Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


31. All That Matters

Aria pov 

I got to la and it was breath taking. It was everything I had expected and more. I was going to love spending the rest of my life out here. It's like everyone doesn't have a care in the world and they don't care that I'm with Justin Bieber or anything! I love it! 
Justin: c'mon babe lets go get your bags.
Aria: ok.
I looked around and didn't see my cousin or mom. 
Aria: where's Annabeth and my mom? 
Justin: they went to get the car while we get a bag.
Aria: a car? 
Justin: I mean a cab.
Aria: oh I thought we were going to need a car while we're out here. Are they not getting a rental? 
Justin: nope. I told them they could use my cars.
I looked at him and I was so confused as to why he did that. Oh my gosh. I don't get why he's doing this. What if something happens and we can't pay. I was internally freaking out but kept calm. I grabbed mine and Anna's bags while Justin grabbed his and my moms. We walked out to see my mom waiting in the can for us. We got in and told the can where to go. When we got there my mom and Anna were freaking out about how big the house was. This is what were going to call home now, until we can get our own house. I walked upstairs and headed to where my room was. I couldn't find my stuff then I remembered, Justin's room. I walked in and he smiled. 
Justin: get lost? 
Aria: no.. I just thought I would get my own room. 
Justin: do you want your own room? 
I could hear the hurt in his voice. I just shook my head and he smiled. I grabbed my bag and headed over to where my things were suppose to be. I only had two drawers but I still didn't see my stuff. 
Aria: uhh? Justin? Where's my stuff? 
Justin: there's some in our closet, your jewelry is in the middle with my watches and stuff, your bra asn underwear? Uhh?? I think their in the drawers next to my boxers in the closet, your jeans are in.. Uhm?? Their in that drawer, your skirts are in the one next to it and.. I think that's it? 
Aria: uhm.. Thanks. 
I grabbed my bag and I went in the closet. Luckily I took a bath last night and washed yesterday as well, so everything was clean. I put everything up and looked at the time. 7:00 pm 
Justin: hey babe want to watch a movie? 
Aria: uhh? Sure? 
I walked out and Justin was laying in bed with his shirt off and in some basketball shorts. He had the remote in his hands and was looking threw the movies that were on. I got in bed next to him and took the remote. 
Justin: hey! I was looking for a movie! 
Aria: to bad! I get to pick! 
I stuck my tongue out. He smirked.
Justin: your going to pay for that! 
Aria: are you sure about that? 
I smirked at him and that's when he tried to straddle me. I grabbed his face and smashed his lips on mine. He was shocked but kissed back. I rolled him over so I was the one on top and I broke the kiss and smirked. 
Aria: so are you sure about that? 
His face fell and I giggled and got off of him. That's when I heard a knock. I ran to the door and my mom was there. 
Mom: the foods ready baby girl. 
Aria: ok. 
I followed her and then justin ran after me.
Justin: why did you leave me? 
Aria: food!
Justin chuckled and I looked at him with a big smile. It was so big and he just laughed even more. We got downstairs and found my mom made her version of chipotle. I got a plate and ate. 
Justin: so ill be leaving on Friday to finish off the rest of my tour. 
Mom: oh so how long will you be gone? 
Justin: 2 months. 
My cousin choked on her food.
Anna: aria your going on tour with him for 2 months?!? 
Aria: uhh.. No? 
I looked at Justin and he nodded. I looked back at Anna and she just mouthed sorry, I smiled showing her it was ok. I finished eating and walked to the room. I grabbed my iPod and just went through my twitter feed. I looked at all the beliebers I followed and laughed at one belieber, Jackie. She was hilarious! Her obsession with 2010 Justin was funny. I tweeted her and she just retweeted me. I went through the rest and stopped when I seem Roberts tweets. I missed him so much. I decided to FaceTime him. I went to my FaceTime log and clicked on him. When he answered I smiled. 
Robert: hey gorgeous! 
Aria: hey loser! 
Robert: what's up? 
Aria: nothing just missing my bestfriend! 
I sighed and gave a pouty face. I hadn't seen him since the day before my family reunion. Him and Alex had to leave.
Robert: I miss you too but now your in LA! Ill never get to see you! 
Aria: well... Maybe you should get homeschooled with me! 
Robert: I wish but it's my senior year! Oh wait! I'm going to LA this weekend! 
Aria: yay!!!!! Bestie time! 
Robert: what about Justin? 
Aria: he's leaving Friday for 2 months.
Robert: your not going with him? 
Aria: nope
As soon as I said that my phone rung. 
Aria: hold on 
*phone conversation* 
Aria: hello? 
Aria: uhh?? What? 
Becky: were leaving Thursday and will be there Friday night! 
I screamed. My cousin out here when Justin leaves! Perfect timing! 
Robert: calm down! Your going to hurt my ears!
Aria: sorry! Oh shit!! Becky Roberts coming out here then too!!!! 
Me and here screamed! 
Becky: this weekend will be perfect! 
Aria: yes! 
Robert: cause ill be there! 
He smirked. Ugh! He's such a butt! 
Becky: no it's because ill be there! 
Aria: no it's because you guys are losers and miss me! 
They laughed and I sighed. 
Justin: hey ari are you o-
Robert: it's obviously because of me! 
Becky: is not! 
Justin: who are you talking to?
Aria: Becky and Robert. 
I smiled at him. 
Justin: why are they arguing? 
Aria: oh cause Becky is moving here Friday and Roberts coming, for some reason and their trying to see why I think it will be a prefect weekend. 
Justin: oh.. So you and Robert are going to spend the weekend together? 
Aria: yep, with Becky 
I smiled thinking of the thought. I love these weirdos and I wouldn't change a thing about them 
Justin: oh well I'm going to the studio. 
Aria: uhm?? Ok? 
He smiled weakly at me and I just curiously looked at him. He walked off without a bye or anything. 
Friday came and I was so exhausted! I've been working on so many songs this week and then Justin has been taking me sight seeing. I'm so tired and sad. Justin leaves for tour today. Speaking of where is he? 
I got out of bed and there were a trail of pink roses. I looked at the note that was in front of them and it said "Follow your lips". I walked along the roses and reached a door. I opened it and their were a dozen pink roses. I smiled at them and picked up the letter. "Follow your smile". I looked down and there was white rose pedals, I smiled and followed them. When I reached the end their was a pearl necklace inside. I literally gasped at how beautiful they were. I picked up the note and it said "follow your eyes". I looked down once again but their was nothing. I looked around and found brown arrows. When I reached my destination their was a brown puppy, English bulldog. It had brown eyes and I was so happy. The note was attached to the collar, he named him rocky. I giggled remembering the conversation I had with him about dogs. The last note said "follow my heart" I looked down at the red roses before me and smiled. I walked the path and once I reached the final door it said "you already own it". My smile widened and I opened the doors. Justin stood there holding one red rose with a smile plastered on his face. In that moment I knew he was all I needed. 

Justin pov

She walked out with the biggest smile ever. This made me smile so big it hurt my jaw. In that moment I knew she All That Matters to me.

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