I Wish

Kirsty Evans is your regular 16 year old girl - she loves music, especially the boyband One Direction. In fact, her dream is just to meet them for one day.
She has just finished her GCSEs and is now recording her own homemade CD of her singing songs she has written. She hides her talent from everyone - even her dad who is a manager for some of the biggest musicians in the music industry.
One day, when she is least expecting it, she walks into her house after a day out in town with her friend to find the biggest surprise ever sitting on her sofa.


19. Killing the Pain

Harry's POV

Two days had passed since Kirsty came home and by the evening, she still didn't remember anything. We're going to have to take her back to the hospital. Each day, I felt so sick that I would take 4 painkillers at one go, taking them every two hours.

I know I shouldn't but they make me feel so normal and like nothing about what is happening is painful. Today was the worst, thinking that Kirsty would have to go back if she hasn't remembered by the end of the day. I ended up taking 6 painkillers in one go.

I was in the middle of taking them when Louis walked into my bathroom and caught me taking my overdose.

'Harry! What the fuck!' He shouted.

'Shut the fuck up Louis! It's not what it looks like!' I shout back at him. Just then, the rest of the boys ran in.

'What is all the shouting about?' Niall asked with a packet of crisps in his hand.

'Oh nothing, just that Harry is a fucking ADDICT!' Louis screamed and snatched the packet of painkillers out of my hand. 'Look, when I walked in here just a few moments ago, he was taking six. SIX fucking hell!'

'Harry, your a dickhead,' Zayn mumbled and walked away,

'Harry, you need to stop. Your killing yourself!' Liam said and I just glared at him, daring him to say more.

'Seeing Kirsty like that, not remembering that she was my GIRLFRIEND, is hurting me guys. This is the only way for me to ease that pain,' I said quietly and looked towards my feet.

'Being addicted to drugs is never the answer. Kirsty will get better, I know it,' Liam told me and put a hand on my shoulder. I slapped it away.

'Don't give me false hope, Liam,' I whispered in a deadly voice, storming out of the room, down the lift and out the front doors. I got into my Audi and sped off, heading to the nearest club.

Time to get hammered, I thought to myself as I entered the club. I walked straight over to the bar and ordered a large beer. I drowned it and ordered another, and another, and another. After a while, I decided to go for a dance so I grabbed a girl and started grinding with her.

Before I knew it, I was snogging her face off in a corner. I grabbed her hand, rushed through the crowd and exit the club, going to the nearest hotel. I needed some fun tonight, I don't care who it was with. I quickly paid for a room and ran with the girl up the stairs, to the room.


I woke up the next morning, naked, with the biggest hangover ever. I saw that I was sleeping next to a girl, and it wasn't Kirsty. Oh shit, I thought to myself, remembering what happened last night. I jumped out of the bed, got dressed and headed out of the hotel. I walked across the road to my car, got in and drove off, towards the hotel that Kirsty and the boys are, probably scared out of their minds about where I was. At a red light, I took out my phone and checked the lock screen: 15 missed calls. Dammit.


Niall's POV

I'm starting to get really sick. Where the fuck is Harry? I tried calling him for the sixteenth time and to my surprise, he picked up.

'Harry, where the fuck are you?' I screamed down the phone.

'Sorry mate, I went to a pub last night and had one too many, so I decided to knock off at a hotel,' he said really calmly.

'Why the hell are you so calm, you dickhead!' I shouted. 'We are all worried sick and all you say is sorry? That's it mate, when you get here, expect hell.'

I hung up and told everyone what had happened and Kirsty, who still had no memory, started crying.

'Oh honey, it's okay,' I sat down beside her and stroked her back. She turned to me, buried her face in my neck and hugged me tightly.

'I thought he was my boyfriend. No prizes for guessing what he did last night,' she sobbed.

'No, Kirsty, you don't know that. Yeah Harry's done that before but he loves you so much he wouldn't ever dream of having sex with another girl,' I tried to console her but she cried harder. To be honest, I didn't believe what I had just said either.

A few minutes later, there was a slam of the door and there stood Harry. I shook Kirsty off of me and walked over to him.

'Do you know what you've done to her. Yeah she still doesn't remember but she loves you!' I shouted and threw a punch. My fist connected with his jaw and a fight had just begun. We threw several punches at each other, but then stopped because Kirsty was shouting at us.

'Stop you dumbasses!' She screamed and then she just passed out on the sofa and fell off.

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