Parts Of Me

16 year old Kaylee fell in love with a strange boy. He is handsome with curly brown hair and he has a group of friends which he seems to treat like brothers. Kaylee doesn't have a father and needs a boyfriend who will understand her situation. Will harry succeed to make her happy?


4. His smile

So I'm here. The place of Pain and Work. I see Dustin, Kevin, and this boy staring at me. They were all just not my type. But the boy. He was new I could tell since he had a bag with supplies in it and I never had seen him around. I start thinking about him. I thought about his beautiful brown hair and sparkling green eyes. I hope he talks to me sometime. I'm not the most popular girl in school but I know everyone really and I have a lot of friends. Oh, but anyways, back to that cute guy. I just think about what his name is or what grade is he in. I just hope he's in one of my classes. As I think about him I trip. I bumped into him this is my chance, I need to get some info on this hottie! After I help him with his things and put them in a pile I say " haha sorry. Guess you'll need to watch out next time or else." with a smirk on my face. He flicks me in the arm. Ouch I say. " Sorry love, thought you were the tough kind." " Hey, I saw you over there. If you don't mind can you tell me your name?" "Harry... um Harry Uh um Harry Williams!" " Are you sure about that you sorta had to think about your name, that's a preschool thing!' I say chuckling. Well My name is Kaylee, Kaylee Murphy. I say with a smile on my face. The bell rings. What's your first class he asks. Um well I have Physical Science after that I have Consumer math. How about you? He says I have the same for first just that after that I have U.S History. "Mmm bummer well I'll see you later meet me at my locker cutie!" I say winking at him.

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