The Return of King Arthur

History assignments never seem to go as planned.

Spin-off to the BBC One TV show "Merlin". Hope you like it!!!!! (Btw.. the show is really good!!! Strongly recommended!!!) (ALSO ON WATTPAD! I have the same username on there as well.)


5. The Court Physician

"The court physician is right this way." Sir Perceval showed them as they entered a side entrance of the castle and made their way up the stairs.

Sir Elyian moved his way from the back of the cluster to the front. He started to mutter to Perceval, who was fixing one of the strings attached to his armor. As they reached the top of the stairs, a man popped out from the corner and screamed. Sirs Elyian and Perceval jumped back, causing a chain reaction which sent Max flying into Camille, who started to fall down the stone stairs.

"Sir Gwain! What are you--"Sir Elyian started until he was cut off by Lilliana.

"CAMILLE!!" she screamed as her friend tumbled down the stairs. Lilliana flew down the stairs after her friend. Max and James gave eachother a sideways glance as they ran after Lilliana and grabbed her arms, holding her back from her bloody, dying friend who now lay at the foot of the stairs. She tried to struggle and break free, but it was no use. Sirs Gwain and Elyian ran down the stairs and went to help Camille. Sir Elyian took off his cape and folded it into a sort of ball and placed it under Camille's head. Sir Gwain and Sir Elyian tried to stop the pool of blood emerging from the side of her head, while Sir Perceval went to grab the Court Physician.

"Please, Gaius." Lilliana heard Sir Perceval's booming voice coming from the top of the stairs. "You need to come, now."

"Well, the way you describe the situation, it does not seem harmful."  An older voice replied. Lilliana guessed it was probably Gaius, the man whom Sir Perceval was speaking with.

"Gaius," a third voice interjected. "They're at the bottom of the stairs. And the girl who Perceval speaks of, is bleeding from the head."

"Well! Why didn't you tell me, Perceval!" Gaius yelled disgusted.

"He did tell you, Gaius." The third voice said in a calm tone.

"Oh, be quiet Merlin and grab my bag for me, will you? And Perceval, grab some cloth." After the statement, Lilliana screamed. Her friend was becoming worse. She was paling very quickly and her lips started to loose their colour. By this time, Lilliana was bawling, pushing Max and James, and screaming so hard, she thought she was going to collapse from exhaustion. About  ten seconds later, three figures descended from the top of the stairs. One was Sir Perceval, who rushed to the bottom of the stairs with the towels he was instructed to bring by Gaius. Gaius was descended at his own speed, yet he was quick for a man his age. He had to be a little shorter than Max, and his hair was completely white and he had piercing blue eyes.

"Merlin, escort this young lady and her friends out of here and to the room please? This screaming is not helping me concentrate." Gaius said as he turned around to a sobbing Lilliana. The third figure stopped just beside them. Then he blocked Lilliana's view on Camille, caught her chin in his pale hand and gently moved it upwards.

"Shh...." he said calmly. Lilliana looked up and she locked eyes with his not-so-blue ones. His hair was a wonderful shade of cholcolate brown and sat just above his eyebrows. "I'm here to help, I'm a friend. My name is Merlin."

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