Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


33. Bad Day

Justin pov

For the past five days I've been at my lowest. I can fake a smile to my fans but I can't really be happy. I've recorded every song that's going to be released and I've done everything. I'm still writing and making music but I can't cope. I miss her and I haven't heard her beautiful voice. 
We first came to Los Angeles after leaving Dallas for her career. She wanted to sleep so she did when she got here. The next day we went to Santa Monica just like she had dreamed of. "I bet you can't catch me" she screamed as she ran off. The sun was almost setting and it was the perfect time to do what I had been wanting to do. I ran after her. I finally reached her and spun her around. She giggled and pushed her lips onto mine. "Ari?" "Yes jay?" "I just wanted to.." I bent down on one knee causing her to gasp. "I love you aria and I want to be with you forever. I know your only 17 and I'm 20, I'm not going to ask you to marry me but.." I pulled out the ring causing her smile to grow. "I want to give you this promise ring to promise you that when the time is right I will make you mine, forever" tears started prickling her eyes and she cried. I wrapped my arms around her and slowly slid the ring on her finger. She kissed me. "I love you jay." "I love you ari, forever." 
*end of flashback*
What did I do wrong? We were perfect! I loved her! 
*new text message*
Robert: what's up with ari I haven't heard from her in 2 weeks! She deactivated her twitter and Instagram and she won't answer my texts! 
Justin: I have no idea! She did the same to me and 5 days ago she broke up with me and I don't even know what I did wrong! 
Robert: we should message Becky. She will know for sure! 
Justin: yea ok! 
*group message with becky*
Robert: hey Becky do you know what's up with aria? 
Justin: yea were really worried...
Becky: I'm sorry I can't tell you guys :/
Justin: WHY NOT?!?
Becky: she said I wasn't allowed to...
Robert: she doesn't have to know! 
Becky: ugh! Fine! Promise not to tell or anything?!? 
Justin: I promise!! 
Robert: I promise too!
Becky: ok well the last day Robert was here she got alot of hate from mahomies and beliebers. They told her to die, asked her who she fucked first, told her she was a whore and was using y'all for fame. That hit her pretty hard. She spent the day with Robert, the last day ever (her words), and then we deactivated everything and made a new account with her ORIGINAL name. Her new account for twitter is @destiny1516, Instagram is @destinyhernandez2. She doesn't want you guys to find it but she is still "obsessed" with y'all. 
Robert: she's the one who tweets me everyday? 
Justin: and the one who favorites everything I tweet?!? 
Becky: yep...
Justin: but she doesn't look like herself? 
Becky: yea she changed. She cut her hair, got hazel contacts, puts on alot of makeup, and well her attitude and stuff is still the same but she's changing to try and "be happy"
Robert:she can't do that! Next week isn't she finally telling the world and releasing her single? 
Becky: yep she can and she is.
Justin: where is she at right now? 
Becky: studio. 
Justin: ok. Here's the plan...
Aria pov

A week has went by and I don't get any texts or calls from Robert or Justin, weird, i guess they stopped caring like everyone else. Robert doesn't know I still talk to Alex and Austin. Alex was out here last week with Austin and I stayed with them at their hotel because Becky and Austin still have unsettled feelings and Becky doesn't want to cheat. So today I'm announcing my signing to Hollywood records and I'm so excited to be releasing my very first single one and only. For those of you wondering it is a slow song and I will be releasing my pop single in 3 days but I wanted to show my voice off first. I got ready and was so scared about how people would react to the "Hollywood whore" even though they still didn't know it was me. I decided to use my fake name for my signing and stuff but I still didn't look like me, in fact I was girly and not me. 
@justinbieber: go buy #heartbreaker on iTunes now! 
@robert15jgod: how is everyone's day so far? 
I ignored them all and laid down waiting till its time to go.
Head of Hollywood records: so I am proud to announce that we have signed a new artist, Aria Hernandez!!! 
I stood up ( )and waved. I walked towards the mic and stood there. 
Aria: I couldn't have asked for a better record to be signed to! I've always looked up to this label, due to the fact that my idol, demi lovato is also signed. Being discovered by them was an amazing gift god has given me and we would also like to announce my single "one and only".
Reporter #1: aria!! Do you have any plans to finish school? And go to college.?
Aria: that is a great question! I am a senior in high school and I am currently homeschooling. I do plan on graduating and I also plan on going to college but as my singing career builds then I may not go. 
R#2: aria!! All the rumors about Justin Bieber and Robert Villanueva that are going around, what would you like to say to that?
Aria: I did date Robert and we had been together for a year and a half prior to the break up. I loved him so much but it was more of a friendship and we shouldn't have came out so late in the relationship but I never cheated on him and also never made any mistakes. 
R#3: but you did date justin bieber as well? 
Aria: we had something, yes but we didn't date. I refused to use him for his career so I wanted to wait. I think that was a great idea because I want to build this career on my own. 
R#4: do you all still talk?
Aria: I don't.. All the hate I was getting was overwhelming, I gave their fans what they wanted and I hope they are truly happy. I wish them nothing but the best. 
Hrecords: can we get back to the music please? 
R#5: yes aria about one and only what message are you trying to provide? 
Aria: honestly when I went into the studio I wasn't trying to provide a message, I was letting out some of my emotions and that's exactly what I did. After listening to the song over and over again I realized the message is that no matter how far you push away or that one special person pushes away you will always want to be their one and only even though it may not be possible. 
R#6: what if that one person isn't pushing away? What if they love you so much? 
I was so confused by the statement I didn't answer. I stood there in shock. That voice was very familiar. 
R#7: aria! Why did you delete your accounts? They were beautiful! Don't listen to hate! 
I stood there so shocked. Then it all came back to me. Justin and Robert. I didn't say a word instead I just breathed out words.
Aria: thank you for listening, goodbye. 
I ran off stage and ran and ran and ran. I had no idea where I was going but it wasn't there. Not back at that place. I finally stopped and realized I was back in Santa Monica. I sat under the pier and dug my face in my knees. I cried for what seemed like hours and I refused to move. I fell asleep under it unintentionally. 
4 hours later I woke up into a comfortable bed that wasn't mine. I tried to get up but someone's arms tightened around me. I looked to the right and there he was. Oh he was so beautiful in his sleep. I tried slipping out of his grip but he only tightened harder. Ow. Too tight! Too tight!! He loosened up and I felt something tight around my finger. I looked down only to see the promise ring ( I hadn't worn it in 2 weeks, how did it get on me? I pushed myself up to look around the room and sure enough I was back in his room, in his bed, by his side, and he won't let me go. I gently tried to pull out of his grip once again but he pulled me closer to him. He dug his head in the crook of my neck and kept mumbling stuff. I slightly pulled away to hear what he was saying. "Don't leave me again""I can't live without you""I promised you""aria I'm madly in love with you"
I smiled but then stopped. How did he? Why is he? What is going on? I gently pulled his arms off of me and ran to the restroom. I looked down and I was just wearing his shirt with some volleyball shorts, in other words really tight booty shorts. When did I change? 
Uhh??? Do I answer? Instead I just open up the door and walk straight out. Justin just looks shocked as I grab my things.
Justin: where are you going? 
Aria: home.
Justin: b-but th-this is h-home...
Aria: no Justin this is YOUR home. I live with Becky. 
You could hear the anger and disbelief on his voice.
Aria: are you seriously yelling at me?!? 
I snapped at him. Why is he yelling? I did nothing wrong! 
Justin: dammit aria you are NOT leaving or I'm canceling the rest of my tour and coming back!!
He's bluffing right? He can't do that? He can't disappoint his beliebers again? I'm such a screw up! Why am I the virgin whore. I mentally sighed and felt warmth on my cheek. It was then replaced with a tingling sensation I couldn't quite explain, but it was amazing. 
Justin: this is our house. Forever, well unless you don't like it then we can get a bigger house. Aria I'm in hell without you! I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't even smile! I would do anything just to have you back! Please!! 
I was at a lost for words so justin continued. 
Justin: I hate what your doing to yourself! Aria why did you dye your hair? Why did you cut it? Your putting on so much makeup, your trying! What happened to my aria! Baby I don't want to see this ever again! I thought we discussed this and I thought you were doing better?!? 
I looked down at my wrists and I exploded. I don't know what it was that set me off but I got angry. 
He stood there taken aback. I couldn't even look at him. I grabbed my stuff and started heading to the bedroom door. That's when he blocked it. I walked towards the balcony and he grabbed my waist and kissed me. It wasn't a regular kiss, this kiss was forced, like he needed my kiss and he did it with so much passion and love I could barely pull away but I didn't want to. 
Justin: she's no you and she will never be. Forever and always beautiful and you will not get rid of me so easily! I'm here to stay! 
I smiled but instantly stopped. The beliebers... The mahomies... Everyone who hates me.. I grabbed my iPhone (yes I finally have an iPhone) and looked at all the tweets they tweeted me. "Your song is beautiful""go die whore" that one got to me but alot of people defended me "she's not a whore! She's an amazing girl with a beautiful voice!" I smiled but one really got my attention, it was a twit-longer. "Aria I'm sorry for judging you, I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions, I'm sorry for expecting you to be just like selena. Honestly a whole bunch of people want them back together but she hurt him. I know since you have stopped talking Justin is miserable, he has been fake smiling and he thinks we can't tell the difference. Please don't hurt him all of us trust you. Just please make his real smile return! 
-sincerely all beliebers" 
I replied to her and then everyone started tweeting me. "Follow me""tweet me""I love you!" I smiled and tweeted everyone I could. I also followed the very last people I seen because they never got noticed and I used to be one of those. Justin walked over to me and grabbed my phone. I shrugged and laid down. Justin laid down as well and I cuddled into his chest. He started to go through my twitter laughing at some of the beliebers. Then he went on to my messages but look down at me for permission. I nodded and he continued. He seen every message and I can tell he was sad. 
Aria: what's wrong? 
Justin: it's just you worried me so much and well I called and texted you everyday these past 2 weeks and I never got a reply. In every message your about to break and I can see it, you talked to everyone except me and Robert. Baby don't ever scare me again! 
Aria: ill try not to. 
I kissed his cheek and kept going through my messages. That's when he seen the conversation between me and Alex...
Alex: it's okay beautiful.
Aria: no Alex it's not ok!!! You cheated on her!!! 
Alex: it was a kiss, don't act like you didn't feel anything.
Aria: Alex I didn't. I used to imagine what that would feel like but it's my the same! Not the same as the way it feels like with Justin!
Alex: then maybe next time don't drink!!! Or smoke!! Or cut!!! Look at what your doing to yourself ari! Everyone you love is worried sick! I lie to Robert constantly!! Aria I love you. 
I never replied I couldn't. I know what he meant by it but I didn't feel the same. I love Justin and Robert in that way but not Alex. Alex is suppose to be my bestfriend! He's suppose to help me through this! Not fall for me! This isn't the way it was suppose to be. 
Justin: a-aria? Y-you s-st-start-ted sm-smok-king? And d-dr-drink-king? 
I turned away. How do you tell your boyfriend that you started to go downhill? How do you tell him that you couldn't take the pain? How do you tell him any of that. I couldn't! Not after it happened with Oscar.
It was one of those nights. One of the nights I was weak and was at my cousins. We were with her brothers bestfriends, or in other words my "brothers". I was smoking and drinking texting him. I was in a bad place but he would never understand. I needed him but I wasn't ready to open up. I hadn't even told him about the cuts. Then he called. I walked out of the room happy and he asked what was up. My cousin stumbled in with a drink in her hand.
Becky: hey you want another drink? 
Aria: is it strong? 
Becky: kinda.
I took a sip and cringed at the taste. It tasted like alcohol with fruit punch but I hated the taste but it did the job I needed it to do.
Oscar: what are you doing?
Aria: uhmm... Don't get mad..
Oscar: I won't just tell me..
Aria: we're kinda drinking and I've had a couple of shots...
Oscar: call me tomorrow ok? 
Aria: no! I won't drink again! Please don't hang up! 
I got emotional but I wasn't drunk. My cousin came in and told him I was drunk but I wasn't I was just an emotional bitch on her menstrual cycle! She hung up on him and instantly my mood change but she wouldn't give me the phone, MY phone. 
Becky: your drunk go to sleep. 
I didn't argue I just laid back. The next morning I went along with being "drunk" so I didn't seem so stupid. 
*the next weekend* 
I'm on the phone with him again but this time to avoid drinking. 
Becky: aria try this! 
Aria: no Becky I'm not drinking I told you that! 
Oscar: what's going on babe? 
Aria: Becky's trying to get me to drink but I promised you I wouldn't. 
Oscar: oh. 
Aria: don't be mad I'm not doing it! 
Oscar: I'm not mad. 
Anna: c'mon aria just come drink with us! 
Aria: no I'm not! 
Becky: you suck! 
I sighed.
Oscar: what's wrong babe? 
Aria: it's just I don't want to seem like the bad guy and I don't want to ruin their night by not drinking with them. 
*2 months later* 
Me and Oscar had just broken up and I needed to relieve stress.
*text message to becky*
Aria: let's go out and have fun!!! I wanna get wasted! 
Becky: aria we can't! 
Aria: why not? :( 
Becky: why do you want to do this? Is it because of Oscar? 
Aria: fuck that nigga! We don't love these hoes! C'mon! 
Becky: no aria! 
Aria: fine! 
That night I kept drinking with Abby and Anna and we didn't stop. 
* 9 months later* 
I'm still drinking and smoking but not as much. I m so sprung over Oscar that I can't even go a day without crying. He talks to Jacque but not as much it's like she's using him only to make me jealous. I hate it. It gets to me and i cry alot. I've been crying all week because I miss him but we kinda talk. 
Aria: do you honestly want me to describe how I changed? 
Oscar: yes 
Aria: Uhh... Ok....
I don't talk anymore, I'm a bitch, never open up, hide away, fake smile everyday, every weekend I'm at my cousins crying, drinking and smoking and well Id rather be alone then be with anyone. So yea.. 
oh and I'm not going to college anymore..
Oscar: You drink and smoke?
Aria: Drink, yes. Smoke? Every now and then but if I tell  Claire, Katy  or Sonya I get hit so I usually never tell anyone.
Oscar:I won't even tell you not to cause i can't force you not to
Aria: ohh... Well yea...
Oscar: yep
I changed the subject and that was the very last time I opened up a little bit to him. I remember crying so much and hoping Katy, Claire, Jess, or Becky would care enough to all text him and tell him that he meant so much to me. Tell him how downhill I have gotten. But who am I kidding? Katy and Claire didn't like him but they were happy I was happy. They would have died before they ever talked to him even though he was the ONLY one who can truly save me. Friends are friends though. They only care if you can fake smile enough that they believe it. Even though they know its killing you. 
*end of flashback*
Justin: aria? Baby? Beautiful? Ari? 
Aria: it was a bad day.. 


A/n this chapter means so much to me because, if none of you know, everything I put on here is based on true events in my life except the rape, Justin bieber and the knowing Austin mahone part.. Well.. That's complicated. Anyways. Katy and Claire are really my bestfriends and Oscar is really my ex. Everybody in here are based off of people in my life, except Derrick and well the famous people. Anyways.. Back to what I was saying. The flashback is a 100% true flashback. I let you guys in my life. It's almost exactly what happened and that 9 months later is literally right now, well technicaly on november 14 it will be but it really did happen 2 days ago, Right now.  I wish someone would understand I'm in a bad place and talk to him but I guess I'll never know what he wants or what he thinks. Ugh! If only I could talk to every one of you because I trust you all and need help with this situation! So PLEASE comment your thoughts on what I should do about my REAL Oscar situation because I honestly don't know anymore. 
I love you guys :* 

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