Parts Of Me

16 year old Kaylee fell in love with a strange boy. He is handsome with curly brown hair and he has a group of friends which he seems to treat like brothers. Kaylee doesn't have a father and needs a boyfriend who will understand her situation. Will harry succeed to make her happy?


6. Claire's Just a Kid

I texted Harry. He said he's coming at 6!! Im so excited. "CLAIRE GET OVER HERE" I scream

I hear footsteps so I'm guessing she's coming. "what do you want poop head?" she said angrily "Sit here Claire" I said patting on a part of the bed. "ok" she said in a confused voice.So who do you have a crush on? I asked. Without hesitating she answered "Danny Kijelowski why?" Oh just asking." I said. So a guy is coming over you better not embarass me or else I'll tell mom who you like. "Ugh,fine but you better be nice to me" She said. I nodded and told her to go away. A few minutes passed I got a text from harry saying "Love, Coming in a few see you ;D" I realized it was already 5:52. I went downstairs and waited for him. After a few minutes I heard a knock on the door. It's him!

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