I Wish

Kirsty Evans is your regular 16 year old girl - she loves music, especially the boyband One Direction. In fact, her dream is just to meet them for one day.
She has just finished her GCSEs and is now recording her own homemade CD of her singing songs she has written. She hides her talent from everyone - even her dad who is a manager for some of the biggest musicians in the music industry.
One day, when she is least expecting it, she walks into her house after a day out in town with her friend to find the biggest surprise ever sitting on her sofa.


22. Sleeping alone

Kirsty's POV

I walked into Liam and Niall's room, tears streaming down my face. Everyone was in there except for my dad and, of course, Harry - who would be sleeping alone tonight. 

'Hey guys, can I sleep in here tonight? Harry and I have just had a talk,' making bunny ears when I said talk. 'Hence why I'm crying.'

'Come here, Kirsty. What has he done this time?' Louis said angrily.

I told them all everything that happened the night Harry ran away. Everyone gasped and told me that we're going to be okay, except Niall, who got up and walked towards my room. 

'Niall don't do anything to him!' I cried and chased after him. By the time I reached the door, Niall was already preparing to punch Harry in the face. 'Niall fucking stop. Remember what happened last time!' I exclaimed and he instantly dropped Harry's shirt. 

'I'm so sorry,' Niall quickly said and walked past me.

'Kirsty, wait...' Harry called after me but I carried on walking back to Liam's room. Why did he cheat? 

When everyone was asleep, I was scrolling through trending tweets and everything. The papa haven't caught anything of us for the past few days as we haven't left the hotel once. Just then, I heard a knock at the door. I opened it, not recognising the face.

'Hello Kirsty, I'm Jordan,' the girl said to me.

'How did you get up here. This is a private floor, you're not supposed to be up he-'

'Oh, I think I have some right to be here. Harry slept with me a few nights ago and guess what, I'm pregnant with his baby!' She said excitedly but then I just pushed her out of the doorway and bitch slapped her right across the left cheek.

'Ouch! I'm a pregnant lady here! I could report you for that! But I won't, I'm enjoying this!' She said.

'You bitch,' I screamed. 'You slept with my boyfriend and you have the nerve to come her-' I started but then noticed Harry standing outside his door. 'Oh Harry, how nice of you to join us, would you like to meet your child?' I cried and pointed at Jordan's tummy. 

Harry gasped and walked over to her. 

'So, Harry. What do you say to this? You cheat on me and get your little slut here pregnant! I think he deserves a round of applause!' I clap my hands in his face. 'Well done, now you've done it. I'm going to bed. You sort this out and if she's still here in the morning, you will never see me again.'

I turned on my heel and stormed back into Liam's room. I jumped into his rather large bed and cried myself to sleep.

I never knew someone could be so horrible.

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