Parts Of Me

16 year old Kaylee fell in love with a strange boy. He is handsome with curly brown hair and he has a group of friends which he seems to treat like brothers. Kaylee doesn't have a father and needs a boyfriend who will understand her situation. Will harry succeed to make her happy?


3. My daughter

                                                                   Miranda's P.O.V

I called my daughter one more time. This time she actually listened. She had her misty eyes like she was thinking about that day. I can't say I don't miss him. He was a very good man, it's just that he did drugs. He loved us so much he left us so he wouldn't harm me or the girls. " Honey were you crying?" "What? Of course not! I just poked my eyes while doing mascara." she answered. Deep inside me I knew she was lying I just went along with it. I took her to school and I saw three boys just staring at her. I was exactly like her when I was younger I was pretty, skinny,  and all the boys were after me.

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