Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


5. 3 Dates In One

Ugh again! I looked at the time 10:00 am. No falling back to sleep this time. I looked at the messages again.  1 from Justin, 1 from Claire and 1 from Katy. 

*new text message* 
From: Claire 
Hey what happened last night? Are your going? 
From: Katy 
Of course she's going or else she would have texted us. So what they say? 
From: Justin
Goodmorning beautiful :* I'm picking you up at 3 ok?  

I texted Claire and Katy back.
To: Claire & Katy 
Parents said yes. He meets them and has dinner with them tomorrow. 
To: Justin
Goodmorning :) that's fine with me :)

*3 unread texts*
From: Katy
Oh my gosh! Was he okay with that? 
From: Claire 
Im pretty sure he was! But are you okay with it? 
From: Justin 
Ok babe well I have to go. Ill pick you up at 3 :) 

To: Justin  
Ok :) 
To: Claire & Katy 
I think he's okay with it. Me I'm kinda nervous but whatever. Ill text you guys later. Bye love you guys :*  

I got on twitter and just checked my account. 4 new followers, from Chaz, Ryan, Justin and patty? That's weird I haven't met her yet, I guess Justin must have told her about us. Weird. Well I checked my second account and I still had little followers. My second account is the account I get to let out my depression and all of my thoughts. I like it because I don't have people judging me and I can be me. I stopped tweeting and being on twitter once I met Justin. I don't know why but I did. I got up and took a shower. After I got out the shower I laid down and got on Netflix. Skins uk sounds good, I still haven't finished the second season so why not. I watched 2 episodes and looked at the clock. 1 o'clock. Might as well start getting ready. I didn't feel like curling my hair so I straightened it. I wasn't one for wearing makeup, I usually go with the all-natural look, but I decided to put on some powder, mascara and white eyeliner. I put my outfit on and checked the time again, 2 o'clock. I have an hour to kill so I grabbed my iPod again and watched another episode of skins, it was my secret obsession. As soon as it ended I got up, fixed my make up and waited in my grandmas room, she is temporarily living with us because she had surgery and we want to make sure everything is ok. Me and my grandma laughed and talked about when I will get to see my uncle again. Then the doorbell ring and my brother yelled he would get it, then again yelled it was for me. My parents were at the door as I walked up. Justin wasn't wearing his disguise.. Weird. 
Justin: hey aria 
Aria: hey Justin, well bye mom bye dad. 
Dad: be home by 9:30 
Justin: I promise she will be no later, nice meeting you mr. and mrs. Hernandez. 
He opened the door for me and I got in waving bye to my parents. 
Aria: so why aren't you wearing your disguise? 
Justin: well I figured it wouldn't be good to meet your parents wearing it plus I want you to see the real me on our first date. 
Aria: the real you? 
Justin: well my looks, you know what I mean! 
Aria: haha! I guess so. So what's the plan? 
Justin: well first I thought we could go to speed zone, then a basketball court, and dinner after?
Aria: perfect! 
We got to speed zone and did everything. We even played the games inside with the guns and stuff. When we drove the go carts I won twice. He kept complaining so I let him win the third. We left speed zone around 5:30. We went to this park right across the street from my house and we played basketball. That's when I heard someone calling my name. 
Random guy: aria! Hey aria! 
Aria: yes? 
The guy walked closer and then I seem who it was. 
Oscar: hey what are you doing here? 
Aria: I'm on a date.. Justin! 
Justin: hey. 
Aria: Justin this is Oscar, Oscar Justin . 
Oscar: hey. So why are you guys here? 
Justin: well she told me she loved playing basketball and that she could beat me so I took her up on the offer. 
Oscar: what's the score? 
Aria: 10 to 8, I'm winning 
Justin: by two points! We're going to 20.
Aria: hey two points is good enough! 
Oscar: oh.. Mind if I join? 
Justin: uhm.... 
Aria: well were kinda on a date so I kinda mind, sorry. 
Oscar: it's fine, well ill text you later ari. Nice to meet you Justin. 
Justin: you too.
Oscar walked away and I busted out laughing. 
Justin: what? 
Aria: your face when he asked. It was like you got protective of me. 
Justin: well I don't need anyone to steal you away from me, your mine. 
Aria: haha! I'm yours? Whatever. 
Justin: you are mine! All mine! 
Aria: whatever lets just play. 
I threw him the ball and he laughed. We played until 6:30 and he lost by a point. We left then he took me to SPAGHETTI WAREHOUSE?!? Oh my gosh!! This is my favorite place ever! 
Aria: how did you know? 
Justin: know what? 
Aria: to take me here? 
Justin: I have my ways. 
Aria: whatever, tell me. 
Justin: Well I got Claire's number from Chaz and asked her about your favorite restaurant, she told me you favorite food and the restaurant. 
A: oh haha! 
Justin: so are you a belieber? 
A: what? 
J: are you a fan of me? 
A: yes.. 
J: how big? 
A: uhm... 
I began to blush. 
J: c'mon tell me. 
A: well I have 2 perfumes, my friend and grandma decided to make a joke and get me two of your dolls, I have every cd except the remix and the first 2 acoustics. Uhm and about 20 posters? But I begged to go to your concert tomorrow, it will be my first and I'm in the nose bleeds. But who cares? A long as I get to go. 
J: so I guess your not a huge fan but your a fan. 
A: I guess. 
J: well is that why you forgave me? 
A: honestly? 
J: yes 
A: yes...
He got sad but I laughed 
J: your kidding aren't you? 
A: yes! I would have walked away completely but I only see you till Friday then I will probably never see you again. I have feelings for you and I don't want to regret not giving you a chance. 
J: oh.. 
The waiter came and asked us what we wanted to drink, I said sweet tea and Justin ordered the same. He came back and asked if we were ready to order. I ordered spaghetti with meatballs and as an appetizer I ordered wedding soup, Justin said he would have the same. 
Aria: can't order for yourself? 
Justin: I could but I want to see why you love this place so much so I think it would be better to order what you have memorized
Aria: I do not have it memorized! 
Justin: you looked at the menu once and pretended to read. You definitely have it memorized. 
Aria: whatever. 
The waiter came out with our soups and I was about to start cutting the bread. Which was in between us so I had to reach over the table to get to it.
J: what's that? 
A: what's what?
He grabbed my left arm and twisted it to where you could see my wrist. Shit. I forgot to cover it up. 
J: aria, do you? 
A: Justin.. I fell and scratched my arm on a bush. 
J: there's cuts underneath. Let me guess you fell twice? 
A: Justin.. Dont. 
J: why? 
A: why did I? 
J: yes! Why? 
A: Justin, you wouldn't understand... 
Just then are food came out. 
J: why! 
A: Justin drop it. Yes can I get another tea? Thank you. 
The waiter left. And Justin was pretty upset. 
J: just tell me why. 
A: not here, not now. 
J: fine. Then when was the last time you did it? 
A: last Friday. 
J: okay.. 
A: so.. Can we get to the getting to know each other part? 
J: yea.. So how many siblings do you have? 
A: a little brother, 13, and a little sister, she will be 11 in october. 
J: I'm pretty sure you know I have a little sister and little brother. 
A: yes. Jazmyn and jaxon haha
J: ok well what's your favorite color?
A: honestly? I have 5 but if you want to know my top it would be a tie between turquoise and lavender. 
J: huh? 
A: light purple and light blue.
J: ohh.. Makes sense since your a belieber. 
A: hey my life doesn't revolve around you! 
J: really? Favorite food is spaghetti, your favorite color is lavender and-
A: one of my favorite colors and my dads favorite food is spaghetti, so I grew up loving it!
J: ok well what about basketball? You love basketball and you went for the heat in the playoffs. 
A: I went for the heat because Spurs are mavs archenemy and I've grew up on basketball and football, but I don't like football. 
J: mmhuh. I bet your favorite song on my second album is up, because it was my favorite. 
A: actually no, my favorite was overboard because it basically says that you would save her life. 
J: haha! Your good. Trying to say your not in love with me. 
A: haha! You wish I was. 
J: or I could just make you fall in love with me :) 
A: doubtful. It's going to take a lot considering..... 
J: considering your still in love with him..
A: yea I guess.. But that's the thing I have stopped wanting him to text more or I stop replying because of you.. It's weird.
J: he is the one you love why not go after him? 
A: because he's probably using me as a 2nd choice. I'm not going to sit around waiting for him to realize I truly mean something to him. So it's better to just give up and move on.
J: so I'm the one you chose to move on with?
A: no, I meant move on with my life, you know not be stuck on him and find a way to cope with the pain- 
J: that's why you did it? 
A: yes and no. Justin he is someone I loved and I'm not giving up my life because of him, I have you and maybe we could make things work long distance but I don't want you to think I will leave you for him because I'm not. That's not who I am. 
J: so it was because of hi- 
Beep. My phone went of. 

*new message*
From: Oscar 
I miss you so much please take me back. 

To: Oscar
No, I don't miss you. I have Justin now leave me alone. Don't text me anymore, bye. 

J: who is it? 
A: hmm? 
J: who texted you? 
I handed him my phone..
J: why did you tell him that? 
A: which part? 
J: to leave you alone? 
A: because I want him to. 
J: why did you say you have me? 
A: because... I thought I did. 
I got up and walked away. It was dark outside with lights beaming down. I heard Justin calling my name but I just ran. I didn't want to hear anything he had to say. Someone grabbed me from my waist and I turned around. 
J: don't walk away. I never said you didn't have me, your not going to loose me. I'm yours. Always and forever? 
A: don't say always and forever...
J: why not? 
A: because everyone tells me that and then leaves shortly after.
J: not me, I'm here to stay. 
He kissed me passionately
A: Justin? 
J: yes? 
A: what about our bill?
J: oh crap! 
He grabbed my hand and we ran inside. He apologized and asked if we could get to go boxes. They understood and didn't expect him to leave without paying (obviously because he's Justin Bieber). We got our food and got in the car. We went the wrong way..
A: Justin? My house is that way. 
J: I know. But I still have an hour and a half left with you. 
A: so where are we going? 
I looked and we were at lake Arlington. It looked beautiful at night. 
A: wha-what are we doing here? 
J: Abby said you wanted to come here one day with the guy you love but I figured you could settle for me.. 
A: so now your talking to everyone I know?
J: just the people who know you best.
I laughed and he grabbed my hand and took me to the dock.
J: you look beautiful with the moon shinning on you. 
A: yea whatever
I sat down took off my shoes and let my feet hang down into the water. Justin did the same. 
J: what are you thinking about? 
A: how this night could be so perfect, I feel like something will go wrong. 
J: nothing will go wrong as long as I'm here. 
A: that's what you say right before it does.
J: aria what's this about? Tell me why you cut...
A: when I was little I always wanted to be a singer but I got put down by everyone including family, they still do that today. I fell for the wrong guy in 7th grade. He was my bestfriend though, I knew him for 7 years. The next year I was broken. This year I fell for a different guy. He was different from the rest, yet the same. I opened up to him about everything even the most deepest secret. He promised to be by my side and help me get threw it but look at me. Does it look like I'm anywhere near through? He left me and didn't look back. Ever since then I can feel my family falling apart, my mom won't even talk to her brothers. My uncle got denied parole, my mom still calls me selfish and a bitch, I have girls putting me down. I mean how do you think I'm coping? It took me 3 years to recut and now it feels like my only way out. It's just temporary until I get to move out. But I'm scared, scared I won't have that much time to live my life, to fall in love or see my baby sister grow up. It's not fair...
I started hysterically crying. Justin wiped the tears flowing to my cheek.
J: I can't promise you I won't leave you or I won't hurt you but I can promise I will do everything I can to stay right here with you. 
A: thanks... 
J: should we get you home? 
A: yes.. 
He drove me home and all I could do was think about is him and my ex. Why does my life have to be so fucked up? Ugh!! 

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