no major secrets. We pulled up to the mall and I got out fast. 
Justin: wait ari!! 
Aria: leave me alone! 
Justin: please! 
Aria: what!!! What do you wanna say?
Justin: why are you so mad? Look I know I shouldn't have lied but would you have honestly treated me this way if you knew? 
Aria: I don't know if I would have.. Look I can't risk being hurt.. I just can't. 
Justin: I don't want to hurt you, I don't. Please don't walk away from this. 
Aria: I wasn't. I just needed to think. 
Justin: and?
Aria: how is that date coming along? 
Justin: tomorrow night you will know. 
Aria: pick me up at my house?
Justin: yes! 
Justin kissed me. Me and the girls went inside. We walked around and they looked for an outfit for me to wear. 
Katy: how about this? 
She held up a red skin tight dress. 
Aria: to sexy plus I don't even know where he's taking me how will I know what to wear? 
Claire: text him? 
To: Justin 
Hey what should I wear tomorrow? 

*new text message* 
From: Justin 
Jeans and a shirt? 

To: Justin 
Okay :) 

From: Justin
Have to go babe. Text you later 

I didn't text back. I told the girls what he said and they got a little upset. 
Claire: why jeans? Shouldn't the first date be romantic? 
Aria: I don't- 
Katy: or does he not care about what to do with you? 
Aria: I don't- 
Claire: I don't like him. 
Abby: idk he's kinda cool
Aria: guys! I'm not girly and he knows it! Can we stop. Jeans and a shirt sound just fine to me! 
Claire: fine 
Katy: okay. 
We walked around and I found a cute white top at Abercrombie (my favorite store) and I knew I was wearing my shorts already and my grey converse. It was the perfect outfit. My dad called and we left. We dropped the girls off and I went home to talk to my parents. 
Aria: how would you guys feel if I told you I had a date tomorrow? 
Mom: I would want to meet him and know about him. 
Dad: I honestly wouldn't like the idea but I would want to meet him too.
Aria: well.. I have a date tomorrow...
Mom: do you know where he's taking you? 
Aria: no
Dad: well.. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this. 
Aria: one date? What's the worse that can happen? C'mon! Please? 
Dad: fine! One date. Then he will have dinner with us. 
Aria: fine. 
I walked out the room and checked my phone. No new message, I didn't want to bother him so I just laid down and fell asleep. 

I heard it but ignored it 
Aria: shut up! 
Aria: go away! 
Aria: ugh!!! 
I got up and checked my phone. 5 new messages. 3 messages from loser ^.^ and 2 from Justin. My heart skipped a beat when I read that "loser^.^" Texted me. I looked at the messages.
*new text message* 
From: loser ^.^ 
Hey :) 
From: loser ^.^
Are you up? 
From: loser^.^ 
Sorry for bothering you

I looked at the messages and I don't know how to react. I texted back 

To: loser^.^ 
I'm up
Your not being a bother. 

*new text message* 
From: loser ^.^
No I am I shouldn't have texted you

To: loser ^.^
Yea why did you? 
From: loser ^.^ 
I messed up 
To: loser ^.^ 
From: loser ^.^ 
I deserved this I'm sorry
To: loser ^.^
I have to go. Bye. 
From: loser^.^
I'm sorry bye 

I didn't text back and I looked at my messages from Justin.

From: Justin 
Hey babe, sorry I thought I would be done and have time to talk to you. 
From: Justin 
Goodnight beautiful :*

I smiled because of how lucky I am. 

To: Justin 
It's fine :) hope you had fun :) goodnight :) 

*new text message* 
From: Justin 
I missed you the whole time... 

To: Justin
Really? O.o
From: Justin 
Yes. Can't wait for tomorrow :)
To: Justin 
Oh yea! Uhm.. My parents said I could go but..
From: Justin 
To: Justin 
You have to have dinner with them the next night..
From: Justin 
Fine with me :) so why are you up at 2 in the morning?
To: Justin 
Oh my phone went off five times and I tried to ignore it but I couldn't. You texted me and my ex so I guess it was worth getting up. 
From: Justin 
Your ex? What happened? 
To: Justin  
Oh he just asked if I was up and hoped he wasn't being a bother an he shouldn't have texted me and he was sorry. 
From: Justin 
Sorry about what? 
To: Justin 
I guess texting me? Idk, I don't care 
From: Justin
Oh ok. Well goodnight beautiful :)
To: Justin 
Goodnight :)
It took me a while to fall back to sleep but I did. 

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