The Return of King Arthur

History assignments never seem to go as planned.

Spin-off to the BBC One TV show "Merlin". Hope you like it!!!!! (Btw.. the show is really good!!! Strongly recommended!!!) (ALSO ON WATTPAD! I have the same username on there as well.)


2. Realization

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT YOU'RE ALREADY DOING THE ARTHURIAN ERA?!?!?" Max almost screamed at the top of his lungs.

"That's what I said. We are doing the Arthurian Era and there's nothing you can do about it." Lilliana stated as she tried to move away from an infuriated Max and a super hyper James. She concentrated on the book that Camille had found and was flipping through the pages, making mental notes on certain pages.

"This is a complete outrage! We decided that we were going to do this, and we decided first." James said as Max was started to act a little childish.

"Alright... okay. So, we've had a misunderstanding-- a HUGE misunderstanding of who is doing the Arthurian Era." started Camille. "Let's not doddle over it. We've been here since noon looking for articles and what-not for the assignment, therefore I say that we get the Arthurian Era. Why don't you try Norse Mythology?"

"Never." James said with triumph in his voice for he was certain he and Max was going to win this argument over what he thought were some idiotic, little girls.

"Well, if you are going to be an imbecile about it, we can just do this…" The two girls were off, running towards the history room where they were expected to sign up for their assignments. Camille, who was still lugging a very old and heavy Camelot book with her, caught up with Lilliana.

"They're gaining on us!" Lilliana whispered almost out of breath. They stopped in a little depression in the wall, which provided a good hiding space.

"How much you wanna bet, they're chasing us because they want to do the Arthurian Era AND because we have the book. I mean, it does look pretty old. As if it actually was written in the times of King Arthur." Camille caught sight of her friends face as she slowed her huffing and puffing and tried to breathe properly.

"The book was written by some guy named Emrys. I cross-referenced the name, while you were sleeping in the library, and found out that Emrys was another name for Merlin. And the stories in here were quite accurate to the other stories. The ones about Merlin and Arthur, I mean. And this author- Emrys, has no last name. And there is absolutely NO publication date on this thing. So, what if?" Camille gave a sly smile to her friend as she pointed to the inside covers of the book where the publication date would have been.

"I am speechless right now… bloody hell! They're coming!" Lilliana squeaked as fast paced footsteps started to become clearer and started to echo more and more in the corridor. They continued to run through the corridors until they reached the History room. The sign up sheet was posted on the door to the classroom. Camille, thanked herself for being left handed as she scribbled down her and Lilliana's name and their project. After the last letter, they took off. They ran back all the way to their dorm. Closing the door and bolting it shut, they leaned against the door and started to giggle. It was more of a nervous and relieved giggle than a that-was-totally-hilarious-giggle. Camille sat on her bed as she started to thoroughly read their materials from the library.

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