I Wish

Kirsty Evans is your regular 16 year old girl - she loves music, especially the boyband One Direction. In fact, her dream is just to meet them for one day.
She has just finished her GCSEs and is now recording her own homemade CD of her singing songs she has written. She hides her talent from everyone - even her dad who is a manager for some of the biggest musicians in the music industry.
One day, when she is least expecting it, she walks into her house after a day out in town with her friend to find the biggest surprise ever sitting on her sofa.


6. Luxury Hotel

We arrived at our hotel at 11:00am and as soon as we reached the door, a mob of fans came rushing over to us to get their photos and autographs from the boys. Unfortunately, security didn't allow them to see the fans, but that didn't stop paparazzi snapping photos and journalists shouting questions at us. The question that was most frequently asked was 'Are Harry and Kirsty Dating?' And things like that but we decided not to answer and walk straight into the lobby.

'Good Afternoon, you must be our special guests. If you would like to leave your bags here with security and follow me to your floor. They will be brought up in a few minutes,' the receptionist named Joe told us. We have the top floor all to ourselves as that is only for soeci guests staying here.

We took the lift so that we didn't get bombarded by fans that may be staying here, and when we arrived, I had never seen such a beautiful hallway in my life. At the very end, there was a large balcony that overlooked the whole of London. How lucky are we?

'You may all decide which room you will have amongst yourselves, I will be up with your bags in just a moment. Enjoy your stay,' Joe said cheerily and took the lift back down to the lobby.

'I call the room next to the balcony!' I exclaim and rush over to the furthest room.

I hear Niall shout 'I call the room nearest to the lift so that room service takes the least time to get to me.'

'Hey, I wanted that room, Nialler!' I heard louis huff and saw him flounce off towards the room opposite mine. He is such a drama queen.


Zayn's POV 

After everyone had finally decided their rooms and unpacked, we were shipped out on the minibus again, but this time for rehearsals at the O2. I couldn't wait for this, it's our first time performing Take Me Home to an audience so in a way I am pretty nervous too.

What calmed me is knowing that Kirsty would be there in the crowd, cheering me, I mean us, on. That girl really does make my heart skip a beat whenever we're in the same room. She is so beautiful and so kind hearted, the complete opposite of a stereotypical long child from a family with masses of money.

That girl is the best thing ever to happen to me in a while, and I plan to get her. Nobody is going to stand in my way. 


Author's Note:

Hey guys, apologies for the short chapter, I ran out of ideas to put before Zayn's ending, so I just thought I'd let you know that the next chapter wil be longer.


- Amy :) xx 

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