The Return of King Arthur

History assignments never seem to go as planned.

Spin-off to the BBC One TV show "Merlin". Hope you like it!!!!! (Btw.. the show is really good!!! Strongly recommended!!!) (ALSO ON WATTPAD! I have the same username on there as well.)


4. Camelot

The two riders approached them slowly on the horses. Their red capes flowed off of their horses and the golden Pendragon crest shinning off of their capes.

"Halt! Who goes there!?" One of them screamed as they dismounted their horses, swords drawn.

"Please! Please! We are tired and hungry, and we do not know where we are." Camille said as she walked up towards the two knights."We desperatley need your help. Also, I do believe that our two friends there," she pointed to Max and James lying face down in the poo. "Those two need to see a physician." Camille started to talk to the taller knight as the shorter one came to help Lilliana, as she was still trying to wake up James and Max. He assesed the damage done to the two, and introduced himself to Lilliana.

"Sir Elyian at your service." He said as Lilliana started to blush and look away.

"My name is Lilliana, my Lord." Lilliana said as she stood up awkwardly and curtsied. Sir Elyian laughed.

"You do not have to address me as 'my Lord', just call me Sir Elyian." He smiled at Lilliana and she let out a little giggle.

Camille was talking to the other knight who introduced himself as Sir Perceval. Clutching the book Camelot in her hands, she was placed on a horse with Sir Perceval behind her. Lilliana was on Sir Elyian's horse and Max and James were put on another horse borrowed from the village. After strapping Max and James onto the back of the horse, Sir Elyian and Sir Perceval climbed up onto theirs and started to trot, with Max and James' horse trailing behind them.

"Where are we, excatly?" Camille asked just to make sure she was right, and hadn't transported the four of them into something completely different.

"Why, your in Camelot, miss." Lilliana felt the chest of Sir Elyian expand as he answered Camille's question.

"I told you, Lilliana!" Camille beamed from ear to ear, for she always loved to be right and being certain gave her a sense of confidence.

"I didn't doubt it. Just like I didn't doubt you when you found the...." Camille gave her a long, hard and very cold stare. "Oh.. nevermind." She unwillingly and unofficially vowed to not tell the knights about the sorcery contained in the book, for King Uther Pendragon's rules might still apply, and if they did, sorcery was punishable by death.


As they entered the gates, Lilliana started to get very tired. Then she realised that Camille had woke her up in the middle of the night. She started to fume a little. They very quickly approached the main entrance. Lilliana and Camille gasped a little as they took in the beauty and craftmanship of the castle. A lady dressed in a royal blue gown with a matching gold head peice was standing on the stairs to the entrance. Her dark brown hair flowed graciously behind her as she stood at the tip of the "v" that had now formed on the steps. Her hair somehow framed her "delicate body", as Max and James saw it, and her honey coloured skin. She held herself with such elegance and grace, Camille immediately thought she was the Queen of Camelot, nobody could mistake her for anything else. Sirs Perceval and Elyian jumped off of the horses and guided them to the guards, who were waiting to hold the reins. They then helped off Camille and Lilliana, who were tiny children compared to the grown ups all around them. Max and James had woken up during the trip to the castle and were slightly shouting at the knights and guards to unhinge them from 'the beast they rode upon'. After doing so, they brushed themselves off and joined the girls, who will still muttering in awe at the castle and the Queen.

"Your Highness, we found these four in the village and they begged for food, water and shelter, for they have none of their own." Sir Perceval said as he bowed to the Queen. Lilliana and Camille curtsied, while Max and James bowed. The boys had concerned looks on their faces as they didn't know what was going on. The Queen looked very sympathetic and motherly-like while deciding if they should be able to stay. Her eyes matched her hair, dark brown and very soft. Camille wondered if she had a child of her own.

"They shall stay." She said finally. "Give them food, water and a place to sleep. Then, tomorrow, they shall be put to good use."

"Thank you, Your Highness." Lilliana said in a very innocent voice.

"The court physician will take a look at your two friends covered in horse poo, there. And I shall talk to you later." She said as she turned and walked up the steps with as much grace as she held herself.

"What's the Queen's name?" Max asked Sir Elyian, after the Queen went back into the palace.

"That is Queen Guinevere, my sister." he answered back.

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