The Return of King Arthur

History assignments never seem to go as planned.

Spin-off to the BBC One TV show "Merlin". Hope you like it!!!!! (Btw.. the show is really good!!! Strongly recommended!!!) (ALSO ON WATTPAD! I have the same username on there as well.)


1. The Beginning

On a miserable, dreary, rainy day we start this story. A girl around fifteen or so was anxiously looking for a history book for her not so anxious assignment. As her brown, curly hair brushed along her back in its ponytail, she retrieved the book. Her dark brown eyes scanned the title. Camelot. She opened the book's leather bound covers and traced her hand across the yellowed and hardening pages.

"See, Lilliana! I told you it was here!" She said in her loudest whisper, after all they were in a library.

"I believed you the entire time, Camille. You didn't want to listen to me." Lilliana said with a little mockery in her tone. As she stood up to join her friend, her black, wavy hair bounced up and down as if excited. Camille's eyes locked with her friends' crisp blue eyes, as they unofficially took an oath not to tell anyone about the book. Lilliana looked at the pages with excitement as she silently read a paragraph in her head.

"This is absolutely amazing!" Lilliana stated with enthusiasm in her voice as she clearly didn't take any interest in being in the library, this became the high-light of her day. Camille gave her a look of sheer mockery.

"Considering you were the person who suggested we start our assignment, and you were the person who forced me to the library, and you were the person who spent almost… hmm, I dunno- TWO HOURS looking for the perfect book!?" Camille started as she tried to scream in a whisper.

"Fine, I'm sorry I came to the library to look for a book with you." Lilliana apologized, clearly to get her friend upset.

"No, you should be sorry for sitting on your lazy arse for two hours while I looked for a book…" They locked each others gaze again and tried to stare the other down. It ended up resulting in a fit of laughing. "Alright. Lets get the outline papers and we can start this assignment."


"Have you gotten your myths for the assignment?" A tall boy, with ginger hair and freckles asked his friend as he turned around to see him sprawled out across the bed, comic book in one hand and a Coca Cola can in the other. "I thought you were doing research on the assignment, James!"

"I've been doing research!" James said as he moved his dirty blonde hair out of his green eyes.

"On what? Comics?! Because the last time I checked 'Star Wars' doesn't count as mythology!" The first boy said as James stood up and the first boy was clearly a head taller than him.

"NO! Not on comics, Max. I was thinking of covering the Mayan mythological age." James said in a matter of fact tone. The other boy, Max, grabbed the history textbook that was given to the class at the beginning of the year. Flipping through some pages, he found the reference for the Mayan mythology books that were found in the library. As he moved towards the window, he felt a breeze as it flipped some pages through the book. The book now laid in his hands with the title at the top of the page "Arthurian Era".

"That seems cool." James said from behind Max's shoulder. Max turned around so quickly that James fell off of the chair that he had set right behind Max.

"You idiot! What were you doing!?" Max asked.

"I was trying to read the textbook!" James answered.

"Where's yours?" Max asked with a stern look upon his face. James looked as stunned as ever.

"Um... erm- I .... I ... uh... lost it." James said in a really tiny voice.

"When?" Max enquired with a stern look.

"At.... at the beginning of the year." James said in an even queiter voice.

"C'mon. Let's get to the library before anyone else takes the Arthurian Era for their assignment." Max told James as they grabbed their things and ran for the library.

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