Harry One-Shots

Harry One-Shots!!!

I entrancingly watch the droplets fall on his eyebrows and down his cheek as he thinks about what I just said.

“You’re right... Well I’ll fuck that.” He gives up, lifting me up from the water only to drop me back down on his member.

“God Harry,” I groan as he fills me up. He smirks.

“You said you didn’t want the slow, meaningful stuff.”

“But a warning would’ve been nice don’t you think?” I pout, flicking his face.

“Mm... Feels like a déjà-vu, don’t you think?” He retorts raspily, his hands resting on my waist. “Quite a dandy one in fact. Why would you need warning? Surprises are much more fun...”


2. Je te Veux (Haphie Christmas Special)

“And so the elves managed to finish all toys and therefore save Christmas!” Harry cheers from our daughter’s room. I hear Juliette clap excitedly. I smile, shaking my head as I keep doing my reading.

“Another story Daddy! Another one!” she demands greedily.

“That’s enough for the night love,” he chuckles. “Time to sleep now.”

“Pretty please?”

I can easily picture our daughter doing her signature puppy dog eyes.

“I can’t Ju I’m going to fall asleep if I read another one,” Harry replies, followed by a long yawn. “Why don’t you read me a story hmm?”

“Because then you’ll fall asleep! I’m the one who’s supposed to fall asleep!” she complains.

“You don’t want me to fall asleep before you?”

“No! You don’t fit in my bed! Go Daddy! I’ll fall asleep before you if you leave my room!”

“Fine fine…Do I get a goodnight kiss though?”

“Yes a quick one! Now go to sleep Daddy before you sleep all over me!”

Seconds later, Harry’s shutting Juliette’s bedroom door with a sigh.

“She always manages to make you read five stories instead of one hmm?” I chuckle, turning the page of my book.

“Mhmm” he mumbles, his arms wrapping around my neck. “It’s not my fault her blue eyes are hard to resist,” he continues lowly, digging his face into my neck.

“Not only that but there wasn’t a single French story in there,” I chastise.

“Love we both know my French sucks…”

“Right. But if you don’t make an effort to speak French, she won’t either, and then she’ll struggle in class,” I counter. “You don’t want our daughter to have a hard time in class, do you?”

“Of course not,” he exhales.

“That’s what I thought,” I smile. “Alors pratique ton français.”

“Mhmm. Je te veux,” he murmurs sensually in my ear before kissing my neck.

“We have to wrap Juliette’s gifts tonight,” I shake my head.

“The gifts can wait tomorrow. Let’s make love in front of the fireplace instead,” Harry proposes, motioning the dying fire in front of us.

“Harry, Christmas Eve is tomorrow,” I chuckle. “We don’t have any other night to wrap them up: we’re going to my sister’s place for Louis’s birthday tomorrow and then boom, it’s Christmas morning already,” I explain, putting my book down and standing up to fetch the wrapping paper. “And besides, if we did make love in front of the fire tonight, it’d ruin my Christmas gift,” I reply, placing the wrapping paper on the table along with scissors and some Scotch tape.

“Soph, it’s been days already,” he complains. “Nearly two weeks.”

“I know. Can’t you imagine how good it’ll be on Christmas?” I enquire, grinning. He sighs.

“You’re going to be the death of me, love,” he says, giving me a quick kiss before proceeding to help me with gift wrapping.




I can’t stop smiling as I look at the scene before me: Anne and I are in the kitchen drinking champagne while Harry and Juliette are casually playing with Emma and Juliette in the living room by the Christmas tree.

Soft Christmas music is playing and it’s snowing outside. Everything about tonight seems to be pulled out of a novel.

I grin even bigger as I hear baby Emma giggle at her father’s faces. Soon enough, Juliette, Harry and Louis are all attempting to make the 11 month-old child laugh, filling the apartment with laughter.

“If someone would’ve told me a couple years ago that I’d be witnessing this, I would’ve told them that they were crazy,” I tell my sister, sipping on my champagne.

“I know it’s unreal…” she agrees.

I shut my eyes as I feel arms around my waist.

“I love you, you know that right?” Harry whispers in my ear.

“I do,” I nod.

“Look up,” he continues.

I gaze upwards, only to find mistletoe hanging on a string. I spot our daughter standing a few feet away, grinning as she holds the whole thing up with the kid’s fishing pole Harry bought her. Correction, Santa bought her.

“She’s such a Daddy’s girl…Will do everything you want her to,” I shake my head, chuckling before I lean in to kiss him. He smiles on my lips, his hand moving to hold the back of my neck.

“If that can discourage her from ever finding a Romeo, then I’m fine with that,” he replies, breaking the kiss. My eyes catch a glimpse at the time on the oven.

“Allez Ju, c’est le temps d’aller au lit!” I tell her, pulling away from Harry.

“Non pas tout de suite!” she whines, stomping her right foot.

“Yes right now,” I say. “Even your cousin is going to bed,” I trail on, motioning Louis who’s picking up his baby girl.

“Even your aunt and uncle are going to bed in fact,” Anne adds, yawning.

“Why?!” she complains.

“Because you want to be in tip top shape when we take the plane in two days,” I provide, taking her in my arms. The 6 year-old pouts.

“Come on love… Santa didn’t give you all these gifts because you were naughty right?” Harry says, crouching down to her level. He whispers something in her ear. Juliette grins and wraps her arms around Harry’s neck.

“Goodnight everyone!” she calls out as Harry lifts her up. I’m suddenly curious as to what her father has told her.

“Goodnight!” Anne and Louis reply, the latter handing Emma over to her mother as she begins to cry.

I grab the rest of our things as Harry holds our daughter and we leave my sister’s apartment, heading upstairs to ours.

I let Harry tuck Ju in bed while I head to our bedroom to prepare his Christmas gift: me.

I quickly wriggle out of my party dress, standing in nothing but my red lace strapless bra and panties. I let my hair fall down over my shoulders, taking a deep breath before grabbing the small bottle of cinnamon-flavoured lube.

There’s the sound of three softs knocks at the door.

“Love, the fireplace is waiting for us…” Harry mumbles loud enough for me to hear from the other side. I smile and shake my head, grabbing the comforter and wrapping it around my body before stepping outside.

“Then let’s not keep it waiting,” I whisper to him, keeping the sheets tightly wound around me with one hand while holding the lube hidden in the other.

I feel him shadowing me closely as I tip toe to the living room, grinning like a child. His arms suddenly grab my waist and pull me sideways, making our bodies topple on the couch right in front of a blazing fire. A small laugh escapes my lips as I find myself stuck underneath him. He smiles lazily at me, before nuzzling in my neck while I put the lube in the between the couch’s cushions.

“You smell like pastries,” he mumbles, inhaling deeply.

“I would hope so. Anne and I spent all night near them in the kitchen,” I chuckle before pressing a soft kiss to his lips. He moans lowly, his hips rocking into mine.

“Je te veux,” he purrs in French, his fingers reaching for the comforter around me.

“Tsk tsk,” I scold him, pushing him away softly. I stand up in front of him, still holding the ivory sheets around me. “Harry wanna know a secret?” I enquire smirking, feeling the fire’s heat behind me. He nods, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he gulps. “I’ve been a bad girl this year,” I breathe out, letting go of the comforter to reveal my red lace lingerie.

Harry’s groan is music to my ears, making my arousal jump several levels higher.

“Come here,” he demands, beckoning me to him. I’m more than happy to comply, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

Our lips lock in a hungry kiss. My breathing accelerates, my whole body ten times warmer due to the fireplace’s proximity. I help him out of his button-up shirt, my hands immediately placing themselves on his inked skin while he frees my breasts of their lace prison.

His hands proceed to cup my behind possessively, massaging the exposed skin in slow circles whilst his mouth leaves yearning kisses in my neck.

My eyes shut. Seconds later my back hits the couch once more.

“I want to devour you,” he grunts, his excitement prominent as our heated centers meet.

“Good thing I brought this then huh?” I exhale, pulling out the cinnamon lube from the couch’s crevice. His eyes grow big.

“You taste good without that,” he shakes his head, his gaze locked on mine as his fingers hook on the hem of my panties. “But Christmas is a time for sweets…” he trails on, taking the bottle from my hand as his other hand lowers panties completely.

Harry proceeds to open the bottle and rub the lube everywhere on my front, except where I craved him the most.

“Harry,” I whimper.

“Shhh not too loud,” he chastises. “You don’t wanna wake up Ju, now don’t you?”

I bite my lip and shake my head, earning a mischievous smile from the British man.

I clench my hands into fists as he bends down to place a nipple in between his teeth, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as he begins suckling and kissing the lube off my right breast.

His hand presses down on my hips as I attempt to buck upwards.

“Patience love,” he exhales, grinning.

“Harryyy,” I shake my head.

The curly-haired boy proceeds to my left breast, making my arousal climb even higher. I feel myself getting wet. I grab his hand and force it to my heated center.

“Harry please,” I say.

“What do you say we get you to three orgasms tonight darling?” he suggests between slow sucks, the fingers of his hand leisurely caressing my feminine folds. “To make up for the three times I tried to get you to let me make love to you before Christmas…”

“Harry,” I hiccup, looking at his lustful gaze illuminated by the fire beside us. “Do something!”

“Other than playing with your lovely chest?” he taunts, his fingers still rubbing my core extremely slowly whilst his mouth licks the remainants of the cinnamon lube off my erect nipples. His lips shift to my neck, leaving yet another hickey.

I pull him away, joining our lips into and urgent kiss. I want him. I need him. My body craves the release he’s holding off. My left leg wraps around his waist, trapping his clothed erection with his hand on my center.

He chuckles, pressing a little harder onto my bundle of nerves.

A choked moan escapes my lips.

“Want this?”

My eyes shut, my mouth opening to let a soft whimper as the first orgasm of the night hits me. My toes curl, colors exploding behind my eyes as a wave of pleasure overwhelms my senses. Harry kisses me again.

“That was a small one wasn’t it?” he enquires.

He doesn’t even let me answer, pulling my leg away from around his waists to have better access to my throbbing center.

“Let’s take this up a notch love.”

The rest of the edible lube is poured on my heated core, making me shiver. Harry’s fingers lock with mine on either side of my body, his mouth busying itself with the task at hand.

He stares slowly, giving little kitten licks. My heart skips a beat, my breathing uneven.

“Oh my God Harry!” I whine as his tongue hungrily laps up my intimate folds.

“Shhh,” he warns, still grinning. “You’re too loud,” he breathes out, his hot breath on my throbbing womanhood sending shivers up my spine.

His fingers clasp tighter around mine as he begins shoving his tongue inside me skillfully. Another series of bright colors blind me and my whole body ends up contracting as he works wonders with his mouth.

He keeps licking though, even as my heartbeat slows down again.

“Harrrryyy” I groan, feeling him play with my sensitive bundle of nerves.

“This cinnamon lube is simply exquisite mixed with your taste,” he exhales. Harry shifts on the couch, his manhood as hard as ever on my thigh as he moves up. “Taste yourself,” he murmurs, locking lips with mine in yet another kiss. My hands tangle in his brown locks as I kiss him back and let his tongue invade mine, lost in the whole erotic situation.

“I wanna ride you,” I get out breathlessly, my hair falling in my face.

“Please do,” he grunts, grabbing my face to lock our lips together again.

Harry lets me take control over the kiss, allowing me to flip ourselves so he’s underneath me. My hands blindingly search for the hem of his boxers, pulling his boxers down urgently when they do find it.

I break the kiss, kissing down his chest to his length.

“Do you want me to―”

“I’m not going to last if you do,” he shakes his head hurriedly. “I want to be inside you Soph. It’s been too long―”

I don’t even let him finish, sliding on him easily.

Our moans mingle together as he girth fills me up. I don’t waste any time. My hands lock on his shoulders, my hips thrusting against his once and then twice.

I whimper as his length throbs inside me, repeating the action over and over again.

His hands cup my behind possessively, helping me complete the movement. I whine as he digs his fingers into my flesh. I feel myself clenching around him, my last orgasm nearing.

“Come one Soph, ride me harder… I know you want that last orgasm just as bad as I want it,” he gets out. I chase my release, accelerating the pace until I feel myself reaching climax, digging my face into his neck as my body is racked with waves of indescribable pleasure.

He follows right after, his hands wrapping around me as he moans my name like I’m the greatest thing he’s ever had.

Our heartbeats slow in sync as I lay over him, too exhausted to move. His hands start caressing my hair.

“I love you,” he says.

 I lift my head up, smiling lazily at him.

“I love you too,” I mumble, sated. “That was amazing.”

“It was,” he acknowledges, kissing the top of my nose. His grip around my body tightens as he rolls us off the couch and onto the carpet, rapidly pulling the discarded comforter over our bodies. His body gets closer to mine as he yawns, nuzzling in my neck. I’m lulled to sleep, lullabied by Harry’s soft breaths and the slow smothering of the fire in front of us.

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